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    List of 5 Best Wireless Mouse Company: 2021 Top Mice


    Wireless Mouse Company
    How to choose the best Wireless Mouse Company? What functions and features should a gaming mouse have to enhance your online experience? Read our guide and buy informed.

    What is a gaming mouse?

    A gaming mouse is a device specially designed for gamers who enjoy online competitions.
    The design of this peripheral, of course, guarantees more advantages than a standard mouse, from ergonomics to the numerous additional functions. Moreover, this allows the player to organize themselves better during competitions.

    Best gaming mouse: ranking

    Now that you know what a gaming mouse is and what it is for, we present our ranking of the best 5 gaming mice chosen in 2021.
    We remind you that the reviews of each product are for informational purposes only to know the experiences of the buyers on the product in question.
    At the end of the ranking we have prepared an advanced guide for you.   Similarly, we will fully explain the characteristics of a gaming mouse.

    1. Logitech G502 HERO Wireless Mouse Company

    Advanced Optical Sensor

    The  Logitech G502 Hero  is one of Logitech's most reputed Wireless Mouse Company, a mouse considered by many to be one of the best in history: it, in fact, is one of the most chosen in the Logitech range.

    • Incredible variety of RGB lighting customization
    • One of the most powerful and brilliant on the market
    • For right and left handed, versatile for any type of handle


    • For those price conscious, the G903 Lightspeed is among the more expensive
    • The least beautiful in design among its top competitors
    • Absence of a charging dock


    The mouse is extremely thin, so it is recommended for gamers with smaller hands to enjoy great ergonomics.

    The mouse is ideal for any gaming category, although we believe it performs at its best in FPS.

    2. Razer DeathAdder Elite Wireless Mouse Company

    Ideal for MOBA

    That of DeathAdder, also from Razer, is an iconic range that has managed to sell 10 million units from 2006 to today. In particular, we decided to choose the DeathAdder Elite for the following reasons:

    The simple and minimalist design makes it perfect for MOBA games, which require quick interventions and clean movements.
    Its shape helps ergonomics:

    Wireless Mouse Company allows the hand to position itself perfectly on the mouse, so as to enjoy maximum comfort during long use. It has two small buttons behind the scroll wheel, which are usually common to adjust the sensitivity, and two on the left side, which can be common for various actions. In total, there are 7 programmable buttons.

    Wireless Mouse Company 2021

    The sensor achieves a sensitivity of 16,000 dpi and offers remarkable accuracy.

    The Corsair M65 Pro RGB, as the name clearly suggests, features RGB lighting that is easily programmable by Corsair's proprietary software. This software is easy to use, even if at times it requires skills.

    Wireless Mouse Company Provides Customization

    There are customizable buttons, those to adjust the DPI and an interesting weight balancing system. By removing some weights, the Corsair M65 Pro RGB becomes much lighter: a feature that has made it famous among FPS game players, where a high execution speed is required.

    Without a shadow of a doubt the M65 Pro is suitable for lovers of the FPS genre, but given its generous versatility it fits quite well with other genres.


    • Excellent quality / price
    • Innovative weight balancing system
    • Moreover, corsair proprietary software capable of giving an edge
    • Very useful button to adjust the DPI


    • Design that leaves something to be desired

    Asua Rog Wireless Mouse Company

    Asus ROG Spatha comes with 12 programmable buttons through the Asus ROG Armory software. The main buttons use Omron switches rated for an average cycle life close to 20 million clicks. The laser sensor goes up to a maximum of 8200 DPI, with a polling speed of about 2000 Hz. Fantastic ergonomics for long gaming sessions.

    From our description Asus ROG Spatha is best Wireless Mouse Company, almost because for example the structure of the side buttons did not fully convince us: to the touch they give the impression of being a bit "too thin".


    • Beautiful and solid in design
    • Impressive customization and high ease of use
    • RGB lights that give it a higher spectacularity
    • Similarly, one of the most ergonomic gaming mice on the market


    • Among the most expensive gaming mice that can be purchased online
    • The side buttons give the impression of being a little too "cheap" compared to everything around them
    • Furthermore, not suitable for gamers with small hands

    Ideal for FPS Wireless Mouse Company

    The Glorious Model O is a gaming Wireless Mouse Company known for its particular design: it, in fact, has numerous holes on its surface that allow you to see its interior, and which together with the LED lighting strips complete a rather spectacular appearance.

    Obviously a question could spontaneously arise: “Why this perforated panel?”

    The disadvantage is that, of course, it is more prone to the ingress of external residues that could damage it or ruin its look. Furthermore, the first few days of use could be uncomfortable and fragile, but obviously it's just a matter of habit.

    Speaking of technical specifications, its Pixart PMW-3360 sensor stands out, capable of reaching up to 12,000 DPI with a refresh of 1000 hz .
    There are 6 buttons fully configurable by the Glorious software.

    Sensor type of gaming mouse

    A separate matter, which has a lot to do with the Wireless Mouse Company accuracy of a sensor, is the type of technology it uses. We now take the very old wheel mice for extinct, and we are therefore dealing with mice with laser sensor and optical sensor. We can thus summarize the differences between the two types:

    • Lasersensors usually read more DPI than optical ones
    • Lasersensors also work very well on shiny , reflective and transparent surfaces
    • Opticalsensors perform better on opaque surfaces , such as classic mousepads
    • Lasersensors often have acceleration problems
    • Some of the most popular lasersensors continue to work even when they are raised from the surface - this is a problem for those who have a habit of lifting the mouse slightly to stop the movement of the cursor
    • Opticalmice use interpolation technologies to achieve higher DPI, which can create problems with cursor positioning accuracy
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