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    How to apply screen protector on a smartphone easily?


    screen protector
    Modern smartwatches are attractive and cost a lot, so to keep their appearance for a long time is an important task. Even if you use your favorite gadget carefully, there is a risk of damaging the screen. Although modern smartwatch often use strong screen protector, additional glass or film on the screen will not hurt.

    Types of screen protector

    The most common type of protective film is glossy. It has minimal effect on image quality. However, when using it, the screen may glare more, and the film itself is quickly scratched and eventually loses its appearance.

    Matte film is the second most popular. It practically does not shine and does not collect prints. The disadvantage of this type of film - the image on the screen looks grainier.

    Protective glass, due to its greater thickness compared to the film, it is able to more reliably withstand all the annoyances of service.

    What is the function of screen protector for phone?

    The screen protector protects the screen of the gadget from scratches, and when dropped, the screen of the smartwatch will remain intact. Because the glass will take a hit. Disadvantages include a possible decrease in screen sensitivity and a small number of models for which the appropriate glass is available.

    Due to the large thickness of the glass film may crack, but keep the screen intact. Pay attention to the presence of anti-glare coating, it significantly reduces glare in sunny weather.

    According to the method of fixing protective films can be divided into two types: static and films with an adhesive base.

    What is the function of static screen protector?

    Static screen protector come on the display due to the thin adhesive-free silicone coating and as a result adhere perfectly to smooth, clean surfaces, leaving no air bubbles.

    Also, thanks to the use of silicone coating, the film can be removed, washed and re-glued many times on different devices.

    But the adhesive-based film is much less versatile and may become unusable after a small amount of "washing", so when gluing such films. you need to be even more careful and accurate. Fortunately, most modern films are static.

    How to stick screen protector?

    It is very important to clean the surface where the film will be glued from dust. It is important to do all the manipulations with the film in a room where there is a minimum of dust. The bathroom will be well suited for this purpose, but it is not necessary to treat it with fanaticism.

    To clean the surface, use clean microfiber, possibly slightly damp but not wet (many films in the kit contain dry and wet wipes for cleaning). Do not wet the screen of the device before gluing.

    Apply the protector carefully

    In most cases, the screen film has many cutouts, such as proximity sensors, front camera, and more. To get exactly, you should go for a little trick. Without removing the transport part of the film, apply it to the screen so that all the holes match.

    Then take the adhesive tape and stick the screen protector to one of the sides of the device body or the top or bottom. It is important to glue so that the film can lift and remove from the lower transport part.

    Carefully peel off the bottom protective layer of the film, which has a sticker 1 with the words "Please peel off this mask before application". It is important not to touch the adhesive base of the protective fuse where it opens.

    Glue the beginning of the protective film

    Accurately combine screen protector with the screen and evenly expose horizontally and vertically. Next, completely remove the bottom protective layer and completely glue the film to the screen.


    The protective film should lie flat on the screen without distortion. If it is not possible to accurately align the film on the screen, then carefully peel it off the screens of mobile devices and re-glue (when re-using adhesive-based films may not be completely glued).

    What instrument you should choose for this process?

    Using a scraper, usually included, or a regular credit card, expels any bubbles formed under the film.

    Carefully remove the top protective layer of the film, which has a sticker with the number 2 and the inscription "Please peel off this mask after application".

    Everything is ready!

    The quality of films is different, so we do not recommend choosing cheap films of unknown production.

    How to install protective glass?

    Usually, screen protector common for a specific brand of smartwatch. It does not need to be processed in any way before installation. It comes to the front panel of the device in the same way as a regular protective film. But there is an important nuance. This must come with caution, because the glass can break if it is strongly bent. But it practically does not need to be smoothed.

    So just follow the instructions and you will succeed.

    Does the protective glass interfere with the smartwatch control?

    It has already been said above that the thickness of most protective glasses is approximately 0.2–0.3 mm. So It is very difficult to notice such a layer with the eye. It is difficult to feel it with your fingers, so you cannot be afraid that the glass will somehow interfere with your use of the device.

    screen protector 2021The screens of many smartwatch usually already have additional protection in the form of special glass.

    The glass is transparent, so the image will remain as clear as before, and nothing will happen to the color rendition. Moreover, the glass is thin so the screen remains as sensitive as before.

    The glass is smooth, so your finger will slide across the screen without encountering any obstacles.

    As you can see, there are no flaws.

     Do all smartwatch need screen protector?

    Screens of top-end devices, as well as many other models, usually have additional protection in the form of special glass. In most cases, chemically hardened Corning Gorilla Glass is used. It effectively prevents the appearance of various defects.  But you should never neglect screen protector.

    Therefore, you can hear the opinion that a smartwatch with Corning Gorilla Glass does not need additional protective glass. Like, watch the videos on YouTube, what people are doing there: they try to pick it open with a screwdriver, and scratch it with scissors, but they just don't get it.

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