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    How to disinfect beauty salon with sterile work box?


    5 essential hygiene and safety tips in the beauty salon

    sterile work box

    The beauty industry must follow a set of rules to preserve the health of its professionals and customers. Everyone should follow these rules as it will help you in taking care of the customers during covid. In this process, never forget to have a quality sterile work box. .

    In the context of the new coronavirus pandemic, hygiene and safety in the beauty salon has gained even more importance. Thinking about it, we have listed 5 tips for you to keep up with your obligations and offer a reliable service. Look!

    1. Sterilize equipment after use

    Hygiene and safety in the beauty salon

    The diseases caused by the shared use of objects in beauty salons have a common reason. The lack of sterile work box instruments is a major cause. The procedure is simple and practical, so adopt it as a routine. If you prefer, establish a checklist so that the activity is not neglected in your business.

    2. Provide safety sterile work box equipment and disposable items

    The beauty professionals are in constant contact with people, chemicals and environmental pollution agents. An example is excessive noise, a situation that can compromise health. Therefore, provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees. For customers, whenever possible, make disposable items available.

    3. Demand the use of masks and provide alcohol gel for cleaning

    These measures are essential for the establishment to function. After all, it is a recommendation from the Ministry of Health to protect against the new coronavirus. Another important practice is to limit the number of people in the place to avoid crowds. Invest in an online scheduling system for greater convenience for everyone.

    In addition, communicate to customers what security measures you are taking and indicate how they should go to the salon. In case of symptoms such as cough and fever, advise them to seek medical attention.

    4. Keep the environment always ventilated with sterile work box

    Closed environments contribute to the spread of several viruses. Therefore, it values ​​the air circulation. Leave doors and windows open and use fans to keep the space ventilated. You also have a working sterile work box for instrument.

    5. Bet on contactless transactions

    The technology already allows for various forms of online financial transactions, such as bank deposits, payment slips, credit card, paypal etc. This procedure is the most appropriate to avoid the common physical contact of payment with cash.

    When adopting it, communicate the reasons for the change and encourage your audience to make payment more safely. If you use a dummy for card payments, protect it with plastic film and sanitize it with each transaction to eliminate the risk of contamination.

    How does sterile work box help you in proper hygiene?

    The beauty salon is a place where people need to feel comfortable, as if they were at home. For this, keeping the environment very clean and organized is essential. In addition, you need to be prepared to serve a more demanding clientele that observes every detail very carefully.

    Cleanliness is not just a matter of aesthetics, but mainly of health. A dirty place is prone to insects, which live in dirty places and spread disease. In addition, sharp objects such as pliers, for example, must always be sterilized so as not to run the risk of transmitting viruses that cause serious illnesses.

    With that in mind, we have separated some sterile work box cleaning tips for beauty salons that will help you keep your establishment looking its best and win customers over. Check out!

    1. Do a thorough cleaning daily

    Whether in the morning, before opening the salon, or at the end of the day, the floor must be swept, dust must be removed and it is also important to use some product to remove germs from surfaces.

    2. Clean sterile work box whenever necessary

    Did the manicure just do a nail? Was there a haircut ? Hair removal ? So be sure to do the cleaning of the waste afterwards. Pass the broom and collect all the garbage with the help of the shovel. Any dirt that comes up should be resolved quickly.

    3. Hire a professional to do this service

    Constant cleaning must be carried out quickly, so that it does not hinder the passage of people in the place. Therefore, having a person who is always available to do this part of the job helps a lot to maintain the hygiene of your salon and gives a good impression to the clientele.

    4. Take out the trash at the end of the day

    Do not leave until tomorrow the garbage that we can remove today. Ideally, the bag needs to be take out every day and, preferably, at the end of the working day. If there is something inopportune it is a bag full of garbage in the middle of the customers.Similarly, also clean sterile work box on regular basis. 

    5. Take good care of washbasins, brushes and pots

    The washbasin must be cleaned frequently, as several customers place their hair there. Therefore, it must be free of any chemical product, so that it does not reach the hair of others.


    The same goes for brushes and preparation pots, which should not wait for cleaning the next day. Some substances are very strong and can leave an unpleasant smell in the environment.

    But why keep the room clean? The answer to that question seems a bit obvious, doesn't it? Cleaning the house and various utensils is something we do every day, but in a beauty salon, hygiene is of the utmost importance and helps to maintain the differential in the midst of the competition.

    How to disinfect saloon instrument with sterile work box?

    Having pieces of nails and cuticles on the floor, remnants of hair in combs and brushes, dirty pots with products that have been there for hours, all of this is bad advertising and makes people run from your salon as fast as they can, without looking back. A place where beauty is the watchword must be up to the demands of the clientele .

    What's more, the clean sterile work box is not only good for maintaining the health of customers, but also for the people who work there. It gives much more pleasure to be in a clean and well organized environment.

    Clean saloon is a good way for promotion

    Promotions are a great way to test various strategies in your beauty salon, in addition to attracting new customers. Through small actions, it is easy to find out how much customers like or dislike certain services and how much they are able to buy certain products. This makes it easier to understand your audience's perception of your brand and find out if your strategies are working.

    Ideally, a promotion should start to be developed at least three months in advance. Seems like a long time? Remember that a well-planned promotion can generate an increase of up to 200% in sales.

    sterile work box 2021

    Choose your target

    Once the objectives have been defined, it is necessary to choose your target audience, that is, that portion of customers who would be most interested in the promotion and, therefore, is who you should target.


    If your intention is to increase your customer base, you should focus on sterile work box. If the goal is to increase the value of the average ticket, you should focus on your current customers to persuade them with your hygienic atmosphere.

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