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    A Comprehensive Introduction to Wholesale Wireless Mouse


     7 reasons why wholesale wireless mouse is better than a conventional wired one.


    The wholesale wireless mouse has become a household computer accessory now. Starting its career in 1991, only the employees of big tech companies used it. But now, it has become a necessity for everyone. From pro-gamers to bank managers everyone now prefers to use a wireless mouse instead of a wired on.

    Wholesale wireless mouse is a synergy between optical or laser movement sensing technology and cordless innovation. This combination has led to a mouse with smooth functionality and dynamic applications.

    This increase in the demand for a wholesale wireless mouse is due to the benefits that it offers. It is quickly taking over the wired mouse because it’s more user friendly and dynamic in terms of capabilities as compared to the conventional mouse.

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    Introduction to a Wholesale Wireless Mouse

    Wireless Mouse was first invented in 1991 by Logitech. The first wireless mouse- the Cordless Mouseman worked on the basis of Radio Frequency Transmission and unlike Infrared wireless gadgets such as a TV remote, this wireless mouse didn’t need to be directly in front of the receiver to work.

    Since then, these untethered devices have changed the outlook of the entire tech industry. The demand for wireless devices is increasing every day compelling the researchers to make more innovations in the field of wireless gadgets.

    With the introduction of wireless charging and earphones, it would not be wrong to assume that all the devices in the future would be free of cords.

    Types of Wholesale Wireless Mouse

    There are two basic types of a wholesale wireless mouse. The wireless mouse has the same fundamental working principle as that of a wired mouse. Since the wholesale wireless mouse does not directly connect with a computer, it needs a charge to work. This charge can either be provided by removable batteries (cells) or by charging the device using a USB cable.

    Types of wireless mice:

    • Radio Frequency (RF) mouse
    • Bluetooth Radio Frequency mouse

    Working of Radio Frequency Mouse

    The basic working of a radio frequency mouse is practically the same as that of a wired mouse. But because it is wireless, it has a radio transmitter built inside it.

    This radio transmitter picks up the movements and clicks of the wireless mouse and transmits the signals over to a receiver using radio waves. The user needs to connect the receiver to the computer. This receiver is sometimes built into the computer. And other times the user may have to connect the receiver to one of the computer’s USB ports.

    The receiver decodes the signals that it picks up from the transmitter and feeds it into the computer’s mouse driver which then moves the cursor or performs the required task on the screen.

    Before using this wireless mouse for the first time, users may need to pair the mouse transmitter and the receiver by switching it on and moving the mouse for a few seconds to calibrate the transmitter and receiver together.

    RF wireless mice are better for the users whose laptops do not support a Bluetooth connection but have multiple USB ports for the mouse’s receiver to occupy.

    Working of a Bluetooth Radio Frequency Mouse

    Bluetooth radio frequency mouse works much like a radio frequency mouse. The only difference is that instead of a receiver, this mouse pairs with the Bluetooth antenna of the computer.

    The users only need to switch on the Bluetooth of their computers and pair the mouse with it and the device becomes ready to use.

    These mice are better suited for people who have fewer USB ports in their computers since their receivers engage one of the ports as long as the mouse is in use.

    Size of Wholesale Wireless mouse

    An ergonomic mouse has a design that provides comfort and eases to the user. The size of a wireless mouse also plays a key role in its functionality. The size of the mouse affects the grip and mobility hence there are different sizes available for different applications.

    The small size of a wireless mouse is good for people who have to travel a lot and is swift in functioning. A medium-sized mouse is preferred for a desktop computer setup. While a large size provides a good hand grip.

    Why Wholesale Wireless mouse is better than its tethered counterpart

    Wholesale wireless mice have quickly taken over not just the tech industry but every office desk and house that uses a computer. And not just that, wireless mice are a favorite in the gaming industry as well and most preferred by professional gamers. The reason for this quick growth is the pros that a wireless mouse has over an old-fashioned cord mouse.

    Less mess-Tidier workspace.

    The first plus point of a wireless mouse is that it is cord-free means hassle-free. The cord of a wired mouse gets tangled up which leads to unnecessary delay in work and uncalled for frustration.

    Furthermore, being cord-free also means a tidier workspace when using a wireless mouse. A computer desk is already prone to becoming messy due to a network of wires present on the desk. So, using a wireless mouse contributes to one less cord on the desk.

    Long Range.

    The reason wireless mice are so popular among gamers is that it can be operated from anywhere in the room. The user does not necessarily have to be right next to the computer to operate the mouse. So, using a wireless mouse, users can operate their computers, play games, and give presentations while being far from the screens.

    Mobility and Agility

    Along with all other benefits, one more advantage of a wireless mouse is its enhanced mobility. Due to the lack of a connecting cord, a wireless mouse is more agile and offers smooth and swift movements of the cursor on the screen.

    Easier to travel with

    Since a wireless mouse has no cord attached to it, hence it is easier to pack and travel with. Unlike a wired mouse that is prone to get tangled in the bag, it is easier to store and carry a wholesale wireless mouse. Taken out and used when the need arises, without any hassle of untangling the cords first.

    Can be used with devices that have no USB port.

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    Aesthetically minimalUnlike wired mice, a Bluetooth RF wireless mouse can be used with devices that do not have a USB port. Such as Tablets, iPad, etc. This makes the wireless mouse a lot more dynamic in terms of applications as compared to a wired mouse.

    Owing to its cordless feature, a computer screen with a wireless mouse and keyboard is very minimal. And this set-up has a great aesthetic appeal to it.

    Pairs with multiple devices

    Another advantage that a wireless mouse offers over a wired mouse is that it can be used on multiple devices at the same time. The user can use a single mouse even while working on multiple computers.

    The price range of Wholesale wireless mouse

    Long gone are the days when wireless mice were considered to be an expensive computer accessory. Now one can get the wholesale wireless mouse from online retailers at a price as low as $2 per piece.

    The Wholesale wireless mouse market

    Courtesy of all the benefits that the wholesale wireless mouse has to offer, its market is growing rapidly. Many people now prefer to use a wireless mouse instead of a wired one because of its mobility, and ease of usage.

    The increasing number of consumers for the wireless mouse is because of the ease that it offers. Gamers, tech experts, and anyone using a computer prefer to use a wireless mouse. This is the reason why the global wireless mouse industry is expected to grow to USD 1.77 billion by 2025.

    Furthermore, with on-going pandemic, more people are working from home and using computers. Hence the need for computer accessories has already increased.

    Moreover, owing to the boom in e-commerce and online sales and marketing, the demand for wholesale wireless mouse has escalated to newer heights and this will only go higher from here.

    This growth will bring many new opportunities for retailers. And in a scenario like this, the demand for a wireless mouse will increase exponentially.


    The wholesale wireless mouse has changed the wireless computer accessory game for good. With consumers now preferring wireless gadgets over wired ones, most of the computer and mobile accessories have gone wireless.

    With more and more businesses going online, the generic demand for efficient computer accessories has increased. People look for gadgets that would reduce the space occupied by the computer setup while performing efficiently.

    The wholesale wireless mouse has taken over the computer gadget industry swiftly and indefinitely. It has taken an edge above the conventional wired mouse because of all the additional plus points that it has to offer.

    While being efficient and smooth, a wholesale wireless mouse also reduces desk clutter. It enables the user to control the cursor from afar. These and a host of other qualities are the reason why the wireless mouse has so easily taken an edge over its tethered alternative.

    We being the best wireless mouse suppliers, Leading Plus, can provide you with a wide range of wireless mouses. For more information, you can contact us today.

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