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    What is the difference between a mini uv sterilizer and a steam sterilizer?


    mini uv sterilizer
    Along with the development of technology, there are many brands that have launched new generation of mini uv sterilizer besides traditional steam sterilizers. Therefore, nursing mothers also have more options in choosing a sterilizer to use for their baby.

    But the issue that is most concerned by mothers is probably the quality of each product line. And they do not know which bottle sterilizer to use.

    So let's learn more about the difference between these two product lines with us. This is to get the most objective judgment before choosing the product, ladies!

    The Sterilization Mechanism Explained

    1. Sterilization mechanism

    - Steam sterilizer

    The operating mechanism of a steam sterilizer is similar to that of mothers who boil milk bottles. Except that if boiled, the entire bottle will be submerged in water. And using a sterilizer, the bottle will be sterilized.

    Thanks to the mini uv sterilizer that rises directly when the water in the machine is boiled to eliminate and prevent bacteria from multiplying. In addition, the machine has been set to its own sterilization mode. Hence, it will automatically turn off when the sterilization is complete.

    mini uv sterilizer mechanism of 2 types

    - UV sterilizer

    Using short-wavelength ultraviolet rays to directly irradiate baby bottles and utensils is very common. Moreover, it is one of the most widely used methods in water, air and wastewater treatment technology. ,...

    Therefore, the mini uv sterilizer is capable of breaking DNA and destroying the nucleic acids of bacteria to prevent their multiplication. And when they are unable to grow and reproduce, they are no longer able to function to cause harm.

    2. Function of the mini uv sterilizer

    - Most types of steam sterilizers only have the main function of sterilization. In addition, there are some models that add the function of warming milk and drying but not many. Therefore, after sterilization, you still have to wait for the bottle to drain or dry before it can be used.


    - Most mini uv sterilizer have both sterilization and drying functions. So after sterilizing the bottle is completely dry. Similarly, it can be used immediately after the sterilization process is completed.

    3. The ability to kill bacteria

    In terms of bactericidal ability, both sterilizers have the ability to kill bacteria up to 99.9%. Just different sterilization methods should ensure the safety of the baby's health.

    UV sterilizers are more diverse than steam machines

    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria

    4. Sterilization time of mini uv sterilizer

    - From 8-15 minutes sterilization and keep sterile within 3 hours is the time of most steam sterilizers. For machines with a drying function, the drying time is 30 minutes.


    - With the UV sterilizer, the sterilization time is much longer than the normal steam machine within 40-60 minutes. The fastest it also takes 30 minutes for the Premium line of UV sterilizers to dry with UV rays.

    The normal drying time is 10 minutes and maintaining the items in mini uv sterilizer for about 24 hours after drying is complete.

    5. What tools can be sterilized?

    With a conventional steam sterilizer, it is mainly used to sterilize baby bottles. And it can sterilize up to 6 bottles, teats and some small baby tools such as spoons, bowls, forks...

    Most mini uv sterilizer have a large sterilizer compartment. So they can sterilize 6-8 bottles of milk, feeding utensils, toys, ... in general, a lot of items. As long as the size fits inside the machine.
    mini uv sterilizer 2021

    UV sterilizers are more diverse than steam machines

    In particular, with the UV sterilization mechanism, it should keep a dry environment for the tools to be sterilized. So there are even some product lines that can sterilize electronic devices.

    1. Safety when using

    Compared with machine sterile steam, the UV sterilizer machine ensures safer. Because it reduces the risk of burns if touched accidentally spilled water sterilizer machine. Therefore, when using a steam sterilizer, it is necessary to pay more attention and care.

    7. Price of mini uv sterilizer

    If the steam sterilizer has enough prices from a few hundred to less than 2 million, the UV sterilizer has a much more expensive price because of its modern features as well as smart and common sterilization technology to If you can buy a UV sterilizer, you have to spend at least 2 million VND.

    1. Power Consumption

    If steam sterilizers have a capacity of about 400W - 500W, UV sterilizers are only under 100W. So mini uv sterilizer consumes much less power than steam machines.

    1. Product durability

    Depending on the brand as well as the usage of each family, the durability of each type of machine is different. But if we use it for a long time, both types of machines also need to pay attention to some of the following issues:

    What are precautions of using steam sterilizer?

    - Steam sterilizer: must change the water poured into the sterilizer as well as clean the limescale deposits in the machine regularly to ensure the maximum sterilization effect. Similarly, it keeps the bottle clean 99.9% copper. Time to help the machine heat up quickly and operate smoothly as before.

    UV milk bottle sterilizer:

    You need to regularly check the UV light bulbs and replace them for those that have been used for too long and have poor performance.

    By now, you must have somewhat grasped the differences between the two lines of UV and steam sterilizers, right? The last thing is to consider choosing a product to suit the needs and spending capacity of each family!

    How to arrange utensils in the mini uv sterilizer

    • Completely remove the water in bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc.
    • Keeps the bottle facing up so that UV rays can penetrate into every corner of the bottle for effective drying?
    • Keep space between bottles.
    • Disassemble each part of the items to be sterilized with the open side facing up
    • Keep items about 3cm away from ultraviolet (UV) lights.

    Above is all information about mini uv sterilizer. If you are in need of buying this milk bottle sterilizer but do not know where to buy prestige and quality, please contact us.

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