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    Mobile Phone Sterilization Box: Easiest Guide for Beginners


    Mobile phone sterilization boxes integrate into compact technologies that do not have a power cable. Moreover, there are only simple batteries, allowing the device to be moved with extreme ease.

    Mobile Phone Sterilization Box

    The LEDs easily controllable modulated and controlled remotely in an on-demand perspective.  A UV sterilizer in this period could be very useful for killing bacteria on surfaces. For example, smartphones, masks, keys and other objects that we want to disinfect and sterilize.

    Among the various UV sterilizers that we can find at this time, there are the portable ones. We are going to see today. What we will have to consider is whether within these models. There will be the things we want to sterilize such as masks and smartphones.

    How does the UV mobile phone sterilization box work?

    Without getting too technical, thanks to ultraviolet rays we will be able to remove 99.9% of the bacteria present on the various surfaces.

    In this specific case to understand the use of mobile phone sterilization box, their operation is really simple:

    1. Firstly, we open the lid
    2. Secondly, we insert the object for sanitization
    3. We close the lid and click the dedicated button to start the sanitization.
    4. Depending on the model, the sterilization time may vary and we may also have more than one sterilization program
    5. We wait for the sanitization to end and take back our sterilized object.

    Mobile phone sterilization box and sterilization box strips: the differences

    The sterilization box technology has as its basic element the sterilization box. It presents in the most standardized format. A UV-C chip integrated into a transparent resin casing from which metal pins come out, or in the SMD format.
    A sterilization box manufacturer can supply sterilization boxes individually, arranging them on tapes wound on reels.

    A mobile phone sterilization box application, therefore, can be carried out as appropriate either by using single LEDs assembled on a PCB. Or by using a sterilization box light strip composed of sterilization box already assembled on support. It can then cuts to the most suitable size for your application.

    How to use a mobile phone sterilization box?

    If you choose to use the mobile phone sterilization box supplied individually in coils, it is necessary to design and produce the PCB on which the LED will be assembled, identifying not only the most suitable type of LED but also all the electronic components necessary for its correct operation.


    Another relevant aspect concerns the development of the heat dissipation system, in the case in which LEDs with high power that overheat quickly used, and the consequent design of a suitable enclosure.
    The use of a sterilization box strip, on the other hand, does not require the design of a dedicated PCB.

    In the face of this advantage, the cons are that the LED strip allows you to arrange the LEDs only in a linear way, therefore it is necessary to evaluate how to dissipate the heat through the use of metal profiles, to which to apply the mobile phone sterilization box strip.

    How to find a solution to a mobile phone sterilization box?

    The choice of this format also implies a final cost of the product lower than that obtained with the solution that provides one or more LEDs assembled on a PCB.

    Despite some differences, the choice of one or the other solution does not entail disparities in terms of germicidal efficacy, as the bactericidal effect depends on the type of LED used, not on the starting format, the wavelength, the distance and the exposure time.

    Mobile phone sterilization box: how it works?

    Mobile Phone Sterilization Box 2021
    Germicidal irradiation through ultraviolet rays is an effective method for sanitizing, sanitizing the air and sterilizing material surfaces in a mobile phone sterilization box.

    How does the sterilization box work? 

    Germicidal UV radiation is a sterilization method that uses UV light at the UV-C wavelength, but a distinction must first be made regarding the wavelength of the rays. We can divide the UV sources according to the wavelength of the ultraviolet rays in the solar spectrum.

    Based on this parameter, UV modules are useful in various sectors and applications:

    • A- UV: long-wavelength from 315nm to 400 nm, the UV-A modules are useful for medical and industrial use
    • B-UV-B: average wavelength from 280nm to 315nm, are modules useful mostly for curative medical use
    • C-UV: short-wavelength from 200nm to 280nm

    UV-C modules, being short wavelengths, are more aggressive than UV-A modules, and therefore more effective for quickly disinfecting environments. The germicidal efficacy peak is between 250 and 275 nanometers, therefore the 265 nm sterilization box is among the most suitable solutions for the rapid sanitization of a surface.

    Effect of the short wavelength of mobile phone sterilization box

    In this case, the short wavelength of the mobile phone sterilization box sterilizers can destroy the DNA or RNA of bacteria and viruses, leaving them unable to perform some vital cellular functions: this allows obtaining total sterilization of water, air and surfaces.

    Sterilization box:

    Sterilization box modules are devices with various applications. In Italy, sterilization box is useful for multiple purposes in various application sectors for:

    • purify air and water;
    • keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator;
    • sanitize food production lines;
    • break down the microbial load;
    • eliminate bad smells;
    • improve living conditions inside enclosed spaces.

    Summary mobile phone sterilization box

    In any case, you decide to use sterilization box technology for your application; it is good to remember that direct exposure to sterilization box light is quite dangerous; in fact, the rays can cause health risks if used incorrectly.

    How avoid harmful effects of it?

    Therefore, the presence of mobile phone sterilization box recommends in order avoiding causing harm to humans. Among these, there is the possibility of using timers or operating time limiters, “absence” detectors or smart sensors for managing the system, in order to prevent the operation of the 254nm sterilization box in the presence of a person.

    In case they are no longer available here is where to find all the other models of UV sterilizers for smartphones and masks or larger ones in case you need to sterilize larger items.

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