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    6 Best Phone Case Suppliers in 2020: (Android $ iPhone)


    How does case for phone protect your latest smartphone?

    phone case manufacturers in china

    Types of cell phone cover and how to choose yours

    If it did not happen to you, surely you have seen someone you know going through this situation: the smartphone falls and suffers a defect. In many cases, the problem is so serious that you have to buy a new device. This could be avoided with the use of phone case suppliers. Such as covers that leave the device less exposed to the consequences generated by falls.

    Contrary to what many people believe, the covers for mobile phones are not just used to give an extra design to the smartphone. They have a very important protective function and can prevent further damage if the phone has an accident, either by falling or by the action of various liquids.

    It is not for nothing that they have been highly sought after by consumers.

    Nowadays, it is possible to find a wide variety of phone case suppliers in the market. Thus, having quality products in your store can boost your sales. Want to know more? Get to know now the cover models available and the characteristics of each model, so you can assemble a good mix of products!

    How to choose the right phone case suppliers?

    Basically, the ideal model for each cell phone depends on the way the owner uses the device. Sturdier models are not as practical to use, but they are the ones that guarantee more security. Regardless of the type chosen, it is always important to have a smartphone case.

    What are the types of cell phone case?

    There are several materials used to protect cell phones, and each has its own design that meets the different tastes of consumers. Below, we list the main models. Check out!

    In view of the fragility of the materials, the phone case suppliers became an essential accessory for the protection of the device.

    It is possible to find different types on the market for all smartphones.

    The first step in choosing one of these models is to identify the way you use the phone. If you are a person who drops the device easily, the best option is to buy a case that is overprotective.

    In addition to placing an extra film on the screen. Thus, the risk of breaking the phone, the back and the screen are reduced.

    phone case manufacturers

    Next, check out the main types of phone case suppliers.




    One of the most famous phone case (suppliers) is silicone. They cover the back and sides of the phone, leaving the front exposed.

    Among its advantages is malleability and ease of grip.

    • These covers also have a good price and are cheap compared to others in the market.
    • They are easy to wash with soap and water. On the other hand, they can wear out quickly.
    • Thus, to maintain the protection of the device, it is necessary to change them in about six months.



    TPU (Thermoplastic Polymer) covers are similar to silicone. But its aspect is more resistant and less malleable.

    The material better protects the smartphone against grease, wears less with friction and does not loosen after constant use.

    When choosing a TPU model, give preference to colored ones. This is because transparencies may turn yellow after a period of use.



    The bumper is a cover that wraps only the sides of the phone. The screen and the back are free of protection.

    Still, it is a useful case because the corners of the devices are the weakest and most fragile points. It has the advantage of handling because it is lighter.

    In general, the bumper is made with rubber on the inside and plastic on the outside. Which helps in damping in case of impacts. You can buy a good bumper phone cover from phone case suppliers.

    Flip: phone case suppliers

    phone case manufacturers 2020

    Cell phone covers in the flip format function as an envelope for the phone. If closed, it covers the front and rear of the device.

    Thus, it has high protection for falls and scratches. To use the cell phone, you only need to open the front.

    These covers can be manufactured in different materials. The most popular are leather, carbon fiber and a combination of plastic and fiber.

    A negative point is that it makes it impossible to see the screen for the time or messages. However, some models already have a solution to this problem.

    For example, having an opening that allows you to see part of the display or with the transparent front.

    Overprotective: phone case suppliers


    Phone case suppliers design this case for those who want maximum protection.

    They are indicated for sportsmen, trips and situations in which the use of the device is risky for falls. They are manufactured with ultra-resistant materials and wrap the cell phone in the back and front.

    Many are waterproof and withstand about 20 minutes submerged in a depth of up to two meters. Brands often show videos in which they submit the cover to extreme circumstances, such as hammering or being hit by a car.

    The result is that the device comes out intact, without breaking or scratching.

    Overprotective covers come with a warranty. What is essential in view of the higher cost in the market.

    The overprotective covers are manufactured with super-resistant materials. It greatly increases their price, but ensures unique protection. They can even be waterproof in some cases. You need to ensure from phone case suppliers.

    The big issue with this model is that it greatly impacts the size, volume and weight of the cell phone, making it a little more difficult to handle and transport the device. Despite this, it is an excellent alternative for those who are traveling or doing some sport, as it provides greater resistance against impacts and falls.

    The importance of observing phone case product quality

    As we explained, mobile phone covers play a fundamental role in protecting the device, as they prevent further damage in the event of falls, impacts and other situations that can damage your smartphone and even prevent its operation.

    These cell phone cases are easily found on the market. However, you must be very careful when choosing one for your device. Despite the large offer, many phone case suppliers sell   low quality accessories that, in the end, do not adequately exercise their protective function, and may even increase the chances of damage.


    So be sure to look for good phone case suppliers when defining your product mix and always choose those that demonstrate good quality. As much as these items may seem a little more expensive, the security generated by them pays off the investment.

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