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    Best uv sterilizer box manufacturers: Know 5 Advantages


    In a manicure service, a critical part of the job is sterilization and disinfection of manicure instruments. These important processes guarantee the safety of the procedures and provide protection against infection in case of damage to the nail plate or the skin around it for which we need best uv sterilizer box manufacturers.

    Best uv sterilizer box manufacturers

    After all, warm and humid conditions are an ideal opportunity for the multiplication of spores of pathogens, which can lead to troubles, sometimes very serious. For the complete destruction of various forms of vital activity of microorganisms that can form and accumulate on manicure tools, they should be regularly sterilized and disinfected.

    What are the factors those are common to increase efficiency?

    This applies not only to the procedures carried out by the master in beauty salons, but also to manicure, which is done at home on your own. The efficiency of these processes is influenced by several indicators, primarily the choice of method and best uv sterilizer box manufacturers, as well as the processing time and temperature.

    Stages of processing manicure tools

    It is imperative that after the manicure has been done, the devices should be disinfected using special equipment, as well as preparations for disinfection and sterilization, the assortment of which can be found here. In this case, it is necessary to process not only those items that were common directly in the work, but also those that are at that time on the working surface.

    What is the process to make quality disinfection?

    The procedure for quality disinfection consists of the following steps.

    Removal of visible dirt

     All surface contamination removes - pieces of marigolds, skin, blood, coatings, etc. This is done mechanically using a brush or best uv sterilizer box manufacturers that creates vibration. It is impossible to start sterilization without first removing the dirt, as it will stick to the surface even more, negatively affecting the performance of the devices.

    Disinfection with best uv sterilizer box manufacturers

     It is carried out to destroy various infections, fungi, viruses and harmful microorganisms. You should not skip this stage. It is possible to allow the spread of infection in the air, on surfaces, in the sink, and this will only increase the risk of infection. In this case, special disinfectants and solutions are common in accordance with the instructions for use.


     The final stage is to completely destroy the spores of microorganisms that can remain after disinfection. Moreover, it can multiply under favorable conditions. And with the help of best uv sterilizer box manufacturers, you can destroy it. With proper storage of devices after this treatment, its complete safety and sterility is ensured.

    There are methods that allow you to combine the stage of cleaning contamination and disinfection. For example, this is easy to do by an ultrasonic sterilizer. Similarly, it removes dirt by mechanical vibration, and with the help of a chemical one ensures disinfection and sterilization.

    What is the required time for best uv sterilizer box manufacturers?

    The sterilization process of manicure instruments can take one and a half to two hours. Also, one should not forget about the importance of sterility of disposable, best uv sterilizer box manufacturers and auxiliary materials such as:

    • Napkins
    • Moreover, orange stick
    • Cotton pads and more.

    In addition to processing manicure tools, it is imperative for the master and the client to disinfect the skin of the hands with the help of special preparations.

    Sterility of manicure tools at home

    Manicure appliances must be sterile, even if common at home for personal use. Before doing a manicure for you at home, it is important to wipe all work surfaces with an alcohol solution or treat with a special disinfectant. If the manicure done often and the set is not good for one person, then you also need to sterilize it.

    At home, you can carry out heat treatment using a conventional kitchen oven. To do this, you first need to thoroughly rinse all the products, and then place them in an oven preheated to 200 ° C, leaving small intervals between the items, in time for at least 15 minutes. You should not cool the devices and take them out hot, it is better to wait until it has completely cooled down.

    How to Sterilize Manicure Tools?

    After the visible contamination remove and it carries out by best uv sterilizer box manufacturers, the stage of their sterilization must follow. This is an important and most crucial moment on which the safety of the work process depends.


    To do this, you need special equipment, the range of which, characteristics and prices are easy to find here. Before starting the sterilization procedure, it is necessary to prepare manicure devices - to open, unwind, and remove removable parts. They should come in the device only after final drying after washing or previous processing.

    What is the required equipment for this procedure?

    Equipment for sterilization is of different types and methods of exposure. They differ in their characteristics, method of destroying harmful microorganisms, exposure time, overall dimensions, design of the best uv sterilizer box manufacturers and others. Let's consider the most popular devices, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of their use.

    Autoclaves (steam sterilizers)

    It is an ideal solution for professional manicurists and beauty salons, an absolutely safe device that destroys completely dangerous microorganisms. This is a fairly effective and reliable sterilization method.
    Best uv sterilizer box manufacturers 2021

    Main characteristics of autoclaves:

    • Process time - 20-30 minutes;
    • The exposure medium is hot steam;
    • Heating temperature - up to 1370C;
    • Keeping the cutting surface sharp;
    • Processing not only metal products

    The main advantage of steam sterilizers is that the instruments like best uv sterilizer box manufacturers deteriorate less, micro cracks and chips do not appear in refined places. They retain their properties and working condition, they do not need t to sharpen often. The main disadvantage is the risk of more frequent occurrence of corrosion processes due to intense exposure to hot steam.

    Why do we need best uv sterilizer box manufacturers?

    Compact and efficient devices that allow very fast processing of a small number of manicure devices. This is a great solution for home conditions and salons. The method consists in dry high-temperature exposure using special quartz balls inside the device. Sometimes, temperature exposure destroys almost all viruses, bacteria, harmful microorganisms, etc.

    Main characteristics of glasperlen sterilizers:

    • The duration of the process is 15-30 seconds;
    • Moreover, the exposure medium is dry heat;
    • Heating temperature - up to 2500С;
    • Similarly, replacement of quartz balls - every 12 months;
    • Processing only heat-resistant metal products;
    • Furthermore, compactness and ease of use
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