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    Which is the best Phone Case Company in 2020 (iPhone & Android)?


    Which Phone case company is the safest?

    phone case company

    Which Phone case company is the safest for my new phone? Who hasn't asked this question yet? If you are paying a lot of money for your smartphone, you should also make sure that it comes with high quality protection! Cell phone cases that have been certified with military standards are increasingly used to protect our smartphones.

    What does MIL-STD 810-G military certification mean?

    The MIL-STD-810G certificate is a standard certification issued by the US Army Technology Development Test Laboratory. Cases with this certificate have passed 20 laboratory tests.

    The tests mainly check resistance under the following circumstances:
    • When it rains
    • In wind and weather
    • In case of vibrations
    • With sand and dust
    • With high humidity
    • At extreme temperatures
    • At high air pressure

    Before you go to Phone case company, make sure that your new case has the protection that is relevant to you. For example, our covers meet the MIL-STD-810G 516.6 standard. It ensures impact and drop resistance of at least 1.2 meters.

    Which is the safest iPhone / Samsung case?

    More and more brands are confirming that their cases meet MIL-STD 810-G military certification. You therefore have a large selection of secure mobile phone cases! In this blogbost, we present the best brands that offer military-grade protection.

    Best Phone Case - Best iPhone Case (Phone case company)

    The best phone case or iPhone case always depends on your lifestyle. Just because you buy the safest phone case doesn’t mean it’s the best for you!


    If you enjoy climbing or working on a construction site, a secure mobile phone case, as we are going to introduce you to in this blog post, is the best choice. On the other hand, if you sit in the office all day, a leather case is probably best for you. You can find all the differences for this type of iPhone Phone case company in our blog post.

     Which smartphone case is best?

    Griffin - Extreme Survivor

    The Griffin brand proves its position as an expert in robust and impact-resistant mobile phone cases. The Extreme Survivor line of products is the Griffin brand's best-known because it resists drops from 3 meters, sand, dust, snow and water. In the event of a fall, the force of the impact is distributed through the materials so that your phone is not damaged.

    Griffin - Strong Wallet

    This Foliocase protects your mobile phone from possible damage that it can get after a fall and ensures that your screen does not get scratched even after a fall. This wallet Phone case company was developed to withstand drops from a height of 2.5 meters, doubles as a wallet and has two compartments in the removable flap.

    Casecentive - Shockproof and splash protection phone case

    Would you like the ultimate protection against falls, but don't want to dig too deep into your wallet? Then the Casecentive brand offers you just the thing. The case is equipped with a sturdy rubber bumper that ensures that your iPhone always lands gently.

    It also offers protection against splash water and does not distort the sound quality! In addition, the case does not hide the elegant Apple design thanks to its transparent back.

    Casecentive - Ultimate Hardcase

    Do you go hiking regularly, to the construction site or just free climbing? Then the Casecentive Ultimate Phone case company offers you the optimal solution at a low price! Thanks to the reinforced corners, this case has a durable impact protection. In addition, there is the included belt clip that securely attaches your iPhone to your belt or backpack strap. This significantly reduces the risk of falling.

    Bacon - Simple and Efficient Phone case company

    Are you looking for a case with a simple design and a secure hold? Then the Speck brand is just right for you. The cases protect your cell phone from falling from a height of 2 to 3 meters and ensure lightness and a comfortable hold.

    phone case company in china

    The Speck models are designed to offer an ergonomic and minimalist design. The special thing about the bacon cases is the transparent look that lets the design of your cell phone visible.

    Many complain that the smartphone with a case is much clunkier and even bigger. The mobile phone gets extra weight and is more unwieldy. Last but not least, the display cracked despite the case - really annoying.

    This shows: It is clearly the wrong case for your mobile phone. I'll show you which Phone case company is right for your needs and your smartphone. Because you can quickly lose track of the large selection.

    Different types of phone cases

    Hard case

    Hard covers are made of hard material such as plastic or wood. This gives them a more robust impression - but this is deceptive. Due to the mostly smooth surface, these cases are not particularly handy and it can quickly happen that your smartphone slips out of your hand.

    That might work fine the first time. But if the phone and case fall on the same corner again, the cover can break and your smartphone may suffer. Here you have to find a compromise between requirements, weight and protection.

    Silicone cover

    Silicone Phone case company are probably the most popular cases for smartphones. They are light and wrap around your cell phone like a second skin. A silicone cover gives the device a better grip and offers very good protection against slipping out of the hand.

    The elastic material protects your smartphone from falling, because this has a springy effect and a fall on the corner does not lead directly to an expensive display breakage.

    Flipcover / Wallet phone Case

    With these cases, the practical factor is right at the top. Of course, they mainly serve as protection for the smartphone, but can also be used as a mobile phone holder by simply flipping it over. So you can watch movies without holding your phone.

    Many of these cases have a window to show the most important information, such as time, battery level or the weather, on a small area of the display.

    Wallet Phone case company are a special sub-category of flip covers. These have small pockets to protect valuables such as money, credit cards, ID and bus tickets and always have them ready.

    phone case company in 2020

    Cell phone cases

    Cell phone cases are the perfect all-round protection. The covers are usually made of thick fabric or leather. Thus, your cell phone is perfectly protected against every fall. The disadvantage is that you have to pull your phone out of your pocket every time.

    This is often easy with a retraction function. However, this means that your cell phone is exposed to the world without protection at the moment, because it is not in the case. Many of these pockets are designed to stow the mobile phone with a silicone cover. This gives you the best protection for your valuable device.

    Which Phone case company should I use?

    Now you have an overview of all mobile phone cases and can find the right one for you. For the practical, I recommend a silicone Phone case company. If you are one of those people who are looking for the greatest possible protection for your cell phone, you are well advised to use a combination of a silicone case and a cell phone pocket.

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