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    How to use uv sterilizer toy box to disinfect baby toys?



    uv sterilizer toy box

    In the time of Coronavirus, we cannot fool around, every care is little and hygiene is fundamental. It also includes toys. In this post, uv sterilizer toy box expert, shares tips on how to sanitize toys of all kinds. Check out!

    How to sanitize toys with uv sterilizer toy box?

    In the current moment that we are living with the rapid spread of COVID-19, we have heard a lot about the care with hygiene, mainly of the hands. But what about toys, do we need to sanitize them?

    Siiiiim !! The hygiene of toys is as important as hand hygiene, as the little ones put them in their mouths, throw them on the floor. Adults take them to collect, thus generating a cycle of dissemination of microorganisms, whether they are viral or bacterial.

    Thinking about it, let's talk a little bit about how to keep toys of different materials sanitized. Our children can explore the toys in a playful and safe way.

    Plastic uv sterilizer toy box

    Toys that do not accumulate water inside should be washed with mild soap and afterwards, receive a cloth moistened with 70% alcohol for complete cleaning. If the toy accumulates water, it is advisable to clean it only with 70% alcohol.

    Rubber and EVA

    Sanitize with water and soap and 70% alcohol. The importance of completely removing water from the inside of toys that are used during the bath is emphasized.


    Prioritize cleaning with a cloth moistened with 70% alcohol, to avoid possible sources of rust if there is any iron part.


    MDF objects stain easily in contact with water. It is very important to use a uv sterilizer toy box that is not completely damp. Moreover, it should contain 70% alcohol to ensure that there is hygiene. For solid wood there is no contraindication regarding the use of a damp cloth for cleaning.

    Plush and fabrics

    It is important that toys or plush dolls and fabric are washed with mild machine soap, in the delicate cycle, placed in bags that protect them - it can be in a pillowcase too! If hand washing is indicated by the manufacturer, we need to be careful with a mild soap. Finally, you need to place toys to dry in an open and sunny environment. By doing this, you will also be removing the mites that accumulate over the days from the environment.

    Electronics uv sterilizer toy box

    Remove protective covers, turn off and disconnect from possible cables. According to the Federal Council of Chemistry, isopropyl alcohol - sold in electronic stores - is the most suitable in cleaning electronic products, with a damp cloth. Daily hygiene of uv sterilizer toy box is important, whenever used by the child and the family.

    Anyway, following these tips, the toys will be clean and the little ones away from the Corona !!

    Hygiene is one of the most important issues for the health and well-being of babies, but it still causes many doubts about the best products. With this dilemma in mind, we have prepared for mothers a list of items. These can be available in children's stores, markets and pharmacies:

    1. Warm water

    Keeping a thermos of lukewarm water will be a real wild card for your baby's hygiene.

    You will use it mainly when changing diapers, avoiding the baby wipes that can irritate and cause allergies in the baby. Just soak a piece of cotton in the water and, if the feces are stuck to the skin, use a little neutral soap for the complete removal.

    This water can also be used to clean the little hands and mouth of the little ones right after feeding and, eventually, a part of the clothes that have just got dirty.

    2. sterilize Nasal aspirator with uv sterilizer toy box

    Since the baby does not know how to blow his nose, when he has the flu or a cold, Mom needs to help him relieve this discomfort. Count on the uv sterilizer toy box for this, performing periodic cleaning of the area.

    uv sterilizer toy box 2021

    Despite the variety on the market, they all work the same way, but not all moms know how to use it correctly. First, you need to remove the air from the bulb. Then, drip a little bit of serum into the child's nostril and insert the tip of the aspirator lightly. Release the bulb for suction to take place.

    Always respect the age group to which the product is directed. After use, wash the vacuum cleaner with soap and water.

    3. Nail clippers or scissors uv sterilizer toy box

    The baby's nails grow longer than you might think, and if they are not always trimmed, they will scratch and hurt the baby and the people around him. Hence the need for a uv sterilizer toy box.

    Test the cutter and scissors option to see which one suit you best. The cutter is faster, but it can be more difficult to hit the cut, while the scissors guarantee accuracy. It is difficult to keep the little one quiet.


    Prefer to cut the baby's nails after the bath, when they will be soft and clean.


    4. Disinfect Flexible rods uv sterilizer toy box

    Essential item for cleaning the umbilical stump and the baby's ear, the flexible rods can also be very useful for cleaning small injuries in children.

    In relation to ear cleaning, never insert the stems into the baby's ear canal (the inner part of the ear, which you cannot see). They completely remove the wax, which is not recommended, and can cause trauma.

    5. Moisturizer

    The baby's skin is very delicate and deserves special care. It will leave you healthy throughout your growth and replenish the water lost in the day.

    The cosmetic used can never be the same as mommy, as adult products have additives that can irritate children's sensitive skin.

    The ideal is to buy a specific moisturizer for babies. This type of product is already hypoallergenic, contains fewer dyes and perfumes. And uv sterilizer toy box is good to use by children of all ages in all parts of the body.

    6. Glove or toothbrush

    Even before the first teeth appear, it is necessary to clean the baby's mouth, tongue and inner cheeks. The most appropriate way to do this is to moisten a cleaning glove, preferably a fun one to entertain your child.

    As your teeth grow, switch to the toothbrush and toothpaste exclusive to children. Again, choose the fun items and let the child become familiar with the brush so that the moment becomes less uncomfortable for him.

    7. Ointment for diaper rash

    It is mandatory to combat diaper rash in babies, which arise due to friction and moisture in the diaper in the child's genital region, or due to excessive folds around the body. You can avoid rashes by disinfecting utensils in uv sterilizer toy box.

    When choosing the best for your baby, pay attention to the composition. It must contain zinc oxide, vitamins A and D, lanolin, marigold and oils, traditionally used to relieve redness, swelling and burning.


    The texture is another important factor, as some ointments can be more difficult to be absorbed by the skin and removed. However, if it has a good efficiency on the little one’s butt, keep using it normally.

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