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    Beginner’s Guide to Buy Watch Screen Protector: Smart Watch Protection


    Watch Screen Protector
    Do not trust the manufacturers' warranties about the super-protection of watch glasses. Indeed, in fact, even a tiny grain of sand can scratch the surface of the screen. Watch Screen Protector will help to avoid this. What is better - their comparative analysis will help to understand.

    Varieties and functionality of Watch Screen Protector

    The film with a glossy surface practically does not distort the image on the screen and does not harm the aesthetics of the gadget, when, of course, it is chosen exactly to the shape and size of the device and completely fits it. It is desirable that the protection has a grease-repellent layer.

    The so-called oleophobic film is needed so that the screen does not look stained, and the finger does not slide over the surface of the screen. However, glossy films are quickly scratched, which is most typical of models produced by unknown companies.

    Different Types of Protectors

    By comparing the characteristics of such coatings as protective glass or film, which will better help determine the assessment of their surface - glossy or matte, as well as additional decorative properties.

    So, so that the prying eye does not see what is on your screen, you can use a Watch Screen Protector. It significantly reduces the viewing angle, so the contents of the screen from the side will look like a black square. It has the same drawbacks as the matte version, because when using it, the image quality is noticeably reduced.

    Decoration of Watch Screen Protector

    Decorativeness is not the last criterion to understand which is better - a protective film, or tempered glass, or protective glass. The most common types of such a kind of decoration are mirrors, which can also be colored. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that when the screen is not working, the front panel looks like a mirror. It's funny, but the quality of protection is questionable. Films are quickly scratched, dirty, and the image is blurry.

    Characteristics of Protective Films

    Some types of films have shock absorbing characteristics. That is, you cannot hit the screen with a stone, but during the fall it will remain intact. But if it falls, the screen has a higher chance of survival. Such a film is slightly thicker; it is less prone to scratching.

    In the question of which is better - a protective film or glass, you need to give preference to models of one type or another, which are made specifically for your phone model.

    On such a film there will be cutouts for the camera, sensors, it will take into account the location and other features of the panel. In its absence, one can stop at an adequate universal model. Even if it leaves unprotected areas on the display, it will be better than nothing. The film can be adjusted to the required size with scissors or a blade.

    How to choose a better protective film for watch?

    As a result, the conclusion suggests itself that the Watch Screen Protector should be chosen if, in addition to protection against mechanical damage such as scratching, compliance with other parameters is required, for example, to give the characteristics of the screen a matte or more glossy look, as well as to make its image private.

    It will also help out if it is difficult to find an optimal protective glass for your phone. In addition, the film is much thinner, easier to attach and remove.

    Which is good: Film or Glass?

    In the dilemma, which is better for a watch - a protective film or a protective glass, the second option definitely wins. Quality glass has much better transparency than film. It does not reduce the clarity of the image. It is much less scratched, not inferior to the characteristics of a hardened gerell.


    Compared to them, the film simply rests, and the question of which is better - a protective film or a protective glass for a tablet or phone automatically becomes rhetorical.


    The Thickness of the Glasses is Different

    Thin ones are more convenient to use, and thick ones more reliably protect the screen from mechanical stress. There are a lot of other Watch Screen Protector design points that make it possible to determine which is better - a protective glass or film for an iPhone and similar options for gadgets. But do not forget about one more argument - the price, which is several times lower for the film or even an order of magnitude lower.

    Comparison of properties

    For comparison, you can consider the protection characteristics for the Samsung smart watch with Apple. Its screen, even if the phone lies down with its front surface, will not be damaged by microscopic particles of debris, for example, grains of sand. Not every protective film or glass has these properties. Which one is better to choose is a matter of your personal preference.

    Which protective screen model is good for you?

    Protective devices such as glass can also be different. There are models that fit all gadgets with the same bezel size. However, you should definitely try them on your phone before you buy them on your smart watch.

    Whether the Watch Screen Protector is suitable will depend on whether the width of the case itself matches the selected glass model, as well as the location of the sensor and buttons. This is where the drawback appears, which plays a role in choosing which is better - a film or protective glass. After all, the latter option cannot be adjusted in size, as is possible with film.

    Watch Screen Protector 2021


    The Watch Screen Protector is more durable. After gluing a new gadget to the screen, it is not dismantled. This will only have to be done after the glass is broken, cracked, or scratched. Its disadvantage is the possibility of deterioration in ergonomics due to its significant thickness. Their cost is determined by the type of coating, shape and reliability of the adhesive layer.

    When choosing which is better - protective glass or film, you should pay attention to all the specified characteristics. But in any case, you should not give preference to the cheapest options. You also need to get acquainted with the reviews of other buyers. This will avoid possible troubles.

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