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    How to clean silicone armband phone case? 4 Simple Methods


    armband phone case
    The silicone material from which most modern armband phone case are made. To protect a smartphone, this material has all the necessary qualities: heat resistance, elasticity, resistance to deformation. Silicone case reliably protects your phone from scratches and drops for a long time. Like all materials, the silicone case has its drawbacks. Yellowing of the cover is considered one of the most common.

    This is especially true for transparent and translucent cases on which this yellowing is most clearly visible. After such situations, many do not dare to clean the cover on their own and immediately go to buy a new one. However, is it possible to save the cover and restore its appearance?

    It should be said right away that there are quite a few cleaning options that are used depending on the degree of contamination of the silicone cover.

    Why does the armband phone case turn yellow and dirty?

    Unfortunately, the process of yellowing of the armband phone case cannot be completely stopped in any way, only it can be slowed down. Among the causes of yellowing, it is worth noting the natural penetration of oily stains and direct exposure to sunlight. But it should be said right away that yellowing in no way negatively affects the protective property of silicone.

    How to clean the phone case?

    Yellowing or darkening has an unpleasant effect on the appearance of the case, and therefore the phone. If you try to avoid these two points, then chances are your case will look great even after several years of use. Wipe the cover from stains in time, keep it clean. It is best to always carry a microfiber cloth with you. It will help you wipe the silicone case dry until it shines.

    Methods for cleaning the silicone case

    Toothpaste and baking soda 

    Using a toothbrush and regular whitening paste, you can wipe away stains and dirt on the armband phone case.  After the procedure, it is worth rinsing the accessory and wiping it dry so that the toothpaste has not eaten into the surface of the case.

    A similar procedure can be done with regular baking soda. To do this, you will need to stir the baking soda with a little water to form a pasty state.

    Rubbing alcohol

    The tool will help clean yellowness from the cover, as well as dark stains from dirt. In order for the cleaning to be neat, it is better to apply alcohol on a special cotton pad. But be careful, rubbing alcohol can be very allergic. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance if you have a negative reaction to rubbing alcohol.

    Dishwashing liquid 

    Everyone in the apartment has this tool; it has no danger, and quite quickly cleans your cover from stains and yellowing. The liquid can also be used during routine cleaning of the case to remove dust, grease and remaining fingerprints.

    Soap solution for armband phone case

    Dissolve a bar of soap in warm water and wait until the soap is completely dissolved. After that, you can put the cover inside a container with soapy water for 30 minutes. After the time has elapsed, you can take a soft sponge and gently wipe the surface of the accessory.

    Wipe the armband phone case dry so that the soap does not slip in your hands. This method is effective when there is a high concentration of dirt on the cover.


    We have presented the most common methods for cleaning a transparent silicone case from dirt and yellowing. We are sure and know that there are still a large number of these methods, which you can also use. If you are not a fan of transparent cases, but you already have one, then it is best to get an opaque case and the problem of yellowing or darkening will fade into the background.

    What is TPU Silicone Case?

    Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is an elastic material that has many beneficial properties, making it ideal for use as a protective device for mobile phones. In addition to being transparent and flexible, it is also highly resistant to wear and tear and oily substances.

    The TPU silicone case is extremely lightweight and resilient, while providing optimal protection for your phone.

    Features of installing a silicone case on the phone

    In practice, fitting the TPU silicone armband phone case is extremely easy and can be done even by a child. The case slides neatly over the device to fit the back of the phone and snuggles against it.

    Remember to clean the phone case with a microfiber cloth and the case itself before putting on the silicone case to remove unnecessary dust and fingerprints.

    What are the advantages of silicone armband phone case?

    • Protection of the smartphone from shock and pollution
    • Each model fits perfectly to your phone model and provides easy access to all buttons and holes on your phone
    • Slim and optimal size, which practically does not change the volume of the phone and does not interfere with its normal use and transmission
    • Well closes the phone case and prevents accidental wear
    • A huge variety of colors and patterns that give the phone personality and style
    • Improves grip and non-slip
    • TPU silicone cases are heat resistant and protect your phone from overheating
    • In addition, the special properties of the material protect the phone from possible contact with greasy or aggressive chemicals
    • Low cost.armband phone case 2021

    How to keep the TPU silicone case?

    Like everything else, TPS silicone cases don't last forever. The good news is that with a little maintenance and periodic support, the lifespan of the case can be significantly extended and your expensive smartphone looks new.

    To do this, at least once a month (preferably once a week), you need to remove the phone and, along with the armband phone case, clean it of dust and dirt. It can even be washed directly under running water, and put back after drying.

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