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    DIY uv sterilizer box: How can Beautician Disinfect Tools with sterilizer box?


    DIY uv sterilizer box: How can Beautician Disinfect Tools with sterilizer box?

    DIY uv sterilizer box

    This article will discuss one of the very important topics - how to choose a diy uv sterilizer box?

    Masters usually carry out the following activities for cleaning and disinfecting manicure sets:

    1. Disinfection is the destruction of pathogens of infectious diseases and the destruction of toxins in the environment. Disinfection reduces the number of microorganisms to an acceptable level, but it may not completely destroy them
    2. Pre-sterilization cleaning - the process of removing mechanical, fatty and protein deposits and drug residues.
    3. Sterilization is the release of an object or material from ALL types of microorganisms. It includes bacteria and their spores, fungi, and viruses. You can find them mostly on the surface and inside the productsDiy uv sterilizer boxis a complete release from living microorganisms.
    4. Additional treatment, including the disinfection of the hands of the master, the client, as well as work surfaces and premises.

    Why does a beauty salon need diy uv sterilizer box?

    Usually, in professional beauty salons, pre-sterilization carry cleaning via diy uv sterilizer box. Basically, this includes modern disinfectants, for example, Alaminol. To do this, the instruments go in the solution for the time specified in the instructions. There are various easy methods that work to disinfect devices. Nut now, we have the latest technology. It prevents germs to occupy device surface.

    Today, nail service specialists use various types of diy uv sterilizer box. Because these device provide excellent performance.

    At its core, a sterilizer is a device that acts on manicure instruments with various radiation or otherwise. Therefore, it is easy kill bacteria and microbes present on them.

    Consider the main types of diy uv sterilizer box

    Glasperlen (ball, quartz) sterilizer

    Generally, it is ideal for use in manicure and beauty parlors, as well as for masters at home. The ball sterilizer disinfects instruments by exposing them to high temperatures - 250 degrees Celsius.  In a quartz sterilizer, various instruments work. In addition, this device finishes the germs completely.

    It is very hard for the devices to carry bacteria after diy uv sterilizer box.  In such a device, due to the air method of heating quartz balls, deep sterilization takes place.

    The advantages of a quartz sterilizer:

    • Compact, stable.
    •  Heats up quickly to sterilization temperature.
    •  Has the shortest sterilization time, only 15-20 seconds. With high-temperature processing (up to 250 ° C) of tools - processing time takes up to 180 seconds.
    •  Long service life.
    •  Not expensive.
    •  Doesn't consume a lot of energy.

    Disadvantages of a quartz sterilizer Box:

    Only the working surface of the instrument is subject to sterilization. Similarly, it violates the skin (i.e. the handles remain not sterilized, since quartz can damage them).

    DIY uv sterilizer box suppliers

    The working surface must be dipped into quartz, i.e. sand. Similarly, it acts as an abrasive and does not sharpen, but dulls the tool.

    • Only suitable for tools made from heat resistant metal alloy.
    • Part that requires annual replacement - quartz balls.

    Dry heat sterilizer (diy uv sterilizer box)

    It is suitable for all-metal tools:

    • Manicure
    • Cosmetic

    One of the most common and effective disinfection methods, the main effect is heat treatment. This diy uv sterilizer box reaches about 200-260 degrees Celsius. The effectiveness of sterilization directly depends on the free access of air to the processed objects. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the correct loading of the chamber.

    Advantages of a dry oven:

    • The entire surface of the instrument is sterilized.
    • The dry oven can operate in several temperature modes - in different models the maximum temperature reaches 160-260 ° C.
    • Hot dry air in a dry heat eliminates corrosion of metal tools and erosion of glass surfaces. Hence, it allows them to maintain their integrity and physical properties.
    • The sterilizing agent in this case is dry heat. Moreover, it has excellent penetrating properties for almost any material.

    Disadvantages of dry heat: (diy uv sterilizer box)

    • High price.
    • Long sterilization time. The processing time depends on the model of the device, the selected temperature. In addition, it can vary from 30 to 120 minutes.
    • The need to use non-combustible packaging materials for the sterilized instrument. Excludes paper, parchment, untreated coarse calico and some others. Also excluded are rubber, textiles, polymers and other accessories that cannot withstand high temperatures.
    • Before sterilizing, be sure to check that the items are heat resistant.

    Usually, special kraft bags are common for diy uv sterilizer box. It preserves the aseptic state of the instrument or material for a long time. 21-60 days (depending on the manufacturer's brand) when fastened with a valve.

    Ultraviolet sterilizer Box

    This is an important and irreplaceable thing. Generally, it is common for disinfection and storage of already sterilized instruments in:

    • Manicure
    • beauty parlors and
    • hairdressers

    It is ideal for tools that cannot tolerate high temperatures (combs, files, buffs, sponges). Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, fungal and bacterial flora dies.

    UV sterilizers come in one or two chambers. Subsequently, you can find a range of variety here.

    Advantages of the UV Sterilizer:

    • The cost of this apparatus is lower than that of heat-treated apparatus.
    • UV lamps can be changed easily.
    • It is great for additional tooling.
    • Diy uv sterilizer box disinfects materials that cannot be sterilized by other methods. Similarly, UV does not affect their quality.

    Disadvantages of a UV sterilizer:

    • Long processing time, which takes a total of 40 minutes per batch. It takes 15-20 minutes to irradiate one side of the instrument. This time may vary slightly depending on the model of the machine.
    • Does not sterilize (only disinfection of the instrument!)
    • It is more suitable for storing the instrument after sterilization.

    Ultrasonic sterilizer (ultrasonic cleaner)

    It is used for cleaning small objects - burs, cutters and other tools for processing nails. Ultrasonic waves make the liquid in the container vibrate.  This method allows you to clean the surface of dirt and rust even in hard-to-reach places.

    UV light sterilizer boxe manufacturers

    Processing in such a device is not enough to completely eliminate all bacteria. Therefore, ultrasound is used as a preparation for heat treatment. For basic disinfection, quartz sterilizers or dry heat ovens are then used. But he really has no equal in cleaning polluted hard-to-reach places.

    Advantages of ultrasonic sterilizers:

    • Ultrasonic washing is eight times more effective than hot disinfection in solutions - it removes bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms, dirt and rust from instruments.
    • Perfect for manicure tools made of different materials - all types of metal, plastic, glass, ceramics.
    • Instruments during processing in sterilizers do not deform, do not corrode and do not blunt.
    • Sterilization speed. Even the most contaminated instrument is sterilized in no more than 10 minutes.
    • Completely safe to work with. Unlike heat treatment, there is no risk of scalding.
    • In it, you can not only sterilize, but also store instruments until the next use.
    • Furthermore, it offers affordable price.

    Conclusion diy uv sterilizer box

    With active work, a huge number of people pass through the hands of pedicure and manicure masters. Keeping a best diy uv sterilizer box can save people from a lot of germs. Especially in covid 19, you need to secure your surroundings. Moreover, you can do this by simply buying a new diy uv sterilizer box.  So every self-respecting specialist must perform his activities not only with high quality, but also as safely as possible.

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