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    The Ultimate Guide to Medical-Grade Uv Sterilizer Box


    Should I buy a UV or steam sterilizer?

    Along with a breast pump and a medical-grade uv sterilizer box. The bottle sterilizer frees up time for parents as they don't have to spend a lot of effort to prepare a safe bottle for their baby.

    However, to buy the best baby bottle sterilizer when there are many brands of sterilizers on the market with many features, from UV sterilizers to steam sterilizers and even sterilizers. Dry the milk bottle.

    In the past, people used to sterilize baby bottles with boiled water or under sunlight. Then technology was born, people started using sterilizers instead.

    Two most common types of medical-grade uv sterilizer box

    Now on the market, there are two most common types of sterilizers. Sterilizers that use steam generated from water to disinfect, and UV sterilizers that use ultraviolet (UV) rays from light bulbs. inside to kill germs. So, which is better at keeping steam and UV rays out?

    Medical-Grade Uv Sterilizer Box

    Should I buy a UV or steam sterilizer?

    As for cost, it can be really subjective. Some people see it as a one-time purchase, while others see it as an investment. So, let the Leadingplus explain themselves. A steam sterilizer can be a “one-time purchase” item as you can only use it for baby bottles, which means only for your child.

    While the medical-grade uv sterilizer box can be good even by adults. It supports a wider range of items to sterilize, hence a longer-term investment.

    Steam sterilizer is more affordable

    Steam sterilizer is definitely more affordable when you look at the price. UV sterilizer is more expensive, not only that it costs more for the maintenance of its bulb and filter. It is easy to judge which is more expensive but it is up to each individual to see its value. Which is more valuable is always up to you to decide!

    Capacity sizes and shapes

    Regardless of whether it is a UV sterilizer or a steam sterilizer, it has different sizes and shapes. Usually we will find a medical-grade uv sterilizer box capable of holding more bottles than a Steam Sterilizer. Conventional UV sterilizers such as: Multifunctional UV Sterilizing Box, UV sterilizer can store bottles of milk while steam sterilizers like Sterilizers.

    UV sterilizer has more functions than steam sterilizer

    Steam sterilizer is basically just a sterilizer. UV sterilizer has more functions such as preservation function, dryer, self-cleaning, etc. Not only that, UV sterilizer allows you sterilize more objects like:

    • Toys
    • breast pump parts
    • phones etc.

    Another thing is that medical-grade uv sterilizer box is much safer than steam sterilizer because it uses use ultraviolet light bulbs. A steam sterilizer can be dangerous in an emergency because it contains hot water during processing.

    Convenient with all the technology inside

    As our lifestyles get busier, you're always looking for something quick and easy to operate. UV sterilizers are much more convenient with all the technology inside because no water is needed.

    The UV sterilizer requires much less steps, just put your bottle inside and with the push of a button you are ready to go and it's like a "smart" sterilizer with all sorts of options. function! With the use of medical-grade uv sterilizer box, there is no need to wait for the water to dry, in less time!

    Medical-Grade Uv Sterilizer Box 2022

    Should I buy a UV or steam sterilizer?

    In short, the above is basically a comparison between both UV and steam sterilizers, and these are also the two most popular bottle sterilizers on the market. So, depending on the fit with your needs and lifestyle as well as your ability to pay, you choose to buy the right product.

    However, according to the records of the mothers who have reflected with the Leadingplus, when using a medical-grade uv sterilizer box, some milk bottles will be yellowed and the bottle will not use for a long time.

    Ability to sterilize up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria

    With the ability to sterilize up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, UV drying and deodorizing sterilizers are purchase by many Vietnamese families to disinfect baby bottles, nipples, dishes, dishes, etc. teething toys and breast pump accessories, as well as cell phones, remote controls, stuffed toys, etc...

    As all mothers know, the baby's immune system is very weak and easily attacked by bacteria, bottles and accessories that the baby comes into direct contact with is the best hiding place.

    Prevent babies from getting infected with bacteria

    Medical-grade uv sterilizer box and accessories regularly will help prevent your baby from becoming infected with bacteria. They can accumulate in the bottle or the objects that the baby comes into contact with such as:

    • Pacifiers
    • Spoons
    • Dishes
    • toys and a bottle sterilizer will be the choice that you cannot ignore.

    However, using a bottle sterilizer takes a lot of time, especially the time to dry after sterilizing. This is an agent for bacteria to re-invade the bottle and it is not safe again. To limit those disadvantages, many mothers choose to buy a medical-grade uv sterilizer box. It helps mothers save time when preparing a safe bottle of milk for their baby.

    Which type of sterilizer is good?

    There are two types of bottle sterilizers on the market:

    1. Steam-dried bottle sterilizers
    2. UV-dried bottle sterilizers, making many mothers wonder what type of sterilizer is

    The advantages and disadvantages of sterilizers

    Which is good? To answer the questions of mothers as well as to help mothers choose the best products for their babies. Leadingplus would like to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each line of drying sterilizers as follows:

    • With the use of hot steam to clean baby bottles, steam-drying sterilizers will have a cheaper price than medical-grade uv sterilizer box.
    • Sterilization and drying time are generally longer than that of a UV sterilizer. It is not to mention the preparation time prior to the sterilization cycle.
    • The capacity of the steam sterilizer is 4-6 bottles, while the UV sterilizer is 12-16 bottles, excluding accessories.
    • The drying capacity of the steam sterilizer is 70% humidity, while the steam sterilizer dries to 90% humidity, so parents can rest assured.
    • Because steam use, the steam-drying sterilizer is more prone to electric shock, while the UV-drying sterilizer uses ultraviolet light, so it is safer.
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