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    Medical-grade UV sterilizer box: 5 Helpful Buying Tricks


    A small introduction to the medical-grade UV sterilizer box

    The use of a medical-grade UV sterilizer box is one of the most recurring themes among our customers' questions. Before addressing the issue of the UV sterilizer directly, it is good to say a few words about the good box.

    Medical-grade UV sterilizer box

    UV sterilizers for drinking box

    The artesian well draws a box from a more or less deep aquifer. The quality of the supplied box depends on many factors. Generally, we can say that the deeper the well, the more guarantees. There are on the quality of the medical-grade UV sterilizer box.

    However, we are not in the presence of an absolute datum. Let's say first of all that ground box has influence due to multiple factors of human or completely natural nature. In fact, the presence of agriculture or intensive farming can pollute the ground box with chemicals.

    Natural factors are attributable to natural rocks or sediments or to the influence of the meteoric regime. It is, if, with more or less intense rains, the washout of the soil.

    How to maintain the quality of the medical-grade UV sterilizer box?

    To frame the problem, the advice we give is to carry out at least two or better medical-grade UV sterilizer boxes.  The purpose is to see if the quality of the box supplied is kept constant. The goal is to see if we are in the presence of constant pollution or not.

    In the first case, the operation is simpler. There is the possibility of designing a system that guarantees effectiveness in all situations. It is more difficult to clearly plan a solution in case the contaminated substances are not uniform.

    It is also advisable to analyze the medical-grade UV sterilizer box table after heavy rain. This is because if there are any variations in the quality of the box. It means that the ground box is not safe.

    How to choose the exact size of the box?

    When preparing to choose the size of a UV sterilizer, always make sure that the incoming box is clear and free of turbidity. The presence of suspended particles generates a shadow cone that makes ultraviolet radiation ineffective. To do this it is important to make the incoming medical-grade UV sterilizer box clear and proof of impurities.

    It is advisable to insert a pre-filtration battery that removes any particulate matter. This type of filter is commonly popular as a sediment filter. It is a mechanical filter with a fine mesh ranging from 50 microns to 5 microns and even less. In a good box, for domestic users, a battery of 20 ″ filters with porosity at 20 and 10 microns is more than enough.

    The sizing is a quick process; depending on the flow rate it is necessary to guarantee an ultraviolet radiation dose higher than 30,000 micro Watts per cm2 per second. This is to make sure that the box coming out of the UV lamp is sterile.

    How to install a UV sterilizer?

    The installation requires these precautions. If installed vertically, an inlet at the bottom and outlet at the top, if positioned horizontally, inlet and outlet upward. This is to prevent the formation of air pockets inside which reduce the effectiveness of the medical-grade UV sterilizer box and create pressure regulation problems.

    Always insert shut-off valves at the inlet and outlet of the UV sterilizer, to facilitate maintenance interventions. We recommend setting up a by-pass, as in case of breakage of the quartz sleeve, it is still possible to use the mains box.

    Why sterilizer is useful?

    The presence of a tub represents a critical point. Putting the sterilizer upstream is useful up to a certain point; the bacterial load could develop in the accumulation with risks that should not be underestimated.

    We, therefore, recommend putting it downstream to ensure a sterile medical-grade UV sterilizer box at the outlet. A strong bacterial concentration could develop inside a storage tank.

    However, the advice is to install a chlorine dispenser that protects the box with microbial growths. If we are not using a disinfection machine, we should subject the instruments to a disinfection bath.

    UV-C LED: what it is?

    The UV-C lamp is a particular type of lamp that produces ultraviolet light, capable of carrying out an action of sanitizing the environment. Usually to generate UV-C rays mercury vapour lamps were useful. It is an effective technology for the removal of microorganisms. But with a limited life span of the source and a highly polluting power due to the presence of mercury.

    Medical-grade UV sterilizer box 2021

    UV technology combined with LED technology, with a wavelength centered around 265nm and 280nm, has allowed the development of UV- C LED lamps, an innovative and above all safe, sustainable and economical device.

    Compared to traditional medical-grade UV sterilizer boxes, germicidal UV-C LED technology has smaller and more compact dimensions, making it more versatile and adaptable to different types of applications.

    Advantages of UV- C LEDs

    In addition to having better performances in terms of pollution and size, UV-C LEDs have characterization by further advantages also in terms of.

    Emission: The emission of the LED is concentrated in a single direction. It has a light angle ranging from 30 ° to 120 °. This allows perfect collimation of the emission beam. Moreover, it,s direction is on a precise objective without dispersion;

    Energy-saving: LED technology is popular for low consumption. Also in this case energy saving is advantageous than choosing a mercury lamp.

    Duration: the LEDs have a longer average lifetime than that of a mercury UV lamp;

    On/off cycles: unlike mercury vapour lamps, LEDs light up immediately without the need for "heating", managing to provide the maximum power of germicidal efficacy and with the possibility of carrying out an almost unlimited number of ignition sequences and extinguishing, also avoiding deterioration of the emission characteristics.

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