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    5 Best wholesale wireless mouse in 2021: Pros and Cons


    Wholesale Wireless Mouse Manufacturers 2021
    The Logitech wholesale wireless mouse brings maximum gaming fun for every euro invested and currently costs very decent.

    A lot of wireless mouse for the money:

    The Logitech G305 convinces in all areas. Moreover, it has a strong sensor with up to 12,000 DPI, a battery life of up to 250 hours and an almost latency-free connection of 1ms.

    You won't notice any difference compared to a wired mouse. The left and right mouse buttons give pleasantly crisp feedback and all of this costs you less than 40 euros. The mouse is convincing all along the line, also in our test of the Logitech G305.


    • Delay-free input
    • Battery lasts forever
    • Sensor, housing and fire buttons are of absolutely high quality
    • Slim shape especially for fingertip and claw grip


    • Only six programmable buttons in total
    • The best wireless mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless

    The Logitech G Pro Wireless is an excellent wireless mouse.

    Wholesale wireless mouse hit

    The Logitech G Pro wholesale wireless mouse is aimed at demanding gamers. The manufacturer developed the mouse with professional e-athletes and focused primarily on low weight and smooth querying of all inputs.

    The wireless connection shows practically no delay, but gamers can also play via the charging cable. The mouse can also be charged wirelessly using Logitech's Powerplay technology. You can find out more about the handling of the gaming mouse in the test of the wired Logitech G Pro.


    • Symmetrical design
    • Low latency despite wireless connection
    • Thumb buttons also for left-handers


    • DPI button is on the bottom
    • Battery cannot be changed


    Ergonomic with thumb rest: Razer Basilisk V2 wireless mouse

    For endurance gamers:

    With up to eleven freely assignable buttons, Razer's Basilisk V2 cable mouse not only offers plenty of scope for individual adjustments, but thanks to its handy design also ensures that all buttons are always easily accessible. So even in stressful situations, no click is lost.

    In addition, cramped fingers and a stiff wrist are avoided. The adjustable resistance of the mouse wheel provides even more flexibility. With the wholesale wireless mouse, nothing stands in the way of gambled nights. More about the technology in mice can be found in the explanation of the technical terms.


    • Ergonomic design
    • All keys are easily accessible
    • Customizable resistance of the mouse wheel


    • Not suitable for left-handers
    • Mouse wheel quite large

    Inexpensive wireless mouse: Logitech G502 Hero

    Gaming monster: Logitech's G502 Hero is not only a little cheaper, but also a little slimmer than the Razer Basilisk. Many gamers swear by this wired mouse. Rightly so! With an asymmetrical design, ultra-precise, optical sensor and five included weights for customization, this gaming mouse leaves nothing to be desired.

    The eleven buttons are freely programmable, but click a little too hollow and are quite large. A real highlight is the massive metal mouse wheel with adjustable resistance and the DPI button. The latter can be used to switch back and forth between 100 and 16,000 DPI in the game in five stages.


    • Fast DPI changes
    • Adjustable weight
    • Ergonomic design
    • Metal mouse wheel with adjustable resistance ...


    • ... which is quite large and could be more handy
    • Fairly smooth surface
    • Not suitable for left-handers

    Gear XMI wholesale wireless mouse

    Simply a good mouse: with the Endgame Gear XM1 wholesale wireless mouse, less is definitely more. The mouse comes with the usual functions and symmetrical design. Endgame Gear deliberately does without RGB lighting and other features. The end of the game should concentrate on the essentials: the game.

    The XM1 glides perfectly over most surfaces and reliably picks up every input. Thanks to the cable, there are no charging times for the battery or any connection problems. The best conditions for CoD: Warzone and Co.


    • Very well made
    • Excellent sliding properties


    • Very smooth surface

    A good mouse doesn't have to be expensive: You can have a lot of fun with a mouse that costs well under 50 euros. We strongly recommend our value for money tip, but if you don't like the G305 for any reason, here are two good alternatives.

    Exchangeable mouse grid: Asus ROG Strix Impact 2

    The main thing is that the price is right: Despite the symmetrical design, this cable gaming mouse is only suitable for right-handers, as the buttons on the side cannot be reached with the thumb of the left hand. A rough rubber coating on the edge offers the fingers a strong hold.

    If you are not satisfied with wholesale wireless mouse, you can replace the switches on the main keys and adjust their click resistance. This model is also a real all-rounder and is just as suitable for Ghost Recon as it is for TESO Greymoor.


    • Adjustable click resistance
    • Interchangeable mouse buttons
    • Relatively cheap


    • Thumb buttons not accessible for left-handers
    • Feedback a bit weak

    Even cheaper: SteelSeries Rival 3 wholesale wireless mouse


    Sunny price: SteelSeries' cable gaming mouse Rival 3 doesn't have to hide behind the other mice despite the low price. The internal memory of the mouse is very limited, so the software has to be installed if you want to use macros and profiles. The prerequisites are easily enough for games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Co.

    wholesale wireless mouse in 2021


    • Attractively priced
    • Also suitable for small hands


    • Internal memory low
    • Right-handed only

    Budget mouse: Sharkoon Sharkforce II


    It doesn't get any cheaper: If you are looking for a really cheap, wired gaming mouse, you will find it with the Sharkoon Shrakforce II for less than 10 euros. Of course, you shouldn't expect a high-end mouse for this. The chunky rodent even has a non-mirrored laser, which is why the mouse should not be turned over when in use.


    • Attractively priced
    • With replacement sliding feet
    • Surface feels good ...


    • ... but is unstable and slippery
    • Right-handed only
    • Laser not mirrored
    • Very severe (resulting in joint pain)
    • Mouse wheel wobbles


    It is also very difficult. Due to the low DPI value of 4,200 in combination with the surface that glides out of the hand, it is neither suitable for high nor for low-sense gamers. For a little day of the tentacle game it is definitely enough for wholesale wireless mouse.

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