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    7 Tips to buy Best uv Sterilizer Lid for your Smartphone


    How to clean your phone, smartphone or other high-tech gadgets?

    Unlike us, our phones, smartphones and other high-tech gadgets that we use every day don't shower every day. While our shower removes germs from our skin. Often nothing is done for our phones even though germs are particularly fond of plastic and glass. In this case a Uv Sterilizer Lid can assist you.

    The result is clear, microbes accumulate on our smartphones, earphones or headphones.  And all these devices that accompany us all day long become veritable nests for bacteria without our realizing it. Studies show that a smartphone contains more than 18 times more bacteria than public toilets ...

    On returning home we wash our hands. But to immediately retouch the uncleaned and unsterilized phone which takes away many benefits of having washed your hands ...

    Best uv Sterilizer Lid

    How does Uv Sterilizer Lid help in keeping your gadgets secure?

    Until recently, the best option for cleaning smartphones and phones was microfiber cloth or a cloth with chemical detergent. But with the development and democratization of UV sterilization, it is becoming even easier to clean your phones.

    In fact UV rays are fatal against viruses and bacteria. They directly attack their DNA and their nucleic acids and prevent them from reproducing. The effectiveness of UVC has thus been proven against all types of viruses, bacteria and even fungi. And laboratories have long adopted this technology for their disinfection.

    Using Uv Sterilizer Lid daily to clean your phone, smartphone is the best way to ensure a healthy environment. And it is best practice to avoid re-contaminating your hands and everything else. We will touch after, after touching up an uncleaned phone.

    Does Uv Sterilizer Lid have any side effect?

    In addition, unlike chemicals or alcohol, UVC will have no effect on your screen.  while chemicals may eventually attack the coatings of your smartphone screen.

    Fast, simple and compact, a UVC sterilizer is therefore an ideal complementary tool for a better hygiene of life. Especially this type of device has become more and more affordable. It is also more usable not only for your phone and tech accessories but also for your toothbrush, razor, and makeup brush or manicure tools.

    Having said that, are all Uv Sterilizer Lid on the market the same and how do you choose when faced with the plethora of offers on the market? From a few tens of euros to nearly a hundred euros, all declare themselves to be UVC.  And very often all promise sterilization of 99% or more.

    7 main criteria that will allow you to choose a UV sterilizer to clean your phone

    • Certification by an independent laboratory
    • Use LED rather than mercury bulb
    • Sterilization Top Down
    • Portability and autonomy
    • Capacity and compatibility with smartphones market
    • Speed
    • Function Auto off

    Certification by an independent laboratory

    All UVC sterilizers on the market claim to be 99% or more efficient often based solely on the fact that they use UVC but without any testing or certification by an independent laboratory. It is necessary to be vigilant on this point and to privilege absolutely a sterilizer whose effectiveness has been tested or certified by an independent laboratory and preferably a recognized laboratory.

    Using LEDs instead of mercury bulbs

    UVC sterilizers are of 2 main types:

    • LED or
    • mercury bulb.

    UVC LED sterilizers have more preference for 3 main reasons. Unlike mercury bulbs, they are less fragile to impact. They do not contain mercury harmful to health and the environment, and are more reliable. Because they control the UV area better than mercury bulbs. Mercury bulbs can indeed be unstable and sometimes create ozone which is harmful to health.

    Finally, if possible, choose a Uv Sterilizer Lid that uses certified LEDs because, like bulbs, LEDs have a lifespan. And your sterilizer could quickly be unusable if it uses poor quality LEDs with a short lifespan.

    Best uv Sterilizer Lid 2021

    Top Down Sterilization: Uv Sterilizer Lid

    For UVC sterilization to be reliable and efficient, UVC must reach all sides and corners of the objects to be sterilized. Therefore the UVC must be projected both at the top and at the bottom of objects. This is called Top Down sterilization. If the sterilizer only projects on one side, a whole part of the object will not be sterilized.

    Portability and autonomy

    Ideally a UVC sterilizer is self-contained and portable for practical reasons. It is always easier to have an autonomous sterilizer which does not take up a socket and which can be moved at any time, than a sterilizer which is fixed and which must always be next to a socket to operate.

    Autonomy is also to consider avoiding having to spend time recharging the UVC sterilizer.

    Capacity and compatibility with market Uv Sterilizer Lid

    Your Uv Sterilizer Lid must be compatible with your phone, those of your family or your future phone. It is therefore necessary to favor a format and a size that easily adapt to all sizes of smartphone and if possible with other types of tools or devices to be able to use it on all types of objects and therefore make it the most versatile.

    If you opt for a flat format, you can only use the sterilizer for telephones while if you opt for a round format or with volume, you can also use your UVC sterilizer for all types of objects and therefore more profitable your purchase.


    Your UVC sterilizer having for main objective to clean your phone, it must be fast otherwise you risk not wanting to use it regularly or daily because you deprive you of your smartphone too long and as if by chance when you receive full of messages.   Choose a UVC sterilizer that works in less than 5 minutes, otherwise you may no longer want to use it.

    Auto Off function

    For reasons of energy saving and ease of use, choose a Uv Sterilizer Lid with the Auto Off function which will automatically turn off even if you no longer use it. You will save energy which will benefit your wallet as well as the environment.

     Don’t fall on attractive Uv Sterilizer Lid prices

    In conclusion, UVC sterilizers are the best way to clean and sterilize your smartphone, phone or other tech gadgets but they are not equal in the creation purposes. Beyond the beautiful photos, attractive prices and arguments type 99% of viruses and bacteria killed, be sure to make a choice according to precise criteria.

    And above all absolutely favor a device that a standard laboratory has tested and claimed safe. Otherwise you risk buying a device that will have no real sterilization properties.

    Why choose a Uv Sterilizer Lid?

    The water in the network is never pure.Iit carries a number of germs and more or less annoying particles. To improve the quality of this water that you consume (drink, cook, etc.) and use daily for your hygiene, you have decided to install a water treatment device.

    Despite careful maintenance and regular replacement of filter cartridges, any household water filtration system is a potential nest for:

    • many germs
    • microbes
    • bacteria and

    Indeed, stagnant water meets all the conditions necessary for the proliferation of germs! In the event of absence of prolonged draft, or after a long period of non-use (going on vacation, second home, etc) your installation brings together all the conditions favorable to the good development of bacteria, microbes, but also yeasts, molds, algae or lichen.

    Before distribution and even after treatment, there is always a risk of contamination in the water in a household's network. A Uv Sterilizer Lid allows you to make sure that the water dispensed by your tap is perfectly sterilized at all times, even after an extended absence.


    The UV sterilizer has use for drinking raw water (wells, boreholes, etc.), but also for cleaning up recycled rainwater intended for sanitary use. This smart lamp with formidable efficiency now finds a field of application in many individuals.

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