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    Pros & Cons of Top 7 Gaming Wireless Mouse Manufacturers


    Do you need Wireless Mouse Manufacturers to play? Check out our guide on the best gaming mice!

    Wireless Mouse Manufacturers

    Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse Manufacturers

    The Logitech M720 Triathlon convinced us to include it in this list for its characteristics. In fact, you can associate it with 3 PCs and use it on each of them using the numbered button at the bottom left. The button under the wheel allows you to change the scroll mode between one hyper-fast and one jerky.

    The buttons on this mouse are very durable, withstanding up to 10 million pushes. Furthermore, by downloading Logitech Wireless Mouse Manufacturers Options it is possible to assign various macros to the 6 mouse buttons. The mouse in addition to the right, left and central buttons with the wheel, has two side buttons and a button for the thumb.

    The mouse only needs one AA battery which, in average use, guarantees 24 months of activity according to the manufacturer. The connection it uses is Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz wireless connection and it works up to 10 meters away. Finally, all this, a weight of 135 grams and the sensor with a resolution of 1,000 DPI convinced us to put it on this list.

    PRO: ideal for university and work, thanks to its lightness and durability.

    Logitech G305 Wireless Mouse Manufacturers

    The Logitech G305 Wireless Mouse Manufacturers is a LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse; however it is also great for home or office use. It features the latest generation HERO sensor with up to 12,000 DPI. It also features 6 fully programmable buttons via the G HUB software.

    The life of the AA battery is about 250 hours, which lasts up to 9 months with the Endurance mode. The latter is easy to set through Logitech Gaming Software. In addition, the mouse indicator light alerts you when only 15% of the battery is left.

    Another peculiarity of this G305 is the mechanical tensioning of the separate buttons. In this way, less force is needed to complete the travel of the various keys, translating everything into a faster response speed. Finally, the 99 grams of the mouse and the nano receiver perfectly integrated into the mouse shell make it perfect for traveling.

    PRO: ideal for college, work and NON-competitive gaming sessions.

    Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse Manufacturers

    The Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse Manufacturers are a great wireless mouse, as well as being an excellent gaming mouse. Among its main features is the ergonomics, improved by the side grips. By doing so you can spend hours and hours of work or gaming without getting tired.

    Key durability is among the longest-lived of gaming mice, reaching a maximum of 50 million keystrokes. Additionally, the mouse features 7 programmable keys via Razer Synapse 3.

    Rounding out the mouse is Razer’s advanced 5G optical sensor, featuring true 16,000 DPI and remarkable accuracy. The battery, on the other hand, has duration of about 50 hours, also having to power the LEDs present.

    PRO : Ideal for college, work and competitive FPS gaming sessions.


    Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mouse Manufacturers


    The Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED is the wireless version of the very famous G502, a mouse much appreciated by gamers. It is completely RGB and has the latest generation 16,000 DPI HERO sensor. It also comes with 11 programmable keys via the Logitech G Hub software.

    Wireless Mouse Manufacturers gaming mouse will be able to offer you remarkable performance both in the gaming field, and in the workplace. It offers maximum precision. The battery lasts 48 hours with lighting, without the latter it lasts up to 60 hours.

    In addition to the mouse, in the package you will find weights to increase the weight of this 114 gram mouse, along with the LIGHTSPEED wireless receiver. This mouse is definitely one of the best wireless mice you can buy right now.

    PRO : Ideal for college, work and competitive gaming sessions.

    Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mouse Manufacturers


    The Logitech G903 Wireless Mouse Manufacturers convinced us for multiple reasons to add it to our list. First of all it is a mouse suitable for both hands, both left and right handed. We also find in this mouse the advanced Hero sensor with a resolution of 16,000 DPI.

    The battery is very durable. In fact, the estimated duration is 140 hours with active lighting, while it rises to 180 hours without lighting. Through Logitech G Hub it is possible to change the color of the RGB LEDs and program the 11 available keys.

    Being designed for both hands, two side buttons will come out of its package to connect according to your posture. Finally, it weighs just 110 grams. Moreover, this makes it one of the lightest featured in this guide.

    PRO : Purchase valid for college, work, and long-lasting sessions on competitive games.

    Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse

    The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is a great choice for the wireless gaming mouse category. The mouse is in fact comes with Wireless Mouse Manufacturers Hyperspeed technology which turns out to be really fast. Not just speed though, there's also a lot of precision behind Razer's Basilisk Ultimate.

    Wireless Mouse Manufacturers 2021

    There are 11 fully programmable keys and 14 RGB lighting zones, all editable via Razer Synapse. The design of this mouse is ergonomic, perfectly suited to right-handed users and weighing just 107 grams . In addition, under the mouse there is a knob that modifies the resistance of the wheel, so as to customize your feeling with the device.

    The Razer Focus + optical sensor reach 20,000 DPI, making this mouse the fastest among all those presented so far. The battery lasts about 100 hours with the lighting active but it will not be a problem thanks to the dock station that we have chosen together with the mouse.

    PRO : usable for university, for work and suitable for gaming professionals.

    Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mouse Manufacturers

    This is the most popular series by Wireless Mouse Manufacturers. Moreover, this is the most expensive. This is another model produced by Razer: Viper Ultimate. The optical sensor is of the highest quality and allows an incredible precision of movement; the DPI reaches up to 20,000.

    The design comes for ambidextrous and thanks to Wireless Mouse Manufacturers it will be very easy to handle. In fact it weighs only 74g! It is also suitable for E-Sports professionals. Featuring Razer Chroma RGB technology, you can use it to beautify your gaming desk even more.

    The point in its favor is certainly the battery: able to withstand up to 70 hours of use. To the touch, the click of the mouse is really pleasant and precise.

    PRO : usable for the university, for work and recommended for E-Sports participants.
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