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    Are portable uv sterilizer lid useful? Pros & Cons of Best Sterilizers Lid 2021


    Best UV sterilizers: ranking of models on the market and reviews

    uv sterilizer lid

    uv sterilizer lids are devices that allow you to sterilize any object in a practical and fast way. These are common to sterilize smartphones, baby bottles, tweezers, earphones, dishes, dental appliances and masks with efficient results.

    Ultraviolet rays, in fact, allow inhibiting the reproduction of viruses and bacteria. Similarly, it eliminates them from surfaces and preventing them from proliferating. So let's see which the best UV sterilizers are and how to choose the right model.

    How does v kill germs?

    There are several germs, viruses and bacteria that settle on the surfaces of everyday objects every day. The uv sterilizer lids are devices that allow precisely to sterilize, in a practical and economical, practically any object.

    These in fact use ultraviolet rays. This allows to inhibit the reproduction of viruses and bacteria, eliminating them and preventing them from proliferating on surfaces.

    Where we can use uv sterilizer lid?

    UV lamp sterilizers were once common exclusively by:

    • Dentists
    • Hairdressers
    • beauticians or in
    • Surgery

     Today they have become commonplace. A sterilization box can in fact be common to sterilize:

    • Smartphones
    • baby bottles
    • Tweezers
    • Masks
    • dishes and any other object on which viruses and bacteria can lurk.

    In order to choose a UV sterilizer, however, it is essential to take into account some aspects such as the size. In this way the objects fit perfectly inside, the type and the price.

    Let's see in detail how uv sterilizer lid work, which are the best models, among the many on the market. And how to choose the right one, in order to have a device to sanitize ready to use.

    How do UV sterilizers work?

    To fully understand UV sterilizers, it is good to deepen their functioning.  It is to understand how they can sanitize commonly common objects. These devices use ultraviolet rays. Moreover, they allow sterilizing the surfaces with which they come into contact.

    The ultraviolet acts with a wavelength between 280 and 100 nanometers. Similarly, this allows to inhibit the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi, modifying the DNA structure.

    How to disinfect surgical instrument with uv sterilizer lid?

    In this way the infectious agents will not only be eliminated from the surface, but they will no longer be able to reproduce. Ultraviolet rays have in fact been common for some time to disinfect surgical instruments. It is to disinfect the work tools of hairdressers and beauticians, but also to sterilize water, air and food.

    The uv sterilizer lid rays therefore, they can be common on any object, in order to sanitize it quickly and economically.

    Do UV Sterilizers Really Work? The advantages

    After seeing how UV sterilizers work, it is questionable whether they are really effective. Ultraviolet rays are, in fact, an excellent method for sterilizing objects and also have numerous advantages.

    First of all it must be said that using UV allows you to sterilize any object without using chemical agents. This, in addition to guaranteeing more than satisfactory results, avoids any type of alteration on the object in question.

    Are portable uv boxes are useful?

    uv sterilizer lid 2021

    In addition, on an economic level, UV sterilizers, especially the smaller and more portable ones, represent a way to sanitize objects at a reduced cost.

    Finally, they are devices practically within everyone's reach, with an operation system that is very simple to understand and much safer than other methods that involve, for example, the use of potentially toxic substances.

    Ultimately we can say that not only do uv sterilizer lid work, but that they are also an economical, simple and affordable solution for everyone.

    Ranking of the best UV sterilizers

    Now let's see the best UV sterilizers among those on the market. Each product has been chosen based on the characteristics it presents, on the dimensions. This can be variable, but also on the type and price.

    1. UV sterilization box: easier to use

    The first model is this 59S Portable UV Sterilization Box. The product looks like a container, in which you can insert smartphones, keys, tweezers, nail clippers and any other object you prefer.

    The uv sterilizer lid is tightly closed, so as to avoid contact of UV rays with the eyes, and in just 180 seconds of exposure it allows you to better disinfect objects. Operation is undoubtedly the main strength of this model, as it appears simple and intuitive.

    In fact, the box has only one button. Just insert the objects inside, close the box, press the start button and wait for the operation to be completed. Once the process is finished, the machine will automatically shut down.

    Pros:  simple to use, sterilizes in just 180 seconds, just one start button.

    Cons: not suitable for professional use

    2. Professional UV sterilizer: the certified machine

    Let's move on to this professional uv sterilizer lid. Also in this case we speak of a germinicide box that allows you to quickly sterilize any object.

    The structure of the sterilization box is in ABS, a very resistant material in itself, and has a USB port to be able to recharge it quickly and easily. Operation is quite intuitive. In fact, it is sufficient to introduce the objects inside and hold the power button down for about 3 seconds.

    In this way the machine will start to work and, within 180 seconds, it will have sterilized the objects inside. The dimensions are not bulky, and allow you to always carry it with you. It is also a certified UV sterilizer, which can also be common for commercial activities.

    Pros:  certified machine, suitable for professional use, sterilizes in 180 seconds.

    Cons:  not very large dimensions

    Conclusion uv sterilizer lid

    Note that supermarkets and home improvement chain stores often sell uv sterilizer lid, but these are typically UV-A and UV-B bulbs used for growing plants or keeping reptiles. Even Wood's lamps, used eg. to recognize banknotes, they are not good.

    Researching and purchasing a true UV-C bulb is best done online, where retailers typically provide reliable lamps for a good price, and many lighting or science supply websites may have the right product for you.

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