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    7 Practical ways to disinfect home utensils with uv light sterilizer box



    uv light sterilizer box

    Do you want to know the right products and procedures when cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen? Check out the uv light sterilizer box tips.

    In what ways uv light sterilizer box can be helpful in home?

    Many people point to the bathroom as one of the rooms that most needs to be disinfected, but the kitchen is another room where there is circulation for the whole family and many contact surfaces such as the table and the bench.

    Viruses can resist for days on surfaces and bacteria, if not cleaned, can proliferate there, which is why frequent cleaning of these spaces is so important. The good news is that we can easily neutralize viruses and bacteria with the right cleaning products. Want to learn what they are and how to do them? Follow the tips of uv light sterilizer box on how to sanitize the table and bench.

    How to sanitize kitchen table and countertops against viruses and bacteria?


    Cleaning products that kill viruses and bacteria

    There is no need to look for expensive and specific products for this task. Just as we should wash our hands with soap and water and use gel alcohol to protect ourselves, we can use the same tactic for surfaces.

    Use a detergent or some product with a degreasing power to clean and then complete the cleaning with a liquid alcohol that has a concentration greater than 70%. You can also do this second part of the cleaning using bleach, which has a high disinfectant power.

    Remember to pass a cloth with the products along the entire length of the bench and table, taking the opportunity to also sanitize the chairs around.

    Also sanitize the materials used for cleaning

    Whenever we use uv light sterilizer box for a place, it also makes sense to clean the cloths and sponges that were used to remove all the dirt. Wash everything with soap and water and let it dry, and then use it again for another cleaning.

    And if you are going to use household gloves to clean, which is highly recommended, remember to wash them too and leave them to dry. Following this step by step will make it easy to leave your home clean and protected.

    4 ways to disinfect kitchen towels with uv light sterilizer box

    In addition to disinfecting kitchen towels, it is very important to allocate a different one for each task and to avoid cross-contamination, as well as to rinse them before drying.

    uv light sterilizer box company

    Disinfecting cloths effectively can be tricky, because we often see that they still smell bad. If you are also concerned about the health of your family due to the accumulation of bacteria and microbes that may be there, rest assured: today you will learn how to clean kitchen towels with the following tricks.

    Ideas for disinfecting kitchen towels perfectly


    Mold, moisture, germs, bacteria and microbes will all disappear if you follow our advice to root them out. Uv light sterilizer box effects are almost immediate. And they will surprise you!

    • Ammonia

    Ammonia can be a great help for multiple household chores. In this case, put all the kitchen towels in a bowl with a few drops of ammonia, let them rest for a few hours, so that they absorb and loosen the dirt.

    • Then remove the cloths and place them in the washing machine. Wash only with cloths and do not mix with other clothes. Do not use fabric softener.
    • Washing machine dishes

    How to disinfect home utensils with uv light sterilizer box?

    Almost everyone chose to wash the cloths in the washing machine. However, a good way to wash them is by taking advantage of the high temperatures in our dishwasher. You will have total cleaning and disinfection. The only thing you have to take into account is the way to put them in there.

    Try to find a way for them not to hook on the tracks or on the spirals or blades that launch the water.

    Boiling water

    The water boiling is very effective for the skirt dirt, especially grease embedded in the cloths. It is one of the most used techniques.

    • To do this, put water in a pot and pour it into a basin that withstands high temperatures.
    • Put the cloths there, along with a little detergent and bleach , and let them soak for a few hours until the water is cold.
    • Rinse with water, and spread outside, or dry in the dryer.
    • Vinegar

    uv light sterilizer box 2021

    Vinegar is highly recommended to eliminate bad odors, and also acts as a natural disinfectant. Although vinegar can be very aggressive in killing bacteria, it will not damage tissues.

    • As in the previous case, you can prepare a basin with hot water. Add the cloths with a good amount of vinegar, and let it sit for a few hours.
    • Then wash it off with water, and let it air dry.

    Practical advice for your kitchen towels to disinfect with uv light sterilizer box

    In addition to good cleaning techniques, we must have good manners when using these cloths, which we use daily.

    To do this, you should always take uv light sterilizer box tips into account every time you enter the kitchen:

    Do not use the same cloth for everything. The ideal is to have different cloths for different areas of the kitchen: one for cutting boards for fish, another for meat, another for cleaning surfaces, and another for drying hands, for example.

    • Do not dry your hands directly after handling raw foods: wash them first.
    • If you clean the surfaces, use the cloths whenever you need, but then rinse them with water. Do not let it dry dirty. In this way, more germs will accumulate.
    • Dry the kitchen cloths properly and don't make a ball out of them. It is better to stretch or extend them.
    • You have to make sure that when you wash the cloths, the water you use is above 60 ° C,for cleaning to be effective.
    • Enjoy the sunlight. The sun can help to remove the most resistant and persistent stains. Extend them to sunlight when it is direct. Fruit or vegetable stains will magically disappear.

    Difference between cleaning and disinfecting cloths

    When we talk about cleaning, it is not the same thing to "clean" and "disinfect”. We tell you the differences:

    • Cleaning requires the use of soap and water to remove dirt and some germs, but not all of those found on the surface or in the product are eliminated.
    • To disinfect the cloths, stronger solutions are needed,which eliminate virtually all microbes, bacteria, and germs present.


    Usually with daily cleaning, we could have a clean and adequate kitchen with uv light sterilizer box. However, it is advisable to disinfect surfaces, cloths, and cutting boards, with more aggressive and stronger products, so that we do not get sick due to the germs housed there.

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