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    7 Days Perfect Routine to use Uv Sterilizer Wand


    How to spend a spa week at home?

    Uv Sterilizer Wand

    When the rhythm of life slows down a little, free time immediately appears. Spend it profitably and with pleasure. It's time to "take care of yourself" and arrange a beauty Uv Sterilizer Wand right at home.

    Take a spa week or have the perfect day of relaxation and relaxation!

    What type of Uv Sterilizer Wand treatment you need?

    Depending on the type of treatment you want to pamper yourself, the bathroom or bedroom is the best choice for a home spa. Bathroom because it is easy to clean, which takes away the stress associated with the risk of staining fresh white sheets.

    But the bedroom is also a great place for a spa, as you can lie back on the bed while you do your facial mask - plus, you can fall asleep when you are completely relaxed.

    How to enjoy your time with sterilizer wand?

    First, create a good mood! Play soothing music and create the perfect spa scent using your favorite essential oils. Dim the lights, light candles, they create cozy lighting. Now that there is a special spa space and ambiance, grab your fluffiest towels and choose a treatment from the list below.

    Day 1 and 4 (Monday, Thursday)

    1. Facial

    Peeling provides deep cleansing of the skin and therefore improves skin permeability, which enhances the penetration of anti-aging products, serums and moisturizers into the deep layers of the skin.

    Apply to face peeling Revealing Radiance with glycolic acid. It removes dullness and dullness from the skin, renews and evens out the texture of the skin, making it smoother and fresher. Before this application, sanitize equipment with Uv Sterilizer Wand.

    2.  Facial Uv Sterilizer Wand

    Mask Application of a facial mask is one of the most popular home spa treatments. Try the Lifting Mask , which moisturizes, soothes the skin for a visible lifting effect and a firmer feeling.


    Lip Care Satin Lips, enriched with nourishing Shea Butter, will leave dry, chapped lips smooth and hydrated with a light white tea and citrus scent.

    Day 3 and 6 (Wednesday, Saturday)


    Instead of taking several masks in turn, give each area of ​​the face exactly what it needs. For example, the T-zone of the face is prone to oily and rashes and the skin of the cheeks and upper part of the forehead may need additional moisture. By using several masks in your skincare regimen, you solve all the major skin problems and immediately hit “on all fronts”.

    Day 7 (Sunday)

    Take a day off in facials and devote this day to body care.

    1. Gentle cleansing with Uv Sterilizer Wand

    Cosmetologists recommend forgetting about the usual toilet soap - it disrupts the natural acid-base balance of the skin. The wrong soap can worsen itching, dry skin. Regular soap can contain irritating ingredients and fragrances. Use Uv Sterilizer Wand. Shea butter in the White Tea & Citrus shower gel has strong antioxidant and regenerating properties.

    Take a bath with warm water - high temperatures can dry out your skin. provoke abundant evaporation of moisture. Spend time kneading tired muscles with your fingers while relaxing in warm water.

    2. Exfoliation

    Use a body scrub to refresh and revitalize your skin. The exfoliating scrub not only removes dead cells from the top layer of the skin, but also gives the skin a healthy, radiant glow. Constant renewal of the cellular composition of the epidermis is necessary in order to restore the "healthy" protective barrier of the skin in time.


    Use the Renewal Body Scrub. Thanks to its creamy texture and small scrubbing particles, it exfoliates gently, making it suitable even for daily use. Thanks to Uv Sterilizer Wand, the scrub leaves the skin feeling hydrated.

    1. Moisturizing

    After a shower or bath, do not wipe the skin with vigorous movements, just pat it dry, then apply a softening body lotion with shea butter.... It soothes the skin, delivers essential ingredients to hydrate the skin and instantly relieve dryness.


    Life hack Uv Sterilizer Wand:

    Apply lotion to damp skin - this way you will retain more fluid. Massage your skin while applying to improve circulation and condition.

    For emergencies

    However, it often happens that women think about caring for the skin of the body when the signs of damage are already too obvious. In this case, the Night Cream will help. Ideal for dry skin, it intensely moisturizes and reduces moisture loss. It can be used for dry areas of the body: elbows, knees, and feet.

    1. Spa-for hands

    In contrast to the face, the skin of the hands is not so rich in fatty substances and contains less water, therefore it has a thinner and weaker natural fatty film. Add to that the effects of detergents and other irritants.

    Just three steps - softening, exfoliating and hydrating with Uv Sterilizer Wand - and your hands look great!

    Aromatherapy Uv Sterilizer Wand

    An added bonus of Mary Kay® body and hand care systems is aromatherapy. White Tea & Citrus is an amazing blend of pink grapefruit, lemongrass and cardamom to add sophistication to this beautiful scent and awaken the senses.

    Every day, a cosmetic facial massage using the skin care system and massage attachment in combination with serum   enhances microcirculation and saturates the skin with oxygen and nutrients, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate even deeper into the skin.

    Facial massage helps to:

    • relieve tension and smooth the skin;
    • acceleration of metabolic and recovery processes;
    • reduction of puffiness;
    • deeper penetration of the components of the serum into the skin.

    After all the procedures, rest and brew delicious tea. You have taken care of the body, now give yourself time to think about the pleasant.

    The World Health Organization reminds us that clean hands are the key to health. 

    Your hands will need special care this year due to viruses, hand washes and disinfectants. Today, Uv Sterilizer Wand and soap are more important than ever to our safety. But after using them, the skin of the hands dries up a lot, which makes it coarse and becomes covered with fine wrinkles. Since hand sanitizers typically contain at least 60% alcohol, they flush out natural oils and dry out the skin.

    There is a water-lipid mantle on human skin. It is its own sebum, sweat, organic acids that form a film that covers the entire body and protects against drying out and pathogenic bacteria. Overdried skin, devoid of a protective fat layer, does not cope well with the function of a barrier to infection. Dry skin leads to its easy permeability to toxic substances.

    You will need special skin care to survive this season without dry, itchy, chapped hands.

    Uv Sterilizer Wand 2021


    1. Take good care of your hands between using disinfectants. Use only a mild cleanser.

    Be sure to rinse your hands well, as soap residues dry out and irritate your skin. Chemicals penetrate chapped skin, irritating it in the same way that lemon juice irritates when it gets on a cut in the skin. If you have chapped hands, you need to wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes, use bleach solutions, household cleaners, etc.

    2.  Apply a good Uv Sterilizer Wand every time you wash your hands.

    It is important to maintain the attractive appearance of your hands, because the hard times will pass, and your hands, like a business card of any woman, should always look well-groomed.

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