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    4 Tips to Sterilize face beauty equipment with Uv sterilizer box


    Make-up is the main ally of female beauty, with which you can hide small imperfections with Uv sterilizer box. Expression lines and drooping eyelids greatly affect the look, which can be tired and dull; fortunately, however, all of this can be masked with some small tricks and the right products, for an immediate lifting effect.

    Uv sterilizer box

    Here are our tips for a fresh and rested look, in a few simple steps.

    Skincare: why it matters and what are the right products

    First, prepare your skin and dedicate yourself to skincare, using a specific cleanser and a refreshing tonic. Immediately after, apply a veil of anti-wrinkle face cream and a specific cream for the eye contour. Preferably it can be fresh from the refrigerator to obtain a more plumping effect.

    Why is it important to dedicate yourself to skincare? In this way the skin is hydrated and smooth and the make-up products, applied to clean and cleansed skin, will not be opaque and will not create lumps, but will give a luminous and glow finish.

    Lifting effect make-up: how to make up your eyes with Uv sterilizer box

    As for make-up, however, we recommend that you always start from the base by applying an eye primer, and then move on to the concealer. Before this do not forget to use Uv sterilizer box.

    The secret to a brighter look is to dilute the concealer with a small amount of eye cream.

    In this way, your product will spread much easier, without ending up in the small lines of expression. The advice to apply the concealer is to gently tap it around the eye area, in order to facilitate its absorption.

    For a complete eye make-up , also apply eyeshadow, here's how:

    Start from the darkest shade and blend it outwards, taking care not to create smudges towards the lower part of the eye, so that the gaze is not tired and dull.

    After that, take the lighter shade and blend it towards the inner part of the eyelid.

    In case of drooping eyelid, the advice is to avoid products that are too dusty and with glitter because they only accentuate this characteristic and, above all, make the look even more dull.

    So, go ahead for Uv sterilizer box products with a matte finish or tending to pearly; while, for colors, opt for pastel shades , such as powder pink or opaque white, which give greater brightness to the look.


    How to protect skin with Uv sterilizer box?

    Loose skin appears especially when weight loss is very fast and the epidermis does not have time to adapt to the loss of centimeters. It can be seen more frequently in the areas of the arms and abdomen, but in general it affects the whole skin tone.

    In fact, the loss of skin tone is a physiological factor due to age, but it is also the consequence of excessive weight loss.

    Loose skin: why does the skin lose its tone?

    Loose skin

    The physiological aging of the skin begins relatively early - already around the age of 30 - and leads to an ever smaller production of collagen molecules, the main protein that makes up the connective tissue of mammals responsible for maintaining skin tone. Toa void these factors use Uv sterilizer box. It will disinfect such instrument quickly.

    Its decrease inevitably leads to a loss of the supporting capacity of the tissues and therefore to a downward sagging.

    In addition to physiological factors, there are external factors. The main one is the weight change that can occur both in the case of pregnancy and in the case of sudden weight loss.


    There are also environmental factors, such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, and the action of atmospheric agents, which cause an alteration of the collagen leading to the progressive loss of elasticity.

    Other factors contributing to the loss of elasticity are:

    • disordered eating
    • smoke
    • stress

    It is therefore important to take some precautions to keep the skin elastic and recover the lost tone. Here are some tips to avoid losing skin tone and elasticity.

    Loose skin: rules to follow for Uv sterilizer box

    1 - Don't lose weight too fast

    This is rule number 1, the most important piece of advice of all, which you should never forget. Losing a lot of weight quickly is dangerous for your health and for your skin. A too sudden weight loss will make your skin less elastic and also bring with it the risk of stretch marks.

    To maintain the tone of your skin, you must follow a balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean diet on which the diet is based, which allows the body to lose weight in harmony.

    2 - Build Muscle with Lean Protein

    While high protein diets are to be avoided, protein helps you build muscle and also contains collagen and other nutrients your skin needs to stay supple.

    Make sure you eat the right amount of protein, preferring lean ones, such as white meats, fish and low-fat cheeses. You can follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet to ensure the right balance between all foods.

    A Uv sterilizer box trick

    Eating protein after exercising will give an extra boost to protein's ability to build lean muscle mass. For example, you can consume a yogurt with some fresh and dried fruit: you will regain your energy and help your muscles. Before using utensils, use Uv sterilizer box.

    3 - Be careful to always be sufficiently hydrated

    A healthy and toned skin is first and foremost a well hydrated skin. The best way to get the right hydration is to drink lots of water, at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water per day.

    4 - Do bodyweight sports

    Loose skin and sport

    Bodyweight exercises are great for building muscle and also for firming loose skin after a diet. Add bodyweight exercises to your weekly fitness routine: jump rope, push-ups, lunges and more.

    Add a weight circuit three times a week to your workout - this will help build muscle mass.

    Targeted cosmetic Uv sterilizer box treatments

    Uv sterilizer box 2021

    Loose skin: body cream

    The use of cosmetics and Uv sterilizer box treatments, combined with advice on sports and nutrition, can help you maintain and improve your skin tone.

    Homemade toning creams and masks you can also make toning creams and masks at home.

    Try mixing a teaspoon of honey with finely chopped rosemary and a tablespoon of witch hazel water, a plant with astringent properties: spread the cream on your stomach and let it absorb well, then rinse. Or, even more simply, use a beaten egg white as a stomach mask: wait until it is dry before rinsing it and repeats the treatment at least 3 times a week.

    Beware of environmental factors: do not overdo it with a tan

    Ultraviolet rays and the action of atmospheric agents cause an alteration of collagen. It is essential to protect the skin and avoid being in the sun for too long because excessive exposure dehydrates it, leading to a loss of elasticity. This is true both when you are in the sun and when you use tanning lamps.

    Unless you restrict your sun exposure time, always use Uv sterilizer box. You will see that your skin will gain a better tone when you nourish and protect it!

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