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    Bulk wireless mouse: Which is best for gaming and office purpose?


    Buying advice: How to find the right mouse?

    wholesale wireless mouse in 2021 china

    In our bulk wireless mouse comparison, we put a number of models under the microscope and selected a wireless mouse as the Test winner. Not only the accuracy of the sensor was important, but also the stamina of the battery and the suitability as a gaming mouse thanks to additional buttons.

    1. Wireless mice with Bluetooth?

    With a wireless mouse you save yourself the annoying mess of cables.

    To be able to connect a wireless mouse, you have the choice between a 2.4 GHz radio connection and a connection via Bluetooth. The radio connection is considered to be more stable, but requires a receiver that occupies a USB slot in the PC or laptop.

    Some wireless mice in the test have both options. In our guide on, we will show you the properties of the three different types. How to find the right bulk wireless mouse for your needs?

    2. Why is Bluetooth more practical when using a laptop?

    If you want to buy a wireless mouse for the laptop, we recommend a model that is easy to connect via Bluetooth. These are available in normal mouse size as well as a mini version, which fits ideally in the laptop bag. A connection via Bluetooth has many advantages on the go:


    • quick activation and deactivation possible
    • no receiver occupying a USB slot is required
    • quick connection with other devices, if desired


    • sometimes unstable connection

    3. Purchase advice: Which is the best bulk wireless mouse gaming?

    In most cases, a wireless mouse is desired when a high level of mobility is required. The wireless mouse and keyboard can be useful when working in the library or in a café, for example, if you don't want to create an annoying tangle of cables.

    Mobility at the desk is just as important for gamers. In demanding games, a wireless gamer mouse is a great advantage, as there is no longer a cable that gets stuck somewhere at the crucial moment. In every wireless mouse test, at least one wireless mouse for gaming is at the forefront.

    Despite the popularity of the wireless mouse, a test by famous researchers has not yet been published, so that we had to use other test sources for comparison.

    3.1. Sensitive scanning with high resolution is the be-all and end-all

    The accuracy of a wireless mouse is determined by the quality of the sensor. A laser sensor usually works better on smooth and reflective surfaces than an optical sensor with LEDs. This is important when you're on the go and don't have a bulk wireless mouse.

    The maximum resolution in dpi (dots per inch) for a mouse means how many pixels are easy to move on the screen if you move the mouse by one inch, i.e. 2.54 cm. The higher this resolution, the “faster” you can set the mouse. Gamers in particular need resolutions in the four-digit range in order to be able to react quickly enough in the game.

    3.2. The power supply differs in many bulk wireless mouse models

    Unlike normal wired mice, wireless mice need their own power supply. This is sometimes done with a conventional battery. Sometimes the wireless mouse comes with a battery and a charger. Still other models have a built-in battery charging function that is activated when the mouse is connected to the PC via USB.

    Not only important for gamers: ergonomics and number of buttons. Wireless mice are particularly popular with gamers.

    For a bulk wireless mouse to be suitable as a gaming mouse, it must be comfortable to hold and ergonomically shaped. Typically, mice have good design for right-handed use. But there are also special models for left-handers and devices that are suitable for both hands.


    Weight also plays a role, since a mouse that is too light is easy to control less precisely. A mouse that is too heavy is cumbersome. The weight without the battery can already give a first clue. Of course, the weight with the rechargeable battery or battery is more important.

    The Functions of bulk wireless mouse Buttons

    The number of buttons on the top and on the sides of the mouse determines how many operations you can perform without pressing a key on the keyboard. This is useful not only when playing, but also when working. Graphic artists also pay attention to a 4-way scroll function, which allows you to scroll sideways.

    A bulk wireless mouse has to prove itself in everyday life and be suitable for different ways of working. It may be enough to buy a cheap mouse because you rarely use it. But if you regularly sit longer at the PC or laptop, the higher price of a more expensive mouse may be worthwhile.

    A good Mouse offers Better Scrolling

    Our test models had to cope with the day-to-day work of an editor. That means: clicking around a lot on websites. We scroll through documents and moving the mouse pointer precisely, for example when editing images.

    For this, the Bluetooth mice not only have to wake up quickly from standby. They also have to be comfortable to hold. We also take into account individual preferences, for example for large and small hands as well as left- or right-handed people.

    If you look for mice on price comparison sites, you will quickly be overwhelmed by the offer. And one asks oneself: What are the mice really good at? We have checked this on the basis of 16 very popular models: eight particularly inexpensive mice under 20 $ and eight slightly more expensive mice up to 40 $. So much in advance: You can get a decent mouse for a decade, spend more, but it's still worth it.
    wholesale wireless mouse in 2021

    Bulk wireless mouse must fit in the hand

    With no other PC accessory, it is more important than with bulk wireless mouse that it fits the user exactly. Especially if you have to work with a mouse for hours, you should choose a perfect hand flatterer. These are usually slightly larger mice. Smaller versions, on the other hand, are a good choice when things are tight.

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