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    Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer: Best Way to Use


    Among the various changes and issues that have gained greater relevance since the beginning of the pandemic, one of the main themes for everyone who works in the food service sector is the conservation, Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer of food to avoid contamination.

    There are several ways to make food safe for consumption, which are widely common, such as cooking in general, cleaning fruits and vegetables with bleach, using ozone gas, also common pasteurization processes, one of the oldest techniques, such as also use of UV-C light, one of the most modern techniques for sterilizing food and surfaces

    Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer

    What is the best way to carry out food sterilization?

    In today's article, we'll learn a little more about two techniques widely common in food sterilization: Pasteurization and the use of UV-C light, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each, so that we can answer an important question for everyone who works. with food handling and service

    What is pasteurization?

    Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer is one of the oldest techniques for preserving food, created in the 19th century by scientist Louis Pasteur, having been named after its creator. This technique consists of changing the temperature of the food before its filling, significantly increasing its shelf life.

    What types of Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer?

    food pasteurization

    Three types of pasteurization are currently common, namely:

    Fast Pasteurization

    In fast pasteurization, the food is heated to a temperature of 75°C for 15 to 20 seconds. Milk pasteurized by this method, receive classifications ranging from A to C;

    Very Fast Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer

    Very fast pasteurization is also common as UHT (Ultra High Temperature) pasteurization, with Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer the food is heated up to the temperature range of 130°C to 150°C for three to five seconds.

    This method also applies, in liquid or semi-liquid products, as it is the most efficient for the elimination of microorganisms.

    What are the main benefits and disadvantages of pasteurization?

    There are several advantages associated with the use of pasteurization, such as the method of food preservation. The use of sterilization box manufacturer acts to eliminate heat-sensitive pathogens, such as those causing tuberculosis and Salmonellosis, without altering the sensory characteristics of the food.

    The use of UV-C light for food sterilization

    Another technique that has been gaining more space in the fight against microorganisms due to its many advantages over other types of sterilization is the use of ultraviolet light. The high efficiency and reliability made this technique to be common in the sterilization of products, packaging and even in the treatment of drinking water.

    What are the benefits of UV-C light?

    Sterilization of food by UV-C light has several benefits, among which we can mention as the main ones the fact that Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer does not generate toxic by-products, allowing a fast disinfection, leaving no odor residues and no need to store toxic substances, requiring only a minimum of space for the equipment.

    How UV-C light Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer works?

    This exposure takes a few minutes, allowing the penetration of UV-C radiation in food, altering the DNA and RNA of pathogenic microorganisms that may be present and, consequently, destroying them. Everything is done very conveniently, and the equipment is very easy to operate.

    Important process for the safety of a hospital environment

    The Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer of materials is an extremely important process for the safety of a hospital environment. It must be done in a Central Sterilization Material (CME) of hospitals or by a company in the field. This sector is responsible for cleaning, packaging, sterilizing, storing and distributing materials.

    There are several ways to carry out these processes. Not all, however, are important for the sterilization of some materials. The decision on which process to use should be based on the type of material and the risk of contamination.

    Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer 2021

    Main types of Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer

    • Sterilization of materials by physical means
    • Saturated steam under pressure

    This type of sterilization uses autoclaves to carry out the process. It is easy to divide into two other types that are also common, wet steam and superheated steam. To carry out the sterilization of materials with saturated steam under pressure, some precautions are important.

    Dry Heat Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer

    This procedure uses hot air ovens to sterilize the materials. The sterilization process is easy to do through four methods that comprise the technique:

    • Buckling;
    • Incineration;
    • Infrared rays;
    • Hot air ovens.

    Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer is not suitable for rubber, fabric and steel materials, due to their instability under high temperatures. Opt for dry heat only for the sterilization of cutting or cutting metal instruments.

    Ionizing radiation technique use in process

    The sterilization of materials made by ionizing radiation uses low temperatures in its process. which cannot withstand high temperatures. Processing with this technique involves changing the molecular composition of cells by modifying the DNA.

    This causes the loss or addition of electrical charges to the materials. Its big disadvantage is the slowness of the process, which can take up to 18 hours to sterilize the materials.

    Sterilization of materials by chemical means

    Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer method has a fungicidal, viricidal, bacterial function and, after 18 hours of action, it also has a sporicidal action. It is a colorless gas with a strong odor, as well as being caustic to the skin and carcinogenic. Similarly, it is easy to find in aqueous and alcoholic formulas.

    Formaldehyde is suitable for processing critical materials such as catheters, drains and rubber tubes, nylon, teflon, PVC, polystyrene (in both formulations), laparoscopes, arthroscopes and ventrilloscopes, acrylic grafts – only in the aqueous formulation.

    Glutaraldehyde Aller plasma sterilization box manufacturer

    With potent biocidal, bacterial, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal action, sterilization through glutaraldehyde is easy to find in an aqueous solution. The sporicidal activity is since glutaraldehyde reacts with the spore surface, causing the hardening of the outer layers.

    This solution has the disadvantage of toxicity for manipulation by professionals. Exposure can induce asthma in some individuals and cause contact dermatitis.

    This processing indicates for the sterilization of thermo sensitive materials. Choose this method when sterilizing acrylic grafts, drains, and polystyrene tubes. Glutaraldehyde also indicates for cleaning equipment such as:

    • Endoscopes
    • Similarly, respiratory connections
    • Moreover, respiratory therapy equipment
    • Furthermore, dialyzers and spirometry tubes.


    One of the most efficient methods when sterilizing materials, for preserving their composition, is processing with ethylene oxide. It mainly indicates for hospital materials that is difficult to expose to heat or liquid agents, such as instruments for intravenous and cardiopulmonary use.

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