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    10 Steps to groom your nails with nail sterilizer box


    Perfect nails: Best ways to keep them healthy and beautiful

    nail sterilizer box

    Does it feel better than having your nails done, enamelled, beautiful, shiny? For this to happen, every week, you need nail sterilizer box - and also of your hands and cuticles. Our experts has chosen 10 steps for you to always have a remarkable handshake.


    1 If you break one, cut all of them

    Or stretch them all. Let's say you are growing beautiful long nails, but one accidentally broke. The best thing to do is to cut them all off. First, because the look of your hands is more uniform. Second, the risk of breaking another one decreases!

    2 Moisturize the cuticles

    Always have cuticle oil on hand and use it especially after washing your hands. Keep it in your purse, in your car's glove compartment, on your nightstand….

    3 Bare nails, no way

    Using a protective base is super indicated to prevent splinters and cracks. Even if you don't have time for a complete manicure, invest in hydration and a good foundation.

    4 nail sterilizer box is your best friend!

    Want to have a striking and soft handshake? Apply nail sterilizer box. And use it several times a day. Keep one in the sink - and apply it after washing your hands - another in the kitchen, - it helps to eliminate unwanted odors -, one in the bag, one with SPF to protect the skin from the stains caused by sun exposure ...

    5 Find the format that's right for you

    Shorter nails combine with a more sporty routine, long,

    For those who have a more glamorous day to day. And even ovals break less; squares can put corners at risk, pointy make life difficult when it comes to touching your cell phone.

    6 Choose your enamel it-color

    Neutral? Intense? Red? Metallized? Try several, one for each manicure, until you find the one you can't live without!

    7 No poking or biting use nail sterilizer box

    We don't even have to say the reason, right? If you are in the habit of discounting anxiety and stress on your nails, run the manicure to ward off the temptation. “

    8 Do not give up the top coat

    It is essential to make your nail polish last longer, beautiful and shiny. Come see other reasons to apply top coat.

    None of us would like to watch an ad where an outwardly ideal girl shows you something with ugly and unkempt hands. And therefore, I want to tell you how to keep your nails in perfect order, which will add even more attractiveness to your image.

    7 important tips for nail care with nail sterilizer box



    Everyone has their own preferences in choosing the most suitable nail sterilizer box for her. Someone likes oval, someone round or sharp, someone square. But if you choose square ones, be careful. They break more easily, and the corner is easier to catch on to something. Consider the various options and find the one that suits you best.


    It is very harmful to the nails and does not at all contribute to their strengthening. I think this is due to the acetone content in its composition. If you use the same color polish all the time, just tint it on top. You don't have to wash it every time.


    This type of nail polish not only makes your nails look beautiful but also really strengthens them from the inside out. If you want to use some bright varnish, then apply smart enamel as a base.


    Make sure all of your nails are the same length. If any suddenly turned out to be shorter than the others, sharpen them under it. Flawless long nails mixed with short ones look very silly and untidy.


    If your nails are very brittle or flakey, do not grow them long. They will be very weak and the slightest movement can lead to a broken nail. Let them be short, but neat and strong.


    This is a remedy for those who feel sorry for the money for olive oil. Buy some milk and hold your hands in it. It has a magical effect on the cuticle, just like olive oil. And it costs several times cheaper. You can also use nail sterilizer box to disinfect bath instrument.


    This remedy miraculously helps nourish your nails with moisture, doing it much faster and better than water. In addition, the effect of the oil does not go away. The cuticle is softened and the manicure becomes much easier.
    nail sterilizer box

    How to care for your nails: tips from nail sterilizer box professionals

    Professional manicure and pedicure at the White salon is a great way to enjoy an unforgettable vacation and give your nails a well-groomed, neat look. However, in order for the result to remain the same quality until the next visit to the salon, nail care at home must also be present.

    Home nail care: what to pay attention to?

    Cutting the cuticle, applying gel polish, correcting the shape of the nails are all complex processes that require a professional approach. For the result to be really successful, it is better to entrust it to the masters of the White salon.

    But you can also maintain an attractive appearance of a manicure at home. To do this, the specialists of our salon advise you to follow the following rules for caring for nails and skin.

    Moisturizing the skin of the hands with nail sterilizer box

    The skin of the hands undergoes serious stress on a daily basis, caused by the influence of the environment, physical work, temperature changes and other factors. To keep its youthful and attractive appearance as long as possible, it is necessary to systematically use hand cream. Do not forget to disinfect nail instrument with nail sterilizer box.

    How to do it? Here are some important rules:

    • choose a cream with a suitable texture and scent, preferably not water-based;
    • be sure to allow time for the cream to absorb, you do not need to immediately start working;
    • make sure there are no ingredients in the composition to which you may be allergic.

    This post-manicure hand care will make your skin soft, velvety, and your nails shiny and strong.

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