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    Metal Sterilization Box 2022: Best buying Guide


    Box to sterilize and disinfect

    Metal sterilization box 2022 technology allows us to disinfect and sterilize objects. Firstly, the object that we want to sterilize or disinfect will be inserted into the disinfectant sterilizer box, just by activating the button in a matter of minutes it will be totally clean of microorganisms. It is reliable, chemical-free sterilization using UV-C LED technology.

    LED Sterilization box

    Metal Sterilization Box 2022 in USA

    It is p perfect device for any indoor place. This is good for businesses where the customer tries on jewelry or touches objects. Also to have it at home and be able to sterilize objects such as keys, mobiles, etc. UV sterilizing box is perfect for mobiles. It neutralizes viruses, bacteria and germs. Moreover, this is the best option to sterilize your smartphone without damage.

    Box to sterilize and disinfect

    The metal sterilization box 2022 integrates two sterilization modes: 6 or 9 minutes. It comes with nice design with a robust, non-slip and washable casing. The safety of the skin and eyes is guarantee by the automatic closing mechanism when opening the box.

    UV sterilizer box

    As well as, sterilizer box disinfectant box ultraviolet (UV) light has been known for some time to be a very effective method of sterilization and disinfection. Eventually, a specific range of waves that ultraviolet light emits (between 200 and 300 nanometers) classify as germicidal.

    This causes it to kill or inactivate microorganisms. This characteristic of UV light has allowed it to consider as an environmentally friendly disinfection method.

    Metal sterilization boxes 2022 problems solutions

    Cell phones are an element that we are continually touching throughout the day, and they collect all kinds of microorganisms. Eventually, this circumstance aggravates if possible by the COVID-19 pandemic. A practical idea that solves this problem for us is the UV boxes for smartphones.

    As well as, we only need a moment to disinfect them. UVC radiation reaches all the nooks and crannies of objects, where not even cleaning wipes can reach.

    Next, we show you a selection with the best products to disinfect the mobile, along with its main characteristics and reference prices...


    Cell disinfection box

    Sterilizing box and ozone disinfection is quite simple. New metal sterilization box 2022 box for masks, jewelry, mobile phones, UV LED sterilizer approximate price is €21 .Bacterial diseases are usually the main cause of illness. This ultraviolet disinfection box can disinfect your belongings anytime, anywhere to protect your health.

    UV sterilization only takes 3 minutes. Cyclic irradiation with a high rate of ultraviolet dialysis will instantly kill bacteria and make your mobile phone, watch, mask, necklace and other personal items instantly hygienic and very clean.

    Ozone disinfection box: 360 ° complete sterilization thanks to 4 UV LED lights, provide cross disinfection to prevent the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the mobile phone, and get a little more protection for your health.

    Solve the problem of the lack of masks

    The corner aroma sponge slot allows you to put a few drops of perfume or aromatherapy essential oil .Plug in the power and press the aroma button to eliminate the odor with a pleasant aroma. Furthermore, metal sterilization box 2022 suitable for various types of objects: it can hold a 6.5-inch smartphone.

    In addition to mobile phones, it can disinfect small items such as masks, keys, jewelry, cards, makeup brushes and other small items.

    What are the benefits of small boxes?


    Firstly, the boxes devices, sold for a few tens of euros, promise to kill 99.9% of viruses. While UV-C can neutralize germs on objects, its use is dangerous for the skin and eyes.

    Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, you may have seen these small boxes or ultraviolet lamps passing through social networks. They promise to eliminate 99.9% of viruses on our phones, our keys or even in the air of our home. Are these ads true and are these devices safe? Not quite, the True of False cell explains it to you.

    Is metal effectively neutralize viruses

    While some UV lamps can effectively neutralize viruses, they must use metal sterilization box 2022 under very specific conditions, and never use to disinfect hands or other areas of the skin. You risk burning your eyes and possibly even getting skin cancer.

    This UV-CS, another form of UV, is very aggressive, much more than those of tanning booths or for drying nail polish. The World Health Organization (WHO) therefore strongly advises against being in direct contact with these very special UV lamps.
    Metal Sterilization Box 2022

    A lack of information to judge their effectiveness

    By using a metal sterilization box 2022 to disinfect your phone, you may think that you are more protecting from the rays, but you must above all check the quality of the box. On an online sales site, we easily found more than a dozen supposed to clean phones, except that their descriptions are often very approximate.

    There is no proof of the quality of the material, no label, no standard. And the powers displayed are sometimes insufficient to disinfect correctly.

    Product Description:

    Advanced Technology Uses ultraviolet light (ultraviolet C), it can effectively kill or inactivate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and molds.

    Embedded Fail Safe Function -Each disinfection session is automatically set for 2 minutes and automatically switched off. The UV light will turn off automatically when opening the lid to prevent UV rays leakage

    Portable --- It is discreet, compact and portable for home or travel use.

    Easy to Use --- USB charger, built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, full charge up to 50 times.

    Main Features metal sterilization box 2022

    2, disinfection, easy and practical to use

    1. Full 360 degree UV disinfection, high efficiency.
    2. A good disinfection wavelength eliminates the DNA structure of the bacteria.
    3. When you open the top cover of the device, the LED will turn off automatically.

    6.3-minute disinfection function with voice display and LED display

    The beginning of the corona pandemic

    Eventually, irradiation with UV light has been a successful method of combating pathogens for almost 100 years. At least since metal sterilization box 2022 the beginning of the corona pandemic with its far-reaching consequences for the economy and society.

    So, try and test method has been more relevant than ever, as it also kill the corona virus in scientifically proven studies - without any harmful by-products.

    The UV-C spectrum in particular, which lies between 280 and 100 nanometers, is responsible for this. In nature, however, we do not come into contact with this radiation because it is completely absorbed by the oxygen in the atmosphere.

    Metal sterilization box Discovery

    Gustav Kaiser discovered the metal sterilization box 2022 disinfecting effect of UV-C light as early as 1902. Since then, the underlying technology has evolved a lot. In modern and closed waste water and air disinfection systems, the process takes place completely in secret. This is important because UV-C radiation damages the eyes. This single negative aspect is also taken into account in the UV disinfection box through the built-in protective mechanism.

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