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    Can diy sterile glove box really kills bacteria and Germs?


    Can diy sterile glove box really kill bacteria and Germs? (UV Sterilization for Medical 2020)

    sterile glove box

    What is diy sterile glove box?

    French physicist Denis Papin invented a prototype of an autoclave called a pressure cooker in 1679. An autoclave is also known as a steam sterilizer. Later scientists developed various forms of sterilizers and diy sterile glove box is one of them. 

    What is DIY?

    You can literally mean being proactive in producing, fixing, or modifying something according to your style. DIY also has a property that is basically understood as "self-movement". Moreover, it also means not dependent on any support from inside to outside.

    So what's the difference between DIY, Handmade and Homemade?

    Handmade is a completely manual activity, without the support of tools such as machinery, materials, etc. We will use what's available to create the intended work, this is a single job. Simple, not fussy. You can imagine that what you do like knitting towels, making dolls' clothes, is also a craft job.

    DIY sterile glove box benefits

    Diy sterile glove box has many benefits. It is an effective and popular sterilization method in health care facilities. Thanks to the advantages of low cost, safety and efficiency. When handling materials, the autoclave stabilizes heat and moisture.

    Moreover, it helps completely sterilize contaminated organisms and spores in steaming materials. The speed and productivity of the autoclave is an advantage over other forms of disinfection.

    We can handle following items in diy sterile glove box:

    • surgical instruments
    • implants and
    • Surgical bedding.

    Basic structure diagram of diy sterile glove box

    You can find various types of diy sterile glove box in the market today. Manufacturers are upgrading it according to modern technology. So there will be a little structural change when you happen to know the structure of other sterilization equipment, it is not surprised:

    sterile glove box suppliers

    • Emergency drain valve
    • Steamed basket on
    • Pressure regulator valve
    • Steamed basket under
    • Lid
    • Water level
    • Thermometer
    • Burning rod
    • Safety valve
    • Bottom shield
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Exhaust valve
    • Pressure resistant shell

    What is a sterilizer box? The UV sterilizer box is a kind of efficient tool sterilizer. Furthermore, this disinfectant box kills bacteria and germs with UV light. Moreover, the advantages of this UV nail tools sterilizer: fast sterilization, 99.99% disinfection rate, multifunctional, portable.

    How does the UV diy sterile glove box work?

    This UV diy sterile glove box plays a role in ultraviolet light. Simultaneously, the UV sterilization rate is up to 99.99%. Similarly, it can kill germs and bacteria. UVC wavelength light can destroy the molecular structure of bacteria's DNA. Thus, it achieves the effect of sterilization.

    How to apply the UV light sterilizer box?

    1. First, open the package. Then connect the USB power cable to the disinfectant DC socket. And connect the power.
    2. Secondly, open the top cover. Then put the items in the sterilizer box. And close the cover.
    3. Then press the on / off button. When the light is on (green), it means it works.
    4. Also, the sterilization box will automatically stop working when the time is up. And the whole disinfection time is 8 minutes.

    Precautions for safe operation of the disinfectant box:

    1. The contact and use of children is prohibited, do not put items that oxidize easily in the box. Also, don't put precision electronics like cell phones and watches.
    2. Similarly, do not put wet or liquid objects in the box. This is to prevent internal circuit failures.
    3. When cleaning the diy sterile glove box, turn off the power. Clean with a soft cloth or alcohol. IN addition, avoid cleaning with organic solvents such as gasoline.



    1. Does the sterilizer box dose really work?

    Sure. Since UV light has strong sterilization functions, it can kill bacteria and germs quickly.

    1. How long does it take to disinfect?

    It only takes 8 minutes.

    1. What items cannot be placed in the disinfection box?

    Precision electronics, such as cell phones and watches. Wet and liquid items.

    1. Does this product include drying and heating function?

    This UV sterilizer box does not have a drying and heating function.

    Currently, on the market there are many devices that disinfect smartphones with UV rays. These devices are receiving a lot of attention from consumers as the COVID-19 translation continues.

    Let's find out how diy sterile glove box work? Are they worth your money?

    On the market today there are many devices that disinfect smartphones with UV rays. On the market today there are many devices that disinfect smartphones with UV rays.

    Can UV rays really kill bacteria and viruses?

    Since 1877, almost 150 years ago, scientists have discovered that sunlight can inhibit microbial growth. Later studies show that UV radiation in the sun can damage or even destroy bacterial and viral DNA.

    Based on that, a number of manufacturers have developed devices to disinfect smartphones. These devices often consist of special bulbs. Subsequently, it emits UV rays at wavelengths that can kill bacteria.

    Companies like PhoneSoap and Casetify claim that their device kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

    Currently on the market of diy sterile glove box devices such as PhoneSoap and Casetify are the most famous. They claim that their sterilization device can wipe out 99.9% of smartphone germs in just a few minutes. Similarly, it can even be used to disinfect keys, credit cards and other small items.

    diy sterile glove box

    According to physiotherapist Kara Pepper in Atlanta USA, smartphone disinfection devices use UVC rays with this wavelength, UV rays can penetrate and destroy microscopic viruses and bacteria floating in the air and on smartphone surfaces.


    Although proven effective in removing certain bacteria and viruses, Dr. Pepper warns that "there are no studies to date that confirm smartphone disinfection devices can kill viruses. COVID-19” .

    Should I buy a diy sterile glove box with UV light?

    Currently, on average, a diy sterile glove box device with UV light costs about 80 USD (1.8 million VND). This is a pretty high price for the majority of consumers. Furthermore, these devices have not been shown to kill COVID-19 virus.

    According to experts, cleaning a smartphone with a disinfectant solution or a solution containing alcohol above 70 degrees can destroy the COVID-19 virus.

    What is the principle of diy sterile glove box by UV radiation?

    Ultraviolet rays

    Generally, ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the naked eye and naturally emitted by the sun. It is distinguished from other rays by its shorter wavelength and higher energy. Depending on its wavelength, we differentiate:

    -  UVA;

    - UVB;

    - UVCs.

    UVA and UVB rays are well known to everyone, as they can cause sunburns and premature aging of the skin, among other things. We talk less about UVC: the ozone layer halts almost all of their energy. Yet, created artificially, they have very interesting applications.


    UVCs are the UV rays with the shortest wavelength and therefore the most energy. In nature, they would prove to be very dangerous because of their strong power of altering living cells. But, used wisely, they represent a major asset in the fight against bacteria and microbes.

    Based on the sensitivity of molecules and microorganisms, the principle of diy sterile glove box has been well known for many years. It is frequently used in hospitals or for water treatment. Today, this technology is also exported to the home.

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