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    How to sterilize eyebrows equipment with Uv sterilizer bag?


    Lips can be classified in different ways. Form is one way. The shape of the lips depends not only on the thickness of their muscle layer, but also on the type of bite, position of the teeth, and varies depending on individual characteristics. The lips can be plump or thin, heart-shaped or round, and there are many other variations. Lip shape is not related to your personality. But using bad products can harm them. That is why always prefer to use Uv sterilizer bag. Basically, genetics determines facial features and lip type. Lips are one of the many things we inherit from our parents. However, how you feel about your lips can affect how they look. Your smile and other lip movements help convey your emotions to others. Your lips are so unique that lip prints can be used for personal identification just like fingerprints. Uv sterilizer bag

     Types of lips and by products to sterilize

    The types of lips that are considered beautiful vary by region and culture. A study on lip attractiveness (published in the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery in 2016) found that lip preference changes depending on where you live. People in Latin America liked big lips. North Americans and Europeans preferred large lips less, while Asians preferred small lips. Overall, lip-type preferences did not differ significantly across sex, age, or income among survey participants. No matter what lip shape you are born with, you can improve their appearance with good care. Here are some ways to keep your lips in their best shape.

    Exfoliate Lip Skin Uv sterilizer bag

    Anyone can have chapped lips with Uv sterilizer bag. There are no sebaceous glands on the skin of the lips, because of this, drying out is often observed and, as a result, the formation of cracks on the lips. The skin of the lips is very thin, so it often flakes off.

    Chapped lips can be caused by:

    • dry or cold weather
    • certain medications
    • excessive lip licking
    • dehydration

      To prevent cracked lips, gently exfoliate from time to time, for example with a sugar scrub, and then apply moisturizer. balm. Satin Lips White Tea & Citrus Sugar Lip Scrub contains shea butter. And sunflower seed oil with vitamin E (to slow down the aging process and protect the delicate skin of the lips from aggressive external influences).

    Moisturize and sterilize cosmetics products

    Your Lips Uv sterilizer bag is very important, especially in cold, dry climates or in the sun. A moisturizer can help protect your lips from sun exposure. It can also be used before applying lipstick or gloss.

    Moisturizing ingredients:

    • Shea butter - contains vitamins A and E, thanks to which the skin remains hydrated for a long time;
    • Jojoba Oil - The chemical composition of jojoba oil resembles that of natural sebum. The oil contains wax esters that act as a natural moisturizer and a protective barrier for the skin.
    • Sunflower oil - due to the content of vitamin E (antioxidant), it slows down the aging process of the skin. And it protects the lips from harmful environmental influences.

    Interesting facts about the lips Uv sterilizer bag

    • Lips have a natural pinkish color because the skin on the lips is thinner than the rest of the skin. So the blood vessels show through. Lips have only 3 to 4 outer layers, compared to 15 to 16 protective layers of skin on other parts of the body.
    • There are no hair follicles, sweat glands and very little melanin on the lips. Therefore, the lips are less protected than other skin from the sun and other environmental factors.
    • Due to the large number of nerve endings, the lips are very sensitive to heat, cold and touch.

    The eyebrows give character, depth to the look and frame the face, which is why it is important to take care of them. You can choose Uv sterilizer bag for this purpose.  

    How does Uv sterilizer bag help us?

    In addition to the aesthetic factor, however, they perform the fundamental function of protecting our eyes from external agents, such as dust and sweat.   Choosing the ideal Uv sterilizer bag based on your features is not a trivial matter, because the result must be as much as possible in harmony with the shape of the face. As for the hair removal methods, these too have evolved over time and, in addition to the classic and timeless tweezers, other techniques have been added such as hair removal with Arab thread. Furthermore, in terms of fashion, the eyebrows have changed a lot over time; in fact, if in the 90s they were worn very thin, today the trend is to have them thick and absolutely natural, for a defined, magnetic and deep look.

    Eyebrows Uv sterilizer bag: what they are and what they are for?

    The eyebrows are skin and muscle reliefs covered with hair, located in the upper part of the eyes, more precisely in correspondence with the frontal bone. Their function is to protect the eyes from sweat and external agents, such as dust or rain, but also small debris that could damage the sight. The eyebrows, however, also have a communicative and social function. In fact, by observing their shape we can understand the state of mind of a person; for example, if you frown, you are probably nervous and angry.

    How to choose the eyebrows according to the shape of the face?

    Each eyebrow adapts to a particular face shape, and it is important to be able to identify the shape that best suits your features in order to highlight the look. To be able to find the right Uv sterilizer bag it is necessary to start from the outermost end of the nostril. And draw an imaginary oblique line that reaches the outermost part of the eyebrow arch. That point is where your eyebrow should end. To understand where it begins, however, always start from the nostril and draw a straight line up to the inner part of the arch ; while, the highest point is calculated starting from the end of the nostril and drawing a line that arrives in front of the external part of the iris . This way you will be able to understand which eyebrow shape is best suited to your features.

    Straight eyebrows

    The straight eyebrows, also called more simply horizontal eyebrows, are without bow and curvatures. They have a very simple shape, precisely straight, and develop in length; they look good on those with delicate features or a high forehead because they give balance and proportion to the face.


    Unlike the previous ones, this typology has a slight curvature without, however, marked angles. The curved eyebrows accompany the shape of the arch above the eye and adapt perfectly to those with hard and marked features, because they soften the look.

    "S" shaped eyebrows

    These eyebrows have a fairly high arch and a sort of curve at the end, similar to the shape of an "S". Who are they good for? They are suitable for those with a heart- shaped face shape, with a narrow chin and small cheekbones, and highlight the cheeks. Uv sterilizer bag 2021

    Soft arched eyebrows

    This type resumes a little the shape of the curved eyebrows. The only difference is that in those with soft arches the curve that is created is slightly more pronounced. They look good on those with a diamond face shape, i.e. pointed chin and pronounced cheekbones. Hence, you can maintain your eyebrows beauty with a good Uv sterilizer bag.  

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