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    5 Best Mini Battery Fan Manufacturers in 2021


    Make your purchase decision: Which of the presented hand fans suits you best?

    Mini Battery Fan Manufacturers

    On a hot summer day, a hand-held fan offers a salvation. You can use it on the beach, in the office or while shopping. The device provides you with cooling and is used in a variety of ways. In this regard Mini Battery Fan manufacturer can help you. 

    There are generally three different versions of battery fans. These are:

    • Fan with spray function
    • USB fan
    • Fan with batteries

    In addition to the size and design, the hand fans also differ in their operation. In the following, we will introduce you to the most important advantages and disadvantages of the different variants. This way, your decision for a product will be easier for you.

    How do I use a battery-operated hand fan and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

    Mini Battery Fan manufacturer fits in a backpack and handbag. So you can take it with you to different places. Some variants also have a folding option, so that you are even more flexible.

    You can therefore stow a mini fan without any problems. If you want, you can also put your device on a shelf or an office desk. Mostly you will find hand fans in black, white and gray. There are also providers who offer the e-devices in other color variants.

    Due to its small size, such a fan can be used anywhere. Thanks to the possible battery operation, you can also use your fan regardless of location. It is usually available with different patterns and in different colors.

    What are the purchase criteria and how can you compare the individual battery fans with each other?

    In the next section you will learn more about the most important purchase criteria for hand fans . After you know them, choosing a product will be easy for you. When purchasing a fan, pay attention to the following points:

    • Device performance
    • Dimensions of the fan
    • Blades of the rotor
    • Features

    You can find out more about each individual criterion in the next few sections.

    Mini Battery Fan manufacturer performance

    Make sure that your hand fan has a high performance. For optimal performance, we recommend that you look at our comparison table.

    Most of the time, people misinterpret performance. A high performance does not always mean a lot of strength. However, you can tell the power your device consumes from the wattage.

    Best Battery fan

    The 55W Mini Battery Fan manufacturer has a premium look thanks to the chrome-plated housing. The design is really floor-standing, since there is no classic telescopic leg here and the blade block (diameter 37 cm) is located at the bottom, near the floor.

    This has its advantages: the air flow can be distributed at the bottom of the room, but, if necessary, the tilt of the "head" allows you to direct the air flow upward throughout the volume of the room. Switching speeds - from the back of the body.

    Main pluses:

    • Floor fan with 3 fan speeds and a simple mechanical switch.
    • Tilting the blades at an angle to the floor.
    • Dynamically balanced impellers.
    • Execution in metal.


    • Simple design, no horizontal rotation, no timer and remote control.
    • Not a low price.

    40W Rechargeable Fan

    An axial battery fan with an unusual design at a power of 40 W can handle up to 2700 m3 / h. Made of stainless steel, the device has nothing superfluous, it just performs its function well. There is a mechanical speed control. The fan takes up little space, weighs a little over 3 kg and does not need assembly. Stable, perfect for home or office use.

    Main pluses:

    • high power;
    • unusual design;
    • quiet;
    • compact;
    • does not need assembly.


    • high price;
    • small angle of inclination;
    • heats up during operation

    35W Battery Fan

    Model from Mini Battery Fan manufacturer specializing in the production of domestic and industrial fans. The tabletop unit with a 23 cm impeller and 42 cm height has 35 W of power, five blades for a more even air flow and an easy carrying handle. A mechanical rotary switch is used to switch the two-speed mode. The birthplace of the brand is Spain. The warranty is 1 year.

    Main pluses:

    • An ergonomic fan for all desks, countertops and even windowsills.
    • Relatively high maximum air flow velocity - 3.2 m / s.
    • Adjusting the angle of inclination of the head.
    • Turning on / off the swivel mechanism.
    • High quality plastic case.
    • Low sound power level (according to the manufacturer's assurance).
    • Design in neutral gray with contrasting details.


    • No variable airflow function (breeze).
    • Quite a high price for a small device.

    25W Battery Fan

    Inexpensive low-power fan (25 W) with 23 cm blades and small support stand to fit into a small space on a computer or coffee table. There is everything you need and nothing more: two options for switching the blowing speed, periodic rotation of the fan head by 90 ° during operation, adjusting the inclination of the flow direction. Manufacturer - Hong Kong, 1 year warranty.

    Main pluses:

    • Compact desktop fan for comfortable airflow in close proximity to a person.
    • Turn on / off the head rotation of the device.
    • Adjustable flow direction by turning or tilting the motor housing.
    • Classic black and white design.Mini Battery Fan Manufacturers 2021


    • Modest look, inexpensive plastic.
    • A big price for a small device.

    Desktop Mini Battery Fan

    The desktop fan from the popular Mini Battery Fan manufacturer, due to its acceptable quality and affordability, has a power of 38 W, the diameter of the blades is 30 cm, and is equipped with a stable round base. The advantage of desktop fans is the ability to obtain air flow at any height in the volume of the room:


    "wind over your legs" when installed on the floor, "wind over your head" when installed on a high shelf, "wind in your face" - when placed on a table or cabinet. Standard trade mark, one year warranty.

    Main pluses:

    • A simple uncomplicated fan with all the necessary functionality.
    • 3 speeds of rotation of the blades.
    • Head tilt by 30 °.
    • Sideways rotation by 90 ° (disabled).
    • Odorless plastic housing and blades.
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