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    How to disinfect nails with nail sterilizer box?


    nail sterilizer box
    Knowing good sanitation methods is crucial to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We separate nail sterilizer box tips and videos with great prevention measures, check out:

    Knowing how to properly sanitize environments has never been more important. Today we brought tips from our facilitator with cleaning instructions and cleaning product tips. Ensuring a microbe-free environment has never been so difficult; follow the tips and videos with the best information!

    Prevention and Sanitation Measures for your Nail

    Difference between cleaning and disinfecting

    What is the use of having a clean environment if it is not disinfected? Below we bring the best options of utensils, materials and ideal products to ensure the disinfection of your home.

    Remembering that soaps and detergents registered as sanitizing agents we should not apply to hands, since their use is intended for inanimate objects and surfaces.

    DMQ: nail sterilizer box

    Hospital disinfectant based on 5th generation nail sterilizer box it is ideal for all areas that need bactericidal disinfection. Moreover, it has proven bactericidal and bacteriostatic action. One of the most recommended products for disinfecting fixed surfaces, such as: floors, walls, ceilings, doors, countertops, glass, windows, lighting, etc.

    The dilution can be made in the proportion of 1 liter of product to 50 liters of water when the objective is disinfection. If you plan to use it for general cleaning, the recommended proportion is to dilute 1 liter of product to 100 liters of water.

    Sanitary water

    Bleach is easy to use for both cleaning and disinfection. It is a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite, also called “liquid bleach”.

    This product can be used in all environments in the home, with the exception of spaces covered with carpet and on certain types of fabrics.

    Gel alcohol and liquid soap along with nail sterilizer box

    More important than cleaning your home is cleaning yourself. Both gel alcohol and liquid soap are essential to keep yourself clean and disinfected. Moreover, it is the best thing to buy nail sterilizer box.


    Cleaning with liquid soap removes transient microbiota, making hands clean. This level of decontamination is sufficient for social contacts in general and for most practical activities in health services.

    Clean by nail sterilizer box

    This product is a general purpose cleaner with high cleaning and disinfecting power. We can use it on washable surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, tiles, walls, stainless steel, chrome, glass, mirrors and acrylic finish floors. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 liter to 40 liters of water. Clean by nail sterilizer box contains bactericidal report and eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria.



    • Ultraviolet disinfection, 360º around the object;
    • Similarly, Average disinfection time of 5 minutes;
    • We can use it to recharge smartphones on the fly and also with USB power;
    • Moreover, it has aromatherapy function to remove odors from objects;
    • Compact and lightweight. Easy to transport;
    • Furthermore, it comes by the aviation aluminum industry. Resistant and technological;

    Place your smartphone or other object inside the box and press the system startup button for up to 99.9% disinfection.

    CHARGING USE of nail sterilizer box:

    For wireless charging, simply place your smartphone over the Sterilizer Box. Charging comes by approximation, wirelessly. Moreover, there is also the option to recharge your device with a USB cable.

    If desired, add 1 drop of the fragrance of your choice into the box, before starting the disinfection so that your object will be scented and to remove odors.
    The device does not come with fragrance.


    • 1 Multifunctional Sterilizer Box
    • 1 USB cable

    Technical information about nail sterilizer box

    Product: Multifunctional UV Sterilization Box;
    Disinfection rate: 99.9%;
    Disinfection Power: 2W LED / 3W Ozone Tube;
    UV lamp power: 2W;
    Number of UV lamps: 4 LED and 2 Tubular;

    The 'new normal' also implies a new ritual. We return home, after a trip to the supermarket, or returning from work: taking off our shoes at the door, changing clothes, washing our hands and disinfecting all objects we carry. It also includes mobile phone, glasses, watches, jewelry and keys! That is why you need to buy nail sterilizer box.

    How to disinfect hands?

    For the process of disinfecting small objects, there is now a device that can help to accomplish the task by ensuring the sterilization of pocket items, such as mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, pen drives, airpods, watches, small toys, children's pacifiers, glasses, keys, masks, among others. A small UV sterilization box is the solution!

    It is 20cm long, weighs just 300gr and after a full charge it allows 50 cycles to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria from all exposed surfaces, without the need for liquids, heat or corrosive chemicals.

    This solution is particularly interesting for cleaning and disinfecting slots and small connection ports, which are quite difficult to clean on smartphones and which, in this way, are completely sterilized. The UVC-LED light available in the sterilization box can reach microorganisms that hide in the crevices where disinfectant wipes cannot reach as effectively.

    How doe s nail sterilizer box work?

    Nail sterilizer box is germicidal, has a wavelength between 275 and 280 nanometers, and has been shown to kill bacteria as efficiently as scrubbing surfaces with soap and water. There is also evidence that UVC-LED illumination can kill SARS, which is obviously related to COVID-19.
    nail sterilizer box 2021

    Along with other preventive measures, such as wearing a mask and visor, regular cleaning and disinfection of hands is critical to protecting ourselves from Covid-19. With an automatic alcohol gel dispenser, the user does not need to touch the container for the disinfectant to be placed in their hands, as it is activated through a proximity sensor placed inside, which reduces the likelihood of contagion through of touch on surfaces.


    With a capacity of 350ml of disinfectant gel, the nail sterilizer box is portable and safe, intended for places with high affluence of people such as offices and commercial spaces. The container also has a beautiful and elegant design with the advantage of being able to serve as a composition element on the desk or on the bench. It costs very little and we can use it anywhere and for any type of liquid.

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