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    How effective is UVC aller plasma sterilization box? (Pros & Con of UV Disinfection Box)


    How effective is UVC aller plasma sterilization box? (Pros & Con of UV Disinfection Box)

    aller plasma sterilization box

    Why should an aller plasma sterilization box be used?

    Using manual methods of sterilization can be dangerous. That is why the use of aller plasma sterilization box   is increasing. Because applying other methods of sterilization such as boiling with boiling water has a high potential to cause the release of harmful particles from the bottle material.

    Manual method of sterilization of bottles such as boiling water

    These substances that enter the baby's body are very difficult to remove. In addition, the traditional methods mentioned above also reduce the life of bottles, nipples and breast pump accessories because it kills silicon. This is the reason that mothers should use an aller plasma sterilization box   to take care of their baby in the best way.

    Currently on the market there are 3 types of aller plasma sterilization box:

    The principle of it works is to convert electricity into heat energy and then make water reach 100 degrees C in the form of steam. At this temperature most common bacteria are killed.

    This is the most popular machine on the market today thanks to its reasonable price, simple use, and safety. In the Chinese market today, you can easily find and buy bottle sterilization machines that operate on this principle.

    They work the same way as microwaves. This type has the advantage of a fast sterilization speed. The bottle will dry faster and the size of the machine is also more compact. This type is not commonly available in Europe.

    aller plasma sterilization box suppliers

    However, when using this type you need to adhere strictly to its safety guidelines. Because aller plasma sterilization box are dangerous if not handled properly.

    Ultraviolet disinfection is very popular in the dental, medical and pharmaceutical fields. They destroy bacteria by altering their chromosomes and preventing cell division.

    Currently, aller plasma sterilization box have started to adopt this technology.

    Criteria to know before buying a aller plasma sterilization box

    Product material

    The sterilizer needs to be made from materials that are safe for your baby's health, and parts such as the body of the bottle, the storage compartment and the water tray below are the parts that you really need to pay attention to.

    The most popular plastic materials manufacturers often use for their products are ABS and PP plastic. Both of which are durable, safe and completely free from BPA toxins. Compared with ABS, the PP plastic material has better plasticity, elasticity and heat resistance. So the selling price is somewhat more expensive. The other part is the water tray below, so use stainless steel material to ensure that over time.

    Features and technologies and utilities included

    The main feature of the machine is its ability to quickly sterilize. At the same time, the included utilities such as the function of drying the bottle. There is no water in the bottle will surely support the mother more effectively.

    Features and technologies of aller plasma sterilization box

    Brand, product origin

    Is ultraviolet or UV light effective for sterilization? Does it work against viruses? And against bacteria? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other disinfection methods?

    With the arrival of the COVID-19 disease, many people have become aware that we must disinfect the objects we use daily, for example, the mobile phone much more frequently.

    We carry it all day. It accompanies us to the bathroom, to the kitchen. We put it on the table while we talk with our friends, so it is susceptible to contaminants throughout the day. In addition, we handle it more than 100 times a day on average, so it is very important to keep it disinfected.

    Cleaning the mobile is not easy. We can use damp rags with soap, but we run the risk of damaging the mobile. And then it is difficult to remove the remnants of soap so that the mobile does not get sticky. We can also apply a hydroalcoholic gel. But we will spoil the oleophobic layer of the mobile screen and the fingerprints will be marked very easily.

    Another solution that is becoming very fashionable for its efficiency and comfort is to use aller plasma sterilization box.

    Capacity, time of aller plasma sterilization box

    Usually the sterilization time of a bottle is inversely proportional to the capacity, low capacity, the heating and evaporation of water will be much slower, more time consuming. The sterilization time of current machines is about 10 - 12 minutes, while being sterile continuously for 3 - 24 hours.

    Depending on the quality as well as the brand of the aller plasma sterilization box, many prices range from more than 400 thousand VND to more than 5 million VND. Based on the funding you spend for the product as well as on the remaining criteria to choose the product with a price that suits the needs of your family and baby.

    Warranty period, where should I buy aller plasma sterilization box?

    On average, sterilized products have a genuine warranty of 6 - 12 months. To choose good quality products, you should buy products at reputable baby goods or electronics stores with a clear warranty. In particular, you can also choose to buy aller plasma sterilization box at leadingplus with many incentives and warranty policies such as:

    aller plasma sterilization box factory

    • 100% genuine goods
    • Genuine warranty up to 2 years
    • Fast delivery nationwide.

    Sterilization box is one of the products that effectively support the process of raising babies and children.

    Why UVC LED Mini Sterilization Box?

    UVC LED Mini Sterilization Box is a great gift for expectant mothers. As a professional technology, UVC sterilization kills 99.9% of bacteria and microbes by destroying their DNA and RNA. For your baby's healthy growth; Sterilizes items such as pacifiers, scratching toys, small toys, milk pump quickly and effectively.


    With its tiny and portable design, you can easily carry it in your bag and stroller. You can use it whenever you need while traveling.

    How effective is UVC aller plasma sterilization box?

    As a professional technology, UVC sterilization kills bacteria and germs by destroying their DNA and RNA.

    There are many bacteria that are heat-tolerant like mad cow virus, cold-resistant like avian flu virus, and drug resistant like super bacterial. Bacteria resistant to UV rays have not been found yet. UVC sterilization is widely used in sterilization cabinets and devices in hospitals.


    Aller plasma sterilization box is common since the mid-20th centuryAlthough at first it was an expensive and exclusive method, technology has made it an affordable device for many more uses.

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