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    How to choose the best gaming mouse for you in 2021?


    If you want to know which are the best bulk wireless mouse then you are in the right place! We evaluate the options in our market and separate only the purchases that most compensate.

    5 Most Trending Gaming Mice for Beginners

    Well, you should already know this, but first you need to define the available budget for the purchase of the equipment. We see many different price options in stores.

    Then we indicate that you reflect well on what you are looking for in the mouse in all aspects. The variety of this type of product is great; there are mice for very specific needs.

    o now that you know what to look for, let's go to our nominees for each type of consumer.

    bulk wireless mouse

    1 ° - Zowie EC2: bulk wireless mouse

    The Zowie EC2 was chosen as the best bulk wireless mouse available on the market today. The brand seems to have been concerned with what matters most by launching professional performance equipment, high constructive quality and without "frills".

    RGB passes away from this guy here and I confess that I really like that. The structure is robust and the cable is 2m long, light and flexible.

    The sensor is of high performance and appeals to even the most detailed players in this regard.

    Another advantage in my opinion is the absence of control software. You just have to plug it in and it is already running full steam.

    To customize the DPIs and the response time, just use the physical buttons below the mouse. It's easy, fast and effective!


    • No need to use software
    • Excellent performance sensor
    • Excellent ergonomics
    • Light and flexible cable


    • High Price
    • It is not ambidextrous

    2nd - Logitech G Pro Wireless

    bulk wireless mouse in china

    For those looking for a bulk wireless mouse, but don't want to give up performance, we recommend the Logitech G Pro Wireless.

    The construction is of excellent quality as expected from a Logitech mouse. In addition, it is ambidextrous and has customizable buttons with magnets.

    The sensor is the well-known HERO of up to 16000DPIs. It has high performance and is present in several Logitech devices.

    In addition to the mouse, the buyer finds in the box the cable used to recharge the mouse battery. Speaking of batteries, it is worth mentioning that autonomy here is excellent, reaching 60 hours depending on use.

    The same cable used to charge the mouse can be used as a USB receiver extender. This is even indicated for those who intend to use the mouse in competitive games.


    • Exceptional construction
    • Excellent ergonomics
    • Ambidextrous
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Excellent battery life
    • Excellent performance sensor


    • High Price
    • It is necessary to install control software

    3rd - HyperX Pulsefire Core: bulk wireless mouse

    The third place is HyperX Pulsefire Core, the big winner in the cost benefit category. Despite costing less than R $ 200, the model delivers excellent quality in several aspects.

    Starting with construction! When you open the box you already notice that it is a first-rate equipment. The materials used are of excellent quality and very robust structure.

    The cable is coated with braided nylon and is very resistant on the other hand it can offer a little difficulty in handling during games.

    The performance of the sensor is another positive point. There is no anomaly in the movement tracking. In addition, the clicks are firm and comfortable.

    Other good options in bulk wireless mouse category:


    • Excellent construction
    • Optimum performance sensor
    • Attractive price
    • Large Pads


    • It is necessary to install control software

    4 ° - Logitech G305: bulk wireless mouse

    Our fourth indication is for you who are looking for a bulk wireless mouse but with a focus on cost benefit. The Logitech G305 costs around R $ 200 and does very well in general.

    It has the same professional sensor as the runner-up, the HERO 16K, which is excellent by the way.

    The construction also does not disappoint despite being much simpler than the G Pro Wireless. Anyway, we are talking about a robust and durable mouse.

    Here the power is through an AAA battery, but don't worry, the autonomy is simply huge. Even so, it is important to always have a spare battery within reach.

    bulk wireless mouse company

    Other good options in this category:

    Corsair Harpoon Wireless


    • Excellent construction
    • Excellent performance sensor
    • Attractive price
    • Excellent battery life


    • It is necessary to install control software

    5 ° - Fortrek OM-801 wireless mouse

    Our last indication is the Fortrek OM-801. It is a good option for those who want to invest very little money in a mouse with good performance to play.

    With about R $ 50 you take this model home and for sure it will be a more useful tool in your games compared to ordinary office mice.

    But it is important to warn you that constructive quality is nothing more than average. Care must be taken when using it; otherwise you may experience problems quickly in bulk wireless mouse.

    The look is also a bit exaggerated in our opinion, but nothing more when it comes to such a cheap gaming mouse.

    Anyway, it is a good option to break the branch until you get some money to invest in a more advanced model.

    Other good options in this category:

    HP M160


    • Very cheap
    • Good performance for the price


    • Middle construction

    What things to consider before buying bulk wireless mouse?

    Footprint types

    These are the different ways that players hold the mouse. It is important that you identify your type of footprint before starting searches.

    This can impact comfort when using different types of mice. Let's get to know the types of footprints!


    It is the most common footprint. The user supports the entire hand on the mouse, increasing the contact aria between the hand and the equipment. The ideal mice for those with this type of grip are larger, wider and with a greater curvature at the top.


    As the name suggests, the hand is in the shape of a "claw", with the fingers curved when holding the mouse. This decreases the contact area allowing for faster movements. The ideal bulk wireless mouse for this type is slightly smaller and has a lower curvature at the top.

    Fingertip specification

    It is the type of grip with less contact between the hand and the mouse. Only the player's fingertips touch the equipment. Since only the fingers are responsible for the movements, the limitation imposed by the wrist and arm is reduced.

    Mice for this type of footprint are generally smaller and lighter, also with less curvature at the top.

    It is important to remember that it is also possible to adapt your type of footprint, to change according to your mouse. But our recommendation is that before you buy you define the type that is most comfortable for you.

    Extra buttons

    This is another feature that can impact your bulk wireless mouse choice. If you like to customize game controls, you may want to look for models with editable buttons.

    Buttons are strategically distributed in the mouse body where you can assign them to certain functions within your favorite games. It can be quite useful in different types of games.

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