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    What is the best wholesale phone case for your smartphone? (2020)


    Why your phones need a high quality phone case?

    wholesale phone case

    Nowadays there is wholesale phone case of all kinds, materials, colors, shapes of all kinds. But how to orient yourself in choosing the best cover for your smartphone?

    After the purchase of a smartphone, which we know is expensive; the first concern is to buy a cover to protect it from falls and bumps. And avoid having to shell out additional money to repair it.

    Choosing the perfect cover for your smartphone derives from two priority needs: safety and aesthetics.

    It often happens that to give a touch of personalization to your smartphone. You give up its safety. Choosing covers that are aesthetically beautiful, but not functional at all.

    The ideal is to find the right compromise, finding a wholesale phone case that is in line with your tastes. But at the same time fulfills its main function: that of protecting the device.

    The choices are very wide. But let’s see together the main types of covers with relative pros and cons, discovering for each of them which needs it meets:

    1. Book, wallet and flip wholesale phone case

    Flip cover, wallet cover and book cover

    These wholesale phone case are usually made of leather or similar material. They wrap around the smartphone, protecting both the back and the screen. Similarly, they close with a magnet or elastic, preventing the device from slipping out.

    They are useful for those who need to protect the smartphone entirely: from falls, scratches and dust.

    They are generally recommended models for those who keep their mobile phones in their bags along with many other objects that could damage it, or for those who use it as a wallet. In fact they often have pockets to insert banknotes and cards. They are a little less comfortable to keep in your pocket, as they are a bit bulky.

    They represent an elegant and safe solution. Just make sure they are built with quality materials and then choose graphics and colors.

    The flip wholesale phone case and cover in the book usually can be folded. It makes it possible to support the smartphone in an optimal position for watching movies or videos without having to hold it.

    2. A bag wholesale phone case

    This is another solution for those who usually keep their mobile phones in their bags. It protects against scratches and dust. And its interior is usually made of a soft material.

    wholesale phone case suppliers

    It is not among the most comfortable, especially since you have to remove the smartphone every time. And it is also not recommended for those who expose the smartphone to greater risks of falls.

    3. Silicone phone case

    Colored silicone wholesale phone case

    Surely among the most used and the most in vogue, as they are very comfortable and available in any color, graphics and decorations.

    There are for all tastes, on the internet you will also find many sites where you can customize them and have them sent to you, and they are also really cheap.

    Among their features as regards the protective function there is the ability to cushion blows and bumps. They also make the device less slippery to the touch, preventing it from falling from the hands.

    However, we must be careful about what you buy. They are cheap, it is true, but the more they are, the less quality the materials they are made of, so better spend a little more.


    If they are too thin they will not protect your smartphone from falls. They will only be decorative, so if you buy a silicone wholesale phone case on the internet for 1 $, don't expect it to work miracles.

    4. Slim wholesale phone case

    Slim smartphone cover - slim cover

    They are very thin wholesale phone case, famous for being extremely cheap and available in infinite graphic varieties.

    They exist both in silicone and rigid, they are often chosen because they are not bulky and minimalist, so visually they do not change the aesthetics of the smartphone much.

    The preference for this model is purely aesthetic. In fact they do not repair the device from falls , bumps, or the screen from scratches.

    5. Bumper phone cover

    Smartphone bumper cover

    It is a very practical and aesthetically 'unobtrusive' type of cover; in fact it is applied as a frame to the smartphone protecting it from bumps and falls with a good bounce capacity.

    The problem arises when you take into account the screen and the back of the phone: they remain uncovered and therefore exposed to scratches.


    The bumper wholesale phone case protrudes to the sides, avoiding direct contact between the smartphone and the other surfaces on which it is placed or falls, so it is partially able to cushion any bumps, but in general it is seen as unsafe.

    It is convenient for those who keep it in their pocket, but not recommended for those who keep it in their bag.

    6. Rigid mobile phone case

    Hard cover smartphone graphics watermelon

    The hard covers are classified as the least secure, since they do not protect the device in the event of a bump or fall. Indeed there is the likelihood that they will also break with the impact or that they will be removed.

    They can be found in plastic, wood, polycarbonate, or other rigid and non-shock absorbing materials.

    They are only useful to protect the smartphone from scratches and daily wear.

    What is the best solution to protect the smartphone?

    In general, the advice is not to focus on saving, even if you have just spent a capital for the purchase of the smartphone. It is also worth investing in its protection. Or you will find yourself spending much more to repair it in the future (because prevention is better than cure! ).

    Also don't forget to buy and apply a protective film to the screen as soon as possible, preferably glass, so as to insure yourself from any damage.

    The glass film is excellent to combine with covers that do not protect the screen, so as to maintain the aesthetics and at the same time the safety of your smartphone.

    Now that you have an overview of the types of wholesale phone case on the market, all that remains is to establish what your needs and prerogatives are and finally .. decide.

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