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    Bulk Phone Case: Difference Between Phone Case, Protectors, Skins & Covers

    The Rise in Demand for Bulk Phone Case

    The world has evolved around the evolution of technology. And Mobile Phones are the most epic technology that has developed on the face of Earth. The rise in demand for smartphones has led to the rise in demand for a bulk phone case.  The only drawback that we think of regarding phones is that they are very fragile.

    The use of bulk phone case is the reason that we are able to protect our smartphones.  Along with the usage of smartphones, there has been a rapid increase in the accessories that go with the phones. There is a variety of phone cases, protectors, skins, and covers to choose from.

    Though the basic functionality of a bulk phone case is to provide protection against sudden or damaging impacts it does a lot more than that. Another reason for the increase in the use of phone cases is due to the latest touch/glass screen technology in phones.  The front of the phones feature a glass screen and you can also see that these screens are embedded even on the back of the phones.

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    It is obvious that as the designs are becoming more elegant and fragile; the risk of getting the phone damaged is also increasing. Additionally, the more the design is unique, the more is its price. So buying a smartphone without proper protection cases is of utmost importance.

    But the dilemma of choosing the right case for your phone is another issue. There is such a vast array of protective gear for phones that it becomes overwhelming to choose the right one at times.

    The wide range of protective cases makes it difficult to reach a conclusion. So it is always better to know the pros and cons of the case/cover you want to invest in.

    bulk phone case

    Differences between Phone Case, Protectors, Skins & Covers

    Smartphones are a demand of the present times. Almost everyone owns one. The importance of protection for your phone is undeniable. Everyone has their own level of protective casings depending on their pocket, preference, and style.

    Bulk phone case effectively blocks harmful impacts on your smartphones by forming a protective layer. They can prevent the screen and the phone itself from breaking, falling, and scratching hence, decreasing the wear to the phone.

    When choosing the right Phone Case, Protectors, Skins, or Covers for your smartphone, it is important to understand the difference between them. Along with the differences, it is vital to understand each one’s functionality too.

    Bulk Phone Cases

    As the word suggests, phone cases are protective coverings that act like overalls for the body of the phone. It often encases the sides, back, and even front of the smartphone. It comes in different styles that can come without the front casing too.

    They are available in different designs and styles. You can also choose the material your phone case is made up of such as leather case, silicone case, etc. Since they encase the whole phone, they lessen the impact on the phone if it falls. Phone cases are the most common protective accessory.  This is because of their following multi-functional properties.

    Gives Grip to the Phone

    The latest phones available in the market comprise of glass or plastic. It becomes a bit difficult to grip due to its smooth surface qualities. Hence, phone cases provide a good grip for you to hold thus reducing the risks of dropping it.

    Good Resistance to Drops

    The construction of a sturdy phone case is very powerful for the phone itself. If the material used for making the case is durable and strong, it can prevent the phone even from great heights.

    Personalized Option

    Another added feature that attracts consumers to opt for Phone cases is that you can personalize the case as per your wish. You can create a fashion statement that defines your style via a phone case. It also helps depict your taste and style as your personal belonging.

    Bulk Phone Protectors

    Protectors are very different from Phone cases. It is totally unconventional way of protecting your phone without compromising on its design. It is basically an additive layer of glass or plastic screen. You attach a protector to the actual glass screen of your phone.

    This becomes a medium between your hands and the phone screen. The reason to use is to lessen the scratches to the original screen. You can have both cases and protectors for your phone’s safety. One doesn’t hinder the features of the other.

    Protectors are mostly transparent glass that fixates on the screen. It is actually quite cheap. So you can change it when you feel the protector has worn out. They also prevent the original glass of the phone from any breakage.

    Bulk Phone Skins

    Phone skins are different from phone cases and protectors completely. Phone skin is like a decal layer. It is a very thin layer that changes the allover exterior look of the phone. They are majorly used for their design varieties.

    They don’t give much protection but a sense of style to your phone device. The only protection that they provide is from any scratching. So it is useless to buy if you want protection for your phone.

    Bulk Phone Covers

    This is the sturdiest kind of protection for smartphones. It is a combo of a phone case and protectors. They generally come in leather skins that completely engulf your phone. They protect the back as well as the front of the phone.

    They have flaps that cover the front of the phones. The latest phone covers are touch-sensitive too. This way you can attend or navigate the phone without even opening the flap.

    bulk phone case


    Bulk Phones cases are available in the form of cases, Protectors, Skins, and covers. Although all serve the same purpose of achieving protection for the smartphone they have some major differences. Phones cases are by far the most widely used option for protecting the phones, while skins basically provide style to the exteriors of the phone.  Protectors are also quite popular in protecting the glass screens and covers provide an overall bunting to the phone.

    We, leading Plus, offer a wide variety of Phone Cases. Visit our website for the amazing collection!

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