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    7 watch screen protector Features you Never Knew


    watch screen protector
    Keeping children safe has never been easier than it is today. Parents began to get enough sleep and stopped constantly tugging at the child with phone calls thanks to such a simple device as a children's smart watch. There is another important thing you cannot underestimate for the protection of smartwatch: watch screen protector.

    Watch Screen Protector Technology is Impressive

    This is a real breakthrough in technology: such watches monitor the movement of children and report their coordinates to parents. Moreover, it ensures uninterrupted communication between mothers, fathers and their offspring. And many more models have an alarm button so that the baby can call for help at any time. You look at all this and think - why did not this future come before?

    It is not difficult to decide to buy a watch screen protector for children. But choosing the right ones is a whole problem. Do you need a camcorder or not? What are the best performance materials? Are built-in toys distracting your child?

    Can a watch do it anyway? There are a lot of questions! Therefore, we propose to go over a selection of major brands and their best models together.

    What to expect from a watch screen protector?

    The main task of this gadget, as we said above, is to monitor the location of the child in real time and inform parents with a high degree of accuracy. Children's smart watches have some phone functions - in particular, they support audio calls and voice messages. Some models allow you to send SMS and even communicate via video.

    All this is possible thanks to microSIM, which is inserted directly into the watch. Think of it as a cheap phone that is much harder to lose or steal.

    Smartwatch helps in emergency as watch screen protector does

    Most smart watches for children are equipped with an SOS button: in case of danger, the child presses the button for a few seconds, after which a "distress signal" is sent to the parents' smartphone. Often it is possible to drive several more contacts into the device's memory, in addition to parental ones - their number varies depending on the model.

    Many watch screen protector brands support the "safety zones" function. Parents can mark areas on the map, and when the child is within the marked areas (or beyond), the application will receive a notification about this.

    Watch screen protector Ensure Optimum Safety

    As a bonus, many brands have added fitness tracker features to their watches to keep track of steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep time. Finally, most of these gadgets are splash-proof (and some will even survive bathing). A number of manufacturers rely on reinforced watch screen protector or on a bright, attractive design, which is also important. Which of all this is offered by well-known brands - read on.

    Did you know that children's smart watches are deliberately made in the children's "cartoon" style. This is necessary not only to interest the child, but also for his safety. If the kid wears an "adult" elegant device like the Apple Watch, he will quickly attract the attention of thieves and ill-wishers.

    Why you need to apply watch screen protector on watches?

    Smart watches can be compared to smartphones, only the first are more compact and have their own characteristics. You need to protect them from sudden shock. That is why bring watch screen protector.


    If the first models of watch phones could only be calculators or translators, then the current devices are worn on the PC hand. The gadgets support the installation of third-party utilities and are controlled by mobile operating systems. These can include a camera, thermometer, barometer, compass, telephone, GPS, and many more.

    How smart watches work?

    Watch phones, by analogy with other computers, collect information using external or built-in sensors. These sensors can control and receive information using a variety of tools. The devices support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS. The received information is displayed as information on the screen.

    The watch can work independently or in conjunction with smartphones. Most often, on sale you can find models on the OS developed by Google or Apple.

    What smartwatches can do: features and functions? 

    The arsenal of smartwatch skills depends on the manufacturer, model, year of manufacture (the newer, the greater the variety of options awaiting the user) and price. Similarly, for an expensive watch, you should also buy a quality watch screen protector.

    Main functions:

    Duplicate SMS / emails from phone to smart watch. You can open, read and even reply to messages (by voice or using the mini keyboard on the screen) without using a smart phone. It is very convenient, for example, in a crowded minibus or at work.

    Monitoring physical activity:

    It is because of this option that watch phones are often compared to fitness bracelets. Smart chronometers have a pedometer, the ability to check the pulse, blood pressure, monitor the quality of sleep, etc.

    Determining the location of the user:

    Perhaps thanks to the built-in GPS sensor, or data from a smartphone synchronized with a smart watch. Helps you not to get lost in unfamiliar terrain. By the way, in children's devices using GPS, parents can track the movements of the child.

    watch screen protector 2021

    Music track management:

    It is possible to flip through the compositions, adjust the sound volume. You can manage music from your phone, or create a separate music library in the watch memory.

    In addition, watch phones allow you to quickly work with a calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and even watch a video. You can also activate "reminders" for important events. A variety of applications installed on the smart watch will help to expand the functionality.

    What watch screen protector can smartwatches work with?

    We can apply watch screen protector with phones running on various OS: Android, iOS, etc. The gadget's specifications always mention compatibility with one or more OS.

    The opposite action is also possible: synchronize the smart watch on Android and iPhone. But here, first you need to pair the smart watch and the Android phone, and only then, using special programs, connect the Android Wear watch and the iPhone.

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