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    Major Applications of UV light sterilize box: Top Features


    Where UV light sterilize box is common?

    Nowadays, UV light sterilized box are widely common in everyday life and industry due to the beneficial properties of ultraviolet radiation. The main task of air disinfection installations is to prevent the spread of microorganisms of infectious diseases. Moreover, a similar problem has long been successfully solved in the premises of medical institutions, at enterprises of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

    UV light sterilize box

    For air disinfection in ventilation systems, two main methods are common:

    Mechanical, when microorganisms remove from the air as a result of the use of filters;

    Physical, when the air is treated with UV light sterilize box that emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation

    What is UV light sterilized box?

    An ultraviolet lamp is an artificial source of ultraviolet radiation and replaces this part of the sunlight spectrum in enclosed spaces.

    Antiseptic - a means to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. It complements hand washing with soap and is usually available as a spray, gel or foam. The composition includes an alcohol solution or other disinfecting compounds, as well as moisturizers, glycerin and essential oils.

    Bacteria is Harmful

    Millions of bacteria live on the skin of your hands. Some are beneficial to the body: they stimulate the immune system, protect against pathogens of dangerous infections and prevent autoimmune diseases. Sanitizers don't tell good bacteria from bad bacteria - they kill everyone.

    Antiseptics dry the skin, resulting in micro-wounds on the hands. Through them, pathogens can get into the body and start the development of infection. Furthermore, after all, there are no longer good bacteria-defenders.

    Why UV light is needed

    More and more useful properties of ultraviolet rays are becoming known.  Possessing bactericidal and mutagenic properties, ultraviolet light is successfully common not only in medicine, but also in everyday life. Similarly, with its use, it comes out:

    • Moreover, prevention of vitamin deficiency
    • Similarly, elimination of cosmetic skin defects

    UV light sterilize box and principle of operation

    An ultraviolet lamp consists of a bulb or tube comes of uviol glass (formerly quartz) with tungsten electrodes and molybdenum current-carrying filaments inside. The casing comes with glass or durable plastic plinths, and has reflective and phosphor layers. Inside contains vapors of mercury, which under the influence of electric current become a source of energy.

    The main types of UV lamps

    UV lamps are available in different types. Let's list the most popular ones.


    In quartz UV light sterilize box, an electric arc occurs in a quartz glass bulb filled with gas. Foil comes of molybdenum with platinum elements prevents the device from overheating during prolonged use. It was due to the content of quartz in the lamps of the models of previous years that the transparency for radiation ensures. Modern UV light sterilized box are comes using uviol glass.

     Germicidal ultraviolet emitters

    These are the same gas-discharge electric lamps with mercury vapor. The special glass of the flask transmits such an amount of ultraviolet rays, which is enough for an effective effect on harmful microorganisms. However, UV light sterilize box is also necessary to protect the eyes and skin surface from such dosed radiation; you can simply leave the room.

     Fluorescent UV lamps

    They work in a similar way to conventional fluorescent lamps. They are come in the form of glass tubes and comes from the inside with a phosphor. The layer of this special solution consists of a substance that can luminesce when energized. Inert gas and mercury vapors comes inside, which, under the influence of electricity, emit ultraviolet light.


    In a working lamp the glow is present, but without an ultraviolet tint. We see daylight familiar to us. It's all about the material from which the flask comes. Ordinary UV light sterilize box keeps UV rays out of the way. This creates the effect of natural light, but in order to tan, you need to replace ordinary glass with special quartz glass. In this case, the fluorescent lamp will emit ultraviolet light.

    Amalgam UV lamps

    Such lamps occupy a special place among other varieties. Inside them, bismuth and indium add to the mercury. These elements bind mercury and make the lamp safer to use: gas released into the air due to accidental damage to the bulb does not pose a serious threat to human health.  Similarly, it quickly achieve the declared operating power of radiation

    Modern models do not contain mercury in an unbound form requires special disposal
    Have a long resource at a relatively low cost. With the invention of UV light sterilize box, human life has become much easier. UV lamps are common to a high degree of efficiency in compliance with safety rules.

    Application of UV light sterilized box

    Many spheres of life of modern people cannot do without the use of ultraviolet lamps. Let's consider the main areas of application.

    For water purification

    Water disinfects using ultraviolet filters in the form of a reservoir with a lamp. The lamp treats the stream of water with rays, destroying microorganisms hazardous to health, and the output is disinfects. For the effective operation of the device, it is necessary to take into account not only the flow rate, for which not all models can be adjusted, but also the number of microorganisms.

    A sufficient dose of radiation can be determined by analyzing water. In this case, it is important that the disinfects liquid is within the temperature level permissible for the device. It is important not only to determine has the amount of ultraviolet radiation from UV light sterilized box required for complete water purification, but also to ensure timely replacement of the device at the end of its service life.
    UV light sterilize box 2021

    Where to use UV light sterilized box?

    A specific disco light that illuminates white clothes and interior elements in the dark comes by UV lamps. For parties and nightclubs, versions with a muted luminous flux and a shifted UV spectrum are common.

    Therefore, while spending time at the disco, you should not fear for the health of your eyes. But you can freely navigate in the dark according to the signs and signs highlighted by ultraviolet light.

    Summary UV light sterilized box

    Such UV light sterilize box has recently had a good overview. Therefore, we move the traditional points about delivery-dismemberment to the basement, and at the beginning we will talk about biological testing and physical foundations as close to reality as possible. The very first application for such a sterilizer is cans for blanks.

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