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    8 Bulk phone case cleaning hacks (case for phone 2020)


    Hard case vs. Silicone: which phone case is right for me?

    bulk phone case suppliers

    A mobile phone case is something nice - but which variant of Bulk phone case do you choose? We often receive customer inquiries: Which is the right case for me, silicone or hard case? In the following we will take a closer look at both products so that you can choose the best product for you at the end of the article.

    Would you have thought that? You touch your smartphone a staggering 2617 times a day *, take it out of your pocket, put it next to you, stuff it in your backpack, take it with you in the car or on your bike.

    Why you need a phone case?

    The risk that your expensive everyday hero will fall out of your hand or slip out of a pocket is quite high. One tiny carelessness and the display is splintered or a scratch on the back.

    This is why nine out of ten smartphone owners actually use Bulk phone case case, according to a representative survey by the market research company Bitcom Research. The selection is huge - we will introduce you to all the options and tell you what to look for when buying.

    Mobile phone protective cases effectively protect our precious smartphone from damage and wear and tear in everyday life. Because it's not just falling down, but also the everyday buzzing around in bags with pointed and sharp-edged objects that troubles our beloved smartphone.

    There is a risk of cracks, scratches and splintering, and careless moments can even damage the sensitive technology inside. Therefore, it is best to protect your cell phone with a cell phone case immediately after buying it. But now to clarify today's question: Which is the right case for me?

    Mobile phone cases made of silicone: the all-time favorite

    In our experience, the silicone Bulk phone case is the more popular version with our customers. The flexible cover is made of TPU, the so-called thermoplastic polyurethane, and encloses the entire smartphone frame like a second skin.

    It is flexible and at the same time lies well in your hand, which further minimizes slipping. Your smartphone also has a better grip on smooth surfaces such as tiles and tables.

    Thanks to the soft and slightly thicker material, silicone generally cushions falls better than hard cases.

    And what about the hard case cover? Let's take a look at the brother of the silicone case together.

    Hard case mobile phone cases: the chic alternative

    The fixed hard Bulk phone case variant is made of the plastic polycarbonate and is often perceived by users as more elegant due to the lower material thickness and pleasant feel. At the same time, the solid material ensures greater shock resistance in the event of minor mishaps. It can always happen quickly in everyday life.

    The cleaning of the case should also be mentioned positively: the higher density of the solid polycarbonate means that less dirt adheres. So that daily cleaning is easier by hand.

    By the way, we heard that users of the hard cases like to stow them in jeans and clothing pockets, as the case is easier to insert and remove due to the smoother surface.

    All benefits of Bulk phone case at a glance

    You don't feel like reading the above text, but want to get straight to the canned goods? We would be happy to give you a brief overview of all the facts below:

    Silicone case advantages

    + Flexible material & high fall protection

    + Case lies securely in the hand and on smooth surfaces

    + The entire smartphone frame is covered

    Hard case advantages

    bulk phone case

    + Solid material & high impact resistance

    + Due to the thinner material, the hard Bulk phone case is often perceived as more appealing from the outside

    + Due to the higher material density, it is easier to clean and does not get dirty as quickly

    Conclusion: hard case vs. silicone

    In summary, one can of course say that both products have their advantages. In our experience, silicone phone cases are particularly beneficial in the event of violent falls and accidents.

    Therefore, they are especially suitable if you are on the road a lot, professionally or privately, and your mobile phone slips out of your hands. The hard Bulk phone case is the ideal alternative if you like to wear your mobile phone in jeans and want to protect your phone from signs of age such as general wear and tear of the frame or minor falls and bumps.


    Of course, it is also a question of personal taste which phone case is right for you. Subjectively, some find the flexible silicone cases nicer, others prefer the hard case variant.

    Which Bulk phone case are there?

    In addition to material and appearance, smartphone cases can also differ in their functionality - some protect the entire cell phone, some only the back, some also keep water out or even allow the smartphone to withstand falls on hard pavement or stony surfaces undamaged.

    These smartphone cases are available:

    Hard case

    It is the classic among Bulk phone case. The hard case is usually made of sturdy plastic and can be attached to the back of the phone with just one click.


    • Protects against scratches and bumps
    • Can be easily attached to and removed from the smartphone with one click
    • Looks particularly high quality because it is thin, smooth and shiny
    • There are countless variants: monochrome, colored, personalized, with additional battery ...
    • Easy to clean
    • Often does not protect the display sufficiently
    • The cover can pop off in a fall

    Silicone Bulk phone case

    Consists of elastic, pliable silicone and, like the hard case, is simply attached to the back of the mobile phone. The cover is also available in all imaginable colors and there are no limits to the design options.

    • Due to the material, it lies well and has a good grip
    • Adhesive inside of the cover ensures a stable hold
    • Cushions bumps and falls
    • Cheaper than most hard cases
    • Often does not protect the display sufficiently
    • Soiling is not easy to remove from the silicone
    • The rubber-like material can get stuck if you pull the smartphone out of your pocket, for example

    Tough case

    The Tough Bulk phone case offers protection and style in one. A silicone cover protects your smartphone from bumps, another hard plastic cover can be easily attached with a click. Often this stylish, outer cover can be printed and exchanged as desired.


    • Particularly good protection and style in one
    • The printable cover can often be exchanged and designed as required
    • Is more bulky in the hand than simple covers
    • More expensive than simple cases
    • Often does not protect the display sufficiently


    We hope that we were able to give you a suitable incentive based on the material properties and our experience as cell phone case experts. To help you make your choice, we have also included product introduction videos for our cases in this article. Now you just have to decide: silicone or hard case?

    Final Review

    What is your experience with silicone and hard cases so far? Please tell us your opinion in the comment field, we are always happy to receive further input!

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