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    2020 Best 4 Metal Sterilization Box


    2020 Best 4 Metal Sterilization Box: (Pros & Con of Top UV Disinfection Box for Mobiles)

    Metal sterilization box

    Recently, there is an item that is attracting new attention as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus. It is metal sterilization box.

    In fact, sterilization using ultraviolet rays is in medical institutions” and " nursing facilities “for some time.

    Of course, UV rays from sunlight have a bactericidal effect, but UV rays from sunlight in early spring are still weak.


    By using such ultraviolet rays, we can kill many viruses and bacteria including coronavirus. It is hard to say that the coronavirus will end this year alone unless a vaccine is developed.

     What experts say about metal sterilization box?

    Some experts believe that the third wave will come in winter, which is an environment where it is easy to dry and the virus can propagate. After preparing for a long-term battle to some extent, we also need to take various measures against this virus.

    This time, I would like to introduce a “metal sterilization box that uses ultraviolet UV-C, which has high bactericidal activity. Adhesion of bacteria is the most care “smartphone possible eradication of" or "mask".

    There are many invisible bacteria on the "hands". We can't live without touching things, right?

    In addition to the "train straps" and "doorknobs" I mentioned earlier, I also touch various things such as "computers".

    Metal sterilization box suppliers

    Among them, the one that is touched most often is also called a "smartphone". Especially younger people have been touching their smartphones for a long time. So, it is not a bad idea if you buy metal sterilization box for your personal use.

    According to one survey, many smartphone users touch the screen of their smartphones hundreds to thousands of times a day. Such a smartphone is actually quite dirty.

     How can metal sterilization box help us to survive against diseases?

    Smartphone 10 times the bacteria of the toilet seat had adhered to that" America is more there is also a survey of the University of Mosquitoes.

    Even if you disinfect your hands with alcohol after the toilet with the bacteria attached, if you touch your smartphone immediately after that, the bacteria will adhere to your hands again. If you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth after that, you may be infected with a virus.

    I always carry my smartphone to various places such as:

    • crowded trains
    • toilets
    • conference rooms
    • and hospitals.

    It's just, the harsh environment in which the bacteria are likely to present. In this situation, I would suggest to carry a portable metal sterilization box.

    Currently, UV-C is also attracting attention as a powerful tool for killing viruses.

     How to fight against virus using metal sterilization box?

    The most common infection route of viruses is "hands", and the smartphones we often use have fingerprints and many viruses.

    If you wear the mask during the day, the virus will adhere to it. So you can't reuse the basics. But if you put it in a sterilization case using ultraviolet UV-C, you can use it many times with confidence. It also saves a lot of money in the shortage of masks.

    Compared with wiping cloths, wet paper towels, etc., the metal sterilization box has many advantages. First of all, it is "convenient". You only need to put the phone in for a short period of time. And the bacteria on it will automatically finish.

    7 best mobile phone metal sterilization box

    1. UV disinfection box

    Mobile phone UV ultraviolet light disinfection box

    If you think that the design of all mobile phone disinfection boxes is boring, then metal sterilization box will prove you wrong.

    It kills up to 99.99 bacteria on smartphones, the effect is better than traditional ultraviolet light. Because ozone works in a relatively sealed environment, which can completely eliminate viruses.

    Ozone has another advantage, which can effectively "remove mold" and "other odors."

    The appearance is a semi-transparent round body design. It can put the mobile phone upright. All buttons are present on the top of the machine. And the operation is very convenient.

    The same is basically applicable to all sizes of mobile phones, no matter iOS or android. But the cleaning time is a little longer. It takes 6 minutes, and an indicator light will indicate that it is completed.

    When not in use, we can use it as a night light, with seven different lighting options inside. There is also a universal USB port in the machine. It can charge your smartphone while sterilizing.

    Metal sterilization box manufacturers

    2. UV-CLEAN disinfection box

    Mobile phone UV ultraviolet light disinfection box

    Metal sterilization box is the most popular UV disinfection box on the market. It is very rare, especially when more and more people pay attention to hygiene.


    The appearance is quite fashionable and popular. The zipper design, after opening, you will see two UV-C ultraviolet light sterilization LEDs. It can eliminate all bacteria in the phone in less than a minute.

    The size is also quite large. Moreover, it is suitable for almost any model of mobile phone on the market. And it is convenient to carry with you, which means you can take it out for use.

    Another great advantage of this model is that the battery life is quite amazing. We can use it up to 70 times when fully charged.

    3. Home metal sterilization box

    In addition to smartphones, many also want to disinfect tablet computers. Metal sterilization box is such a product. Both mobile phones and tablets are common. And even if it is as big as iPad Pro, it is no problem.

    This uses ultraviolet UV to eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on smartphones and tablets. It has 2 large UV-C lamps, and the disinfection process can be completed in about 15 minutes.

    It is also equipped with a blue indicator light to let you know when the disinfection is complete. There is also a universal 2.4A USB port on the back. It can also charge any device during the disinfection process. Moreover, it provides a one-year warranty, with white and black options.

    4. Mobile Phone UV disinfection box

    Mobile phone UV ultraviolet light disinfection box

    Most UV disinfection boxes are not strictly suitable for travel. In addition to their size, many also need to be connected to an external power source. So there are many restrictions.

    If you want to find a product that is easy to use and easy to carry. Then metal sterilization box will be your ideal choice.

    It is a disinfection stick, powered by four AA batteries. So it is easy to carry, and you only need to change the battery if it is out of power.

    It is also equipped with an advanced UV-C lamp to kill 99.99% of all bacteria and allergens on the smartphone. And it can also eliminate the odor caused by bacteria. After disinfection, it will not leave any harmful chemical substances or residues.

    The operation of metal sterilization box is very simple. Press the on/off button, and then move the stick to the phone to be disinfected.

    This product has also passed comprehensive laboratory tests. It can not only disinfect mobile phones, but also remote controls, toys, keys, and computer screens.


    When you want to disinfect your phone, you must open the box and put it in. In order to ensure safe use, the metal sterilization box is perfect to keep it safe from deadly bacteria.

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