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    How to choose metal force sterilization box for baby bottles?


    Baby bottles are a breeding ground for bacteria if parents do not clean and disinfect them. Bacteria in the air can get inside the bottle through the nipple. And this stays in the corners of the bottle if not cleaned immediately after the baby is finished feeding. Therefore, you need metal force sterilization box.

    metal force sterilization box

    What people say about metal force sterilization box?

    According to British health news site, in the first year of life, a child's immune system is still weak. Therefore, with bottle-fed babies, sterilizing bottles is essential. Sterilizing baby bottles helps prevent the risk of children being infected with bacteria, viruses, diseases such as diarrhea, poisoning, infection...

    Mothers can sterilize by boiling suitable baby bottles. Similarly, it does not produce harmful substances during boiling. Similarly, it is best to use glass bottles.

    Parents should choose a white bottle with no pictures. Because the process of boiling, steaming for sterilization can release paints and dyes from these drawings.

    Should choose white milk bottles for babies

    Steaming, boiling ... for sterilization will make the nipple quickly damaged. Therefore, parents need to regularly change the pacifier for their baby.

    Besides, parents should note that bottles and teats should dry after sterilization. Moisture causes bacteria to return faster and easier. Parents should replace the baby bottle with a new one immediately if the inside is scratched due to scrubbing. Furthermore, you need to buy metal force sterilization box.

    How to disinfect Milk Bottles with metal force sterilization box?

    Parents should not use ordinary dishwashing liquid to clean the bottle. They should use specialized detergents or natural detergents such as soap. Currently on the market, there are liquid detergents for baby bottles that make cleaning easier.

    In addition to cleaning bottles by steaming or boiling, they can also be sterilized by microwave, chemical or ultraviolet (UV) sterilization, in which, UV sterilization efficiency is the most effective. With uv box' bottle sterilization bag. It has nice design, easy to travel. Moreover, it will assist parents in sterilizing their children.

    Bottle sterilization bag uv box

    Metal force sterilization box has active applications in the field of sterilization. They can kill microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. This is useful when drying cloth diapers, underwear and towels outdoors.

    To destroy microorganisms, UV rays penetrate cell membranes, preventing their ability to regenerate and multiply. This destructive ability is the reason many places use UV germicidal lamps for disinfection.

    There is a famous saying in Chinese medicine, ''your best doctor is yourself, and your best hospital is your kitchen’’.

    This is to remind each person to protect their own health and to appreciate the importance of eating right as well as keeping utensils and dishes clean   against bacteria. The following uv box would like to give 3 reasons for you to choose the product Multi-function sterilization cap

    The sterilization capacity of the metal force sterilization box

    Dishes, if left for a long time and stored in a high humidity environment, will create favorable conditions for bacteria and mold to grow. The way people usually do it is to dry the dishes in the sun after each wash. But not every day is sunny, especially in the rainy season, when sunshine becomes scarce.

    So lid sterilization versatile of metal force sterilization box can produce ultraviolet light in the range of 260nm ~ 280nm, cutting direct DNA / RNA, completely kill the bacteria, the rate of sterilization high up to 99.9%. Ultraviolet rays can decompose the molecular structure of bacteria; eliminate odors, musty odors, and sour taste.

    Cleaner when disinfected

    Not only has health protection benefits, the uv box multi-purpose sterilization handle for  dishes  also helps housewives save a small amount of time for daily disinfection of dishes .

    You do not have to spend time drying the dishes and then taking them in, or in some cases when you need it urgently but the dishes are still not dry. With a versatile sterilized lid, women just need to put the lid on the dishes and press the start button. All jobs will then be handled perfectly by the dishwasher.

    Save electricity with metal force sterilization box

    No power consumption, mainly battery-powered products. The versatile metal force sterilization box works on modern technology, sterilizing from top to bottom   with ultraviolet rays to keep dishes clean.

    The sterilization of newborn clothes is extremely necessary, because this is the age that is sensitive to the surrounding effects of the environment. Baby clothes are one of the things that have a lot of impact on a baby's skin and health.

    metal force sterilization box 2022

    That's why parents should always keep their baby's clothes clean and fresh, and should disinfect their baby's clothes. Along metal force sterilization box share some useful tips on how to disinfect newborn baby clothes, to make it easier for women to take care of baby's hygiene.

    Sterilize baby clothes by drying in the sun!

    Sun exposure is one of the effective ways to kill bacteria and pathogens because the sun's rays can kill bacteria, so that the ability to disinfect newborn clothes will be better. Parents should take advantage of the time when the sun is big, so they should dry their children's clothes in suitable spaces to catch the wind and catch the sun.

    If the amount of clothes is large, parents can use smart drying racks to create a gap between clothes during the drying process. It should be noted that drying clothes away from each other, if they are too close together, the clothes are often difficult to dry, and it is easy to create a moldy environment for bacteria to multiply.

    Wash with cold water

    Many mothers often think that washing baby's clothes with warm water will be easier to clean the stains and kill bacteria better. However, that is just a subjective perception through the eyes. If washing with warm water will stimulate harmful bacteria to multiply more. Therefore, you should wash your baby's clothes in cold water to inhibit the formation of bacteria.

    Perform sterilization of newborn clothes regularly and periodically


    Although performing laundry tasks, sun drying has contributed to a positive effect in product sterilization. However, to ensure safety, we should do more sterilization with metal force sterilization box.

    In particular, during the long rainy season, sterilizing clothes is even more important, because this weather is easy to create an environment for bacteria and mold to multiply.

    With LED sterilization technology a specific wavelength range (260-280nm) in sunlight, can penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of the organism, destroy DNA and kill various pathogens, such as bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, etc.

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