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    7 Reasons to Buy Smartphone covers from phone case manufacturers


    How to protect your phone in extreme weather? A Beginner Guide for Everyone

    Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find someone who does not have a smartphone. Some people see this item as a simple tool; others are completely passionate about their cell phones. Whatever the case, the truth is that everyone buys accessories for their phone case manufacturers, whether for functional or aesthetic reasons.

    Cases are one of the most sought after items in cell phone accessories stores. Currently, there are so many types of cases available on the market that it is even difficult to choose from so many options.

    In this post, we present the main trends of mobile cases for you to stay on top of the subject. Check out!

    phone case manufacturers

    DIY Phone Cases

    DIY (acronym in English for do it yourself or, in Portuguese, do it yourself) is characterized by the attempt to produce personalized objects with your own hands. This trend started with clothing and decorative items, and is now conquering the phone case manufacturers accessories market.

    The DIY case model that is most popular today is the sticker patch, which is nothing more than a combination of stickers overlaid on a transparent case. While some like to produce their sticker cases, others prefer to buy the ready-made accessory - after all, the intention is that the product appears to be made in the DIY style.

    Seed Eco Case

    Modern consumers are increasingly concerned with environmental issues. With that in mind, Custom created a special case to captivate this type of audience: the Seed Eco Case.

    Seed is a case produced with natural raw materials, such as onion, carrot, sawdust and oat skins. This special detail makes the cases totally biodegradable and sustainable. If discarded, Seed will decompose in up to one year.

    This is a type of product that you cannot easily find on the market. Few stores sell sustainable phone case manufacturers accessories, so this is an opportunity that you have to stand out from the competition and captivate this new profile of conscious consumer.

    Sturdy cases

    Some people buy covers to personalize their cell phones, as this is also a form of expression. However, there is no denying that most people looking for cases for their smartphones are, in fact, concerned with the protection of their devices.

    Smartphones are increasingly fragile, so the demand for protective cases has increased considerably. We need to reinforce that the protective cases are not all the same, some are much more resistant than the others.

    Custom has a line of high performance protection cases, the military line. The simplest model supports falls of up to 2 meters from a height. If you want to offer the best to your customers, then invest in the toughest phone case manufacturers on the market.

    Fabric Case

    The secret to attracting customers is to invest in new products. The cases made of fabric are a great example of novelty capable of attracting the attention of consumers. Currently, there are covers of different types of materials; however, the fabric is still a novelty in the market.

    One of the cases in the Custom military line is made of fabric. Contrary to what many may think, the fabric case of the military line is not fragile; in fact, it guarantees high performance protection.

    Remember that this list of trends can change very quickly. The electronics market is very dynamic, and this means that your accessories store must be constantly renewed so that the products you sell are not outdated.


    Although smartphone technology is increasingly advanced, the fragility of devices is still an unsolved problem. These devices are getting thinner and lighter; in addition, models with mirrored rear are on the rise. It is precisely for these reasons that the use of phone case manufacturers has become so essential.

    The cases were initially created in order to ensure more protection and resistance to smartphones; however, currently there are many people who use the covers only for aesthetic reasons. A sign that protective cases have become accessories.

    In this article, we will show you the advantages of investing in creative cell phone cases. If you are the type of person who sees cases as accessories, then read on!

    What is the importance of using protective cases?

    To think about the importance of using protective covers, we need to start with one of the most important reasons: the price of smartphones, which are very expensive and fragile equipment to be used without extra protection.

    Nowadays, to purchase a quality device, you need to spend at least R $ 800.00. If you do not want to waste this amount of money, then it is better to use investing in a good protective case for your cell phone .

    Finally, we must emphasize that all smartphones are fragile, without exception. As much as the manufacturers claim that the devices are made with tested products and reinforced screen, the truth is that all are delicate objects.

    Any fall can pose a major risk to the integrity of the device. So, if you want your smartphone to last a long time and stay intact, there is no other way to protect it if not using phone case manufacturers.

    Why invest in a creative case?

    As we said, there are many people who do not see cases as mere objects of protection. Covers can also be used to express the tastes, thoughts and feelings of their users. In addition, there is also the authenticity factor. We all like to feel unique, which is why some people look for creative cases.

    The big problem is that, nowadays, the products present in cell phone accessory stores are practically all the same. You probably have already encountered several people using the same type of phone case manufacturers. If you want to have a unique product, then the best option is to invest in a personalized cover.

    Thanks to customization, you can have a case exactly the way you want it. The best part is that you can use extremely personal elements to make the cover, such as family photos and your name.

    How to choose a creative phone case?

    Do you want a creative product, but don't know exactly what to look for? Do not worry! Below we will show a list with the biggest trends of creative and personalized cases for you to be inspired. Follow!

    phone case manufacturers 2021


    It may seem cliché to use the photo of your pet to make a personalized case , but it is impossible to deny that this is a very adorable option. As much as this idea is on the rise, your pet is unique and no one will ever have a case with a photo just like your pet.


    That's right what you just read: the newest trend is to embroider the cases. Of course, the products already come with holes for the line to pass, but nothing prevents you from trying to make this cover yourself.

    The cases embroidered are a great option for those looking for a different finish. The printed cases usually peel or fade over time, if they are of low quality, but this will not happen with embroidery.

    Geometric print

    This is another creative case option for the most discreet people. There are several options of geometric prints ranging from images full of drawings to the simple use of a few parallel diagonal lines. Some people like to stamp their name on geometric phone case manufacturers, but this is not a rule, you can bet on a good and simple geometric case without other props.

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