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    9 Best Wireless Mouse Suppliers in 2020 (Top Gaming Mouse)


    Pros and Cons of World Best Gaming Mice

    For comfortable control of personal computers and laptops, one cannot do without a manipulator. Gamers choose expensive wired models with extensive functionality, transforming design and designer lighting. But for home and office use, such costs are irrational. And the binding to a specific location does not make users happy, because they want to watch a movie while lying on the couch. Therefore, Wireless Mouse Suppliers are the best option for mobility and high autonomy.

    Wireless Mouse Technology

    The growing popularity of wireless technologies is not surprising. Moreover, the number of wires on a computer desk tends. In addition, the length of the standard wires is not always enough, if the system unit is hidden far away.

    In addition, unshielded USB wires passed next to the speaker cable allow you to recount bits in data packets by ear ... No, and this is not at all interesting.

    There are many manufacturers targeting this market segment. They all offer different design features, combined with quality mechanics for long lasting use.

    We've compiled a list of the best wireless mice based on expert reviews and customer reviews.

     Logitech Wireless Mouse M235 Gray-Black USB

    Communication type: radio channel / LED / For laptop / Inexpensive

    The main advantages

    • Universal USB receiver lets you connect six compatible devices simultaneously
    • The power optimization system and the auto-off function ensure autonomous operation from a single AA battery charge for a year
    • Moreover, optical sensor technology allows operation on all types of surfaces without reflectors
    • The official Wireless Mouse Suppliers warranty is three years, which indicates the quality of the product
    • The range of wireless communication can reach 25 meters in the absence of obstacles in the path of the radio signal
    • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and macOS
    • Similarly, rubber inserts provide gaming-grade ergonomics

    Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    Logitech MX Master 2S Black Bluetooth wireless mouse

    For games / For laptop / LED / Communication type: bluetooth

    The main advantages

    • Proprietary Flow technology enables the simultaneous operation of one manipulator on three computers. Moreover, it comes with support for copying files between devices using a simple drag and drop
    • Support for two connection modes allows you to synchronize the mouse with your PC via Unifying module or universal Bluetooth
    • 4,000 dpi Darkfield sensor monitors device movement on virtually any surface, including glass over four millimeters thick
    • Integrated 500 mAh lithium-polymer battery on a full charge ensures active autonomous operation of the mouse for 560 hours
    • Similarly, Scroll wheel supports step by step and super-fast scrolling

    Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed: Best Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    A surprisingly restrained design mouse from Razer Wireless Mouse Suppliers, in which there is not even a backlight of the corporate logo. It is nevertheless, a full-fledged game pad not externally, but on the "stuffing".

    The PixArt mouse sensor with a maximum resolution of 16000 dpi comes in an ergonomic case, and the proprietary “dual” radio path ensures minimal delays.

    Add to this a lifting height of no more than 2 mm. Moreover, it makes it easy to carry the mouse over the table without knocking down positioning, and the possibility of normal operation at accelerations up to 40 g: you can safely start online or offline battles.

    The main advantages:

    • Ergonomics
    • Profitability
    • Sensor quality


    • Small communication radius of the dongle
    • One button toggle DPI settings in a circle
    • Lack of additional buttons (only standard "office" set with two side ones)Wireless Mouse Suppliers and manufacturers

    A4Tech Bloody Warrior RT7 Black USB: Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    Chopped forms, traditional for gaming mice, do not turn into nonsense of a cubist artist here. Furthermore, which top mice like RAT9 often sin, which should be called a plus? The number of reassignable buttons, again, will not suit the fans unless they hang a dozen complex macros on the unfortunate manipulator. And at the same time, the mouse came out quite inexpensive and has a very sensitive sensor (up to 4000 dpi).

    Additional Wireless Mouse Suppliers "goodies" are optical switches with a resource of 20 million clicks instead of traditional contact. Subsequently, the ability to quickly call one of four presets of settings with the buttons on top. All in all, the wireless mouse deserves its place in the list of the best wireless gaming mice, and it certainly justifies its price.

    The main advantages:

    • Acceptable price
    • Fast switching of presets


    • Small capacity of the built-in battery


    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Black USB wireless mouse

    If we distance ourselves from the price, which will obviously be high for most buyers, we have a typical high-end gamer's tool.  There are many interesting features in this wireless mouse. For example, it is clear that whichever hand you take it; the two side buttons will become useless.

    Therefore, the covers for them are quick-detachable. And we can put on exactly the side that will be used, while the cap will flush on the other.

    And all would be fine, but the green Toad will most likely strangle the Hamster squealing in ecstasy.

    The main advantages:

    • We can use with either hand without loss of functionality.
    • The most advanced laser sensor available today. Best choice for Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    HyperX Pulsefire Dart: Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    The mouse stands out not only with artificial leather pads (which is generally atypical for mice), but also support for fast charging of the built-in battery. Moreover, from wireless chargers! However, the cable has not been forgotten either - you can use it to charge the battery

    The main advantages:

    • Comfortable grip
    • Accurate and high quality sensor
    • Wireless charger


    • Raw software
    • No additional programmable buttons

    Wireless Mouse Suppliers 2021

    Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse Black USB: Best Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    What else is not being done under the Xiaomi brand? Hmm ... There are knives, there are screwdrivers, there are electric scooters, and at least teapots. Well, but today we see it as a gaming mouse with the ability to wirelessly connect via a complete dongle - or wired, during which the built-in battery is simultaneously charged.

    By the way, try to find this dongle without the help of the instruction pictures. Furthermore, it comes under the top panel, fixed on magnets - a rarity in more expensive mice.

    The main advantages:

    • Quite a decent sensor
    • Lack of game kitsch in design
    • Programmable (sort of like) buttons


    • The battery runs out quickly

    Microsoft Arc Touch wireless Mouse Black USB

    Communication type: radio channel / LED / For laptop

    The main advantages

    • Focused on working with laptops and comfortable transportation due to its small size and folding design
    • Automatic power control without switches is achieved by flexing / unbending the soft touch palm
    • The scroll wheel has been replaced with a touch strip made of metal
    • BlueTrack signal processing technology is here. Unlike conventional laser or optical sensors, a CMOS matrix and a magnifying lens are here. This enables efficient operation on any surface, increasing the device's mobility
    • Able to work up to 4 months on two standard AAA batteries


    Characteristically, there are fewer Wireless Mouse Suppliers. Furthermore, the main reason here is not even that a sudden loss of connection in the middle of the game can lead to the purchase of a new mouse.

    But in power consumption: a high-quality sensor with high sensitivity and polling frequency will require a powerful controller... All this needs a lot of current, which does not have the best effect on the autonomy of work.

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