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    How much effective is instrument sterilization box? (China Portable Sterilization 2020)


    How much effective is instrument sterilization box? (China Portable Sterilization 2020)

    instrument sterilization box

    Introduction to instrument sterilization box

    We are all aware of the importance of instrument sterilization box. So it is time to know that we can have our products for daily use cleaner and without bacteria.
    The sterilizers’ boxes are the solution for disinfecting and sterilizing small objects. With a simple operation you will have your objects sterilized in a few minutes.

    Ultraviolet sterilizers are in use around for longer than you might believe. But it is only now that they have gone from being a fad to a necessity.

    Why instrument sterilization box are getting popularity?

    The growing need to disinfect all the utensils or devices that we use on a daily basis has made these devices one of the star products of the moment.

    Imagine, you go to the street protected with masks and gloves, in the best of cases. However, you touch your mobile, touch your glasses, and touch the keys. A large number of objects that will later go to your home will not get disinfection and may contain germs.

    Even the most careful person at a given moment touches something. Later, he forgets that he has touched it and it can be a source of contagion.

    To avoid this, there are boxes of ultraviolet light, known as instrument sterilization box. They are good to place those objects that have been in contact with possible pathogens and that, by means of radiant UV light lamps, are free of them in a matter of minutes.

    The ultraviolet sterilizer is an absolutely necessary health supplement

    What is the use of washing your hands when you get home? If it does not also sanitize that mobile that did not stop touching in the street?

    UV Sterilizer Box

    instrument sterilization box manufacturers

    The objects that are most exposed in everyday use to infections and pathogens are, in this order, mobile phones, glasses, keys and money. No matter how careful you are, not coming into contact with any of these objects in the usual exit is almost impossible.

    Cleaning them, once we get home or to the workplace, can go unnoticed, being something fundamental in prevention.

    That is why one of the star products at the moment is instrument sterilization box.

    The box has 8 UV LED lights. Its size has good design for small objects such as:

    • Keys
    • Coins
    • Glasses
    • cell phones

    It is suitable for any type of object that enters the box, since the sterilization is carried out by emission of UV radiation that does not emit heat.

    How much effective is instrument sterilization box?

    The effectiveness of sterilization is 99.9% against all types of pathogens. A range is impossible to overcome with another disinfection method that ensures not damaging the product.


    It is ideal to transport it easily in bags or backpacks. Moreover, it only requires USB power and 3 minutes to complete its complete cycle.

    It has sound warnings of work (start / finish) and its use is so simple that it only needs a button for its operation.

    A fantastic investment, especially when you consider its shelf life and that it is effective for sterilization against 99.99% of known viruses.

    Portable UV instrument sterilization box

    The number 1 selling uv sterilizer box is the portable uv box model.

    This box has measures of 21.8cm x 12.3cm x 5.3cm. However the actual volume is somewhat lower due to the arrangement of the power supply and device controls.

    It incorporates ultraviolet LED lamps on both sides of the box, which once closed must be isolated.

    The instrument sterilization box has good ratio of almost 99.99% against all types of pathogens, in just 3 minutes of useful work.

    Due to its measurements it is suitable for glasses, mobile phones up to 7 inches, jewelry, money, keys, cards ... all kinds of objects that may have been exposed to germs.

    The ultraviolet sterilizer does not generate heat and that is why the objects introduced for sterilization do not suffer any damage.


    Low consumption and lightweight, it is fully portable. It also carries USB, even though power banks for outdoor use without a light point.

    As an extra , it has an internal aromatherapy diffuser.  With which, if you want the objects to come out sterilized and with aroma, it is only necessary to add a few drops of essential oil.

    Portable Sterilizer Lamp box

    At leadingplus we think of everything. It is necessary to sterilize objects. Moreover, it is necessary to do it on surfaces.

    That is why your portable instrument sterilization box is one of the most interesting UV sterilizers on the market.

    This product is good to sterilize any surface with the same efficiency. But it is without the limitations of the same.

    • It has 20 ultraviolet LED lamps distributed throughout the body of the product.
    • Its dimensions are 25.7 x 4.2 x 4 cm and it weighs 440 grams.

    Ideal for sofas, car seats, parcel boxes, bathrooms, work materials such as:

    • Computers or
    • The tables themselves.

    Due to its design, we can use it with everything.

    The lamp detects if it turns around abruptly. It turns off the lights as a safety mechanism to prevent it from hitting our face or any part of the body. Since the use is indicated on objects, not on people.

    This tool, or a similar one, should be present in all types of jobs to ensure sterilization from one client to another in common areas and at home. It is perfect to ensure that we do not bring pathogens from the street in a simple way.

    Ultra-Portable UV Disinfectant instrument sterilization box

    Generally, it is an ideal gadget to carry in your bag or even in your pocket.

    The portable instrument sterilization box has ultra-compact dimensions (10x3cm) with built-in battery. It is perfect to always carry with you and with the built-in ultraviolet lamp to be able to sterilize anything at any time.

    The mode of use is very simple. You just have to unlock the built-in child protection and press to activate the light. The light must remain focused on the object or surface to be sanitized for at least 3 minutes and about 3 cm away.

    Because of its practicality and its price, it has become one of the most demanded ultraviolet sterilizers for personal use or as a gift.

    Do not forget that the sterilizer can serve you in any daily situation to prevent infections by any virus or pathogen in general. We are very aware that prevention is the best and only way to health and we highly recommend it.

    Professional Ultraviolet instrument sterilization box

    SUNUV S2 sterilizer box manufacturers

    If you have an aesthetic type of business in which you use instruments in contact with customers, it is certain that if you do not already have it. A sterilizer for the material will be among your purchase objectives.

    Enter the professional ultraviolet sterilizers that we can find. Instrument sterilization box seems to us to be a highly recommended option, since it has a double sanitizing action:

    • Ultraviolet lamp
    • Ozone generation

    Combining both systems the best result is obtained for equipment for professional use.


    The objective is to be able to sterilize the largest amount of equipment with full guarantee and for this the device has a tray, in the purest oven style. It allows you to make the most of the space. The instrument sterilization box ensures insulation from the outside and the glass filters UV radiation.

    Without a doubt, equipping your business with sterilization equipment like this will increase the confidence of your customers.

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