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    How to buy cheap uv sterilizer wand? Best Sterilizers 2021


    Buying guide: how to choose a UV sterilizer

    uv sterilizer wand

    The uv sterilizer wand are very useful devices that allow you to sanitize the most of the objects, removing viruses and bacteria. Before choosing one, however, it is essential to know its fundamental characteristics, so that you can opt for the one that best suits your needs.

    Let's see what are the decisive factors to take into account to choose a valid UV sterilizer?



    The first thing to evaluate is the type of uv sterilizer wand. In fact, there are different types of sterilizers on the market. Let's see which are the most common:

    Sterilization box

    The most common of all is the sterilization box. This, in fact, has the shape of a box in which you can store objects to sterilize them. They are generally common mainly for smartphones but it is also possible to use them for keys, masks, baby bottles, earphones and dishes.

    UV lamp

    These are sterilizers that have the shape of a real lamp. These, unlike the former, are common actively, i.e. by passing UV rays directly onto the surfaces. They are in fact common for clothes, keyboards, curtains, tables and all large surfaces.

    Toothbrush sterilizer

    Although sterilization boxes are also products suitable for sanitizing toothbrushes, there are devices designed specifically for the latter. The UV toothbrush holders, in fact, directly sterilize the heads automatically, also guaranteeing better oral hygiene.

    Operating technologies of uv sterilizer wand

    The various sterilizers can also differ from each other in terms of operation. All these devices aim to sterilize objects but, in practice, they can do it in a different way.

    Some uv sterilizer wand models in fact use only UVC rays or, alternatively, use them together with UVA rays.

    Other models, on the other hand, also exploit ozone, in order to guarantee, in addition to sterilization from germs and bacteria, also a more thorough cleaning. Regarding the results, however, both solutions allow the objects to be sterilized in the best possible way.

    Duration of uv sterilizer wand treatment

    The various sterilizers also differ from each other in the duration of the treatment itself. Many models guarantee complete sterilization within a few minutes while others, on the contrary, have much longer processes that can even exceed 30 minutes.

    In order to choose the right uv sterilizer wand correctly, it is important to understand the intended use of it, so that it can also be adjusted from the point of view of duration. Leadingplus sterilizers UV lamp designed, for example, for sterilizing small objects or smartphone, may have operating cycles also very short, of 180 seconds or a little more.

    How to sterilize the work tools?

    If you use a device to sterilize work tools that come into contact with many different people, the cycle can take even longer.

    uv sterilizer wand 2021

    These are devices common for example by beauticians and hairdressers, to sterilize scissors, combs, tweezers and other tools that require thorough sanitation.


    The dimensions are a factor that particularly concerns the sterilization boxes. In fact, these can be larger or smaller depending on the models and allow you to insert a smaller or larger quantity of objects.

    There are some very large boxes, for example, which allow you to sterilize several objects at a time at the same time, or in any case to insert objects that do not normally fit in standard models, such as baby bottles.

    uv sterilizer wand on the contrary, allow to sanitize Typically, only one object at a time, of small dimensions . Normally these are portable UV sterilizers, specially designed for smartphones and other small items.

    Power supply and autonomy of uv sterilizer wand

    In order to function, UV sterilizers naturally need a power supply. Specifically, some models can be powered exclusively by current, by connecting the socket to 220 V.

    Other models, on the other hand, also have a specific USB port through which they are easy to recharge from a computer or a power bank. Certainly these models can be more comfortable, although it is also important to evaluate them from the point of view of autonomy.

    On average, a quality uv sterilizer wand must be able to guarantee at least 3 hours of use with one charge.

    What are different uv sterilizer wand brands?

    There are several brands of UV sterilizers that is easy to find online. Among the best we certainly find leadingplus sterilizers.



    Price of uv sterilizer wand

    Finally, when choosing a product of this type, it is also useful to evaluate the price. On average, for a cheap product, you get to spend between € 25 and € 35. At this price, of course, it is possible to find simpler models for domestic use, which still offer good results.

    The latest model is uv sterilizer wand, an ideal product for clothes and surfaces in general. It is a real lamp that uses UVC rays to better sanitize any surface.

    It has two working modes:

    1. manual and

    The manual has duration of 30 minutes while the automatic one has 4 times to choose from 10, 20, 40 or 60 minutes.

    It can be common for any object and in any circumstance, thanks also to the low weight of only 180 grams. It recharges via USB and has an LED display that allows you to monitor the battery status at any time.

    Pros:  Ideal for clothes and surfaces, manual and automatic working modes, USB charging, LED display.

    Cons:  not usable for small everyday objects.

    Why do you need cost-effective uv sterilizer wand?

    If you are looking for something more sophisticated, which offers better performance, the price goes up considerably. The best uv sterilizer wand models can cost between € 80 and € 100, but with much better results in terms of performance.

    In particular, it has a wall-mounted toothbrush holder, which allows you to sterilize toothbrushes quickly and effectively.

    How do sensors work in sterilizer wand?

    The device uses UVC rays to remove bacteria and germs from the surface of the toothbrush. In addition, it features an intelligent infrared sensor, capable of detecting the presence of the human body within 3 meters in diameter.

    In this way it switches off automatically when someone approaches, and then switches on again when no signal is received for 10 seconds.


    It also features two toothpaste holders and a dual charging mode. In fact, it can be recharged both via USB and via solar charging.

    Pros:  perfect for sanitizing toothbrushes, intelligent infrared sensor, dual charging modes.

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