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    Types of Mosquito Killer Lamp


    Which Type of Mosquito Killer Should You Choose

    The invasion of mosquitoes is not the only discomfort between humans and insects. Vampires are carriers of serious diseases. In 76% of people, bites can cause severe allergic reactions, itchy wounds and unclean hands, which often become a gateway to infection. There are many problems, but they are easy to avoid. You need a special mosquito killer-beautiful or cleverly designed mosquito killer that can scare away or trap insects.

    Mosquito Lamp Classification

    Mosquito Killer Lamps are classified according to the principle of operation. There are several of them:

    • Fluorescent insecticidal lamp for insects and mosquito repellent.

    There is a fluorescent incandescent lamp source inside the device, which emits heat and emits a soft yellow light. This is what attracts blood-sucking pests. In order to kill parasites in flight, mosquito nets are coated with special toxic substances-insecticides. When the light source is heated, the medicine evaporates, creating a toxic cloud. Once inside, the mosquito will die on the floor or ground.

    The use of insecticidal equipment usually requires cleaning. Perhaps this is the only drawback. The trap can be placed in any room in the summer cabin or production workshop. They are completely safe and practical. The insecticidal lamps on the market are insecticides for flying insects, not just for mosquitoes. Therefore, the equipment is widely used in places where strict compliance with hygiene and sanitation standards is required. Another advantage of this equipment is that it is easy to maintain. The used light source is easy to replace. Insecticidal lamp traps for fly traps have become very popular among consumers-the radius of action is as high as 35-40 square meters, the design is comfortable, resistant to use conditions, and the price is reasonable.

    • Eco-friendly mosquito control lamps with adhesive backing

    The equipment is specially designed for use in children's rooms, hospitals and nursing homes, children's camps, etc. The device consists of a warm lamp and an adhesive sheet. Attracted by the light, insects fall on the insecticidal lamp and die. Similar to the above devices, the glue-enabled devices run on conventional power sources. The light source can be an LED or a fluorescent light source. The high-quality insect trap lamp allows you to replace the rubber sheet and bulb.

    • Safety mosquito killer with double-acting ultraviolet lamp

    Ultraviolet rays can perfectly attract insects (flies, mosquitoes, mosquitoes). But light alone cannot kill pests. It only serves as bait. In order to prevent blood sucking, the UV mosquito killer is equipped with a power grid directly in front of the light source. Insects flying into the world hit the electronic barrier. The voltage is not high, but it is enough to kill large insects. Therefore, UV insect traps are as safe as possible for children and pets.

    However, they have a dual role. Ultraviolet light has a disinfecting effect. It kills bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the powerful UV insect lamp is an indispensable attribute of the children's room. They are installed in nursing homes, sports centers, clinics and camps. Another advantage is cleanliness. The device is equipped with a special tray for collecting trapped insects. The UV lamp carefully made with flies and mosquitoes is easy to disassemble and clean. The light source is easy to replace. The device is powered by a conventional power source.

    • Safe mosquito repellent lamp for outdoor use against mosquitoes, flies and midges.

    The equipment is specially designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts and summer residents. They are made in the form of a flashlight with a strong light source. Therefore, the device can be used as both an insect repellent lamp and a regular lantern to illuminate the space. Repellents are repellents. Smelling the smell, the pest flew away. As in a traditional fumigator, the insect repellent is made into a plate.

    We focus on the working principle of the insect-proof lamp, rather than the type of equipment itself. Manufacturers who are committed to producing the most efficient and functional devices provide combined types of devices to the market. This means that modern insect traps are insecticidal lamps with power grids or classic light sources, ultraviolet lamps, etc.

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