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    What is multifunctional uv sterilizer box? Disinfect smartphone via UV Box


    multifunctional uv sterilizer
    UV sterilizer box
     is a revolutionary system that brings home methods that have already been used for years in large systems such as hospitals, to ensure sanitation and safety for everyone.

    The only disadvantage of the sterilization box is the size, a rather small format suitable for small objects that cannot be exploited even for environments.

    In any case, the price is absolutely affordable for a device that has become of primary importance at home or in the workplace.

    Megnut UV sterilization box

    It is a high tech and lightweight design device with an advanced and widely used sterilization system.

    A technology that inactivates 99 percent of bacteria, molds and viruses present on objects such as mobile phones, eyeglasses and sunglasses, bracelets, books and all surfaces where they can nest.

    uv sterilizer box has two disinfection modes, one for 18 minutes faster and the other for 30 minutes. We can activate it according to the time available.

    Wireless charging of uv sterilizer box

    The great innovation of this device lies in the possibility of wireless charging. It allows you to charge the smartphone by placing it in the center of the lid.

    But not only that, this ultraviolet ray lamp sterilizes with the power of ozone, the real engine of the device, to definitively remove formid and odor.

    Multifunctional portable ultraviolet disinfection lamp

    If you are looking for a device that can sanitize not only small objects but larger spaces, this lamp is the right object.

    With a length of less than 30 cm and a voltage of 220 V, the uv sterilizer box is able to disinfect the car with which we go to work or to do the shopping with all the bags that are inside it, the desk where everyone is work tools such as telephone, pens and diary or the bathroom with the small objects that you use every day.

    The material, with which it appeared, in fact, is in quartz material which guarantees safety and long life. But above all it is effective against viruses and bacteria that are in the air and on surfaces.

    How does uv sterilizer box make environment safe?

    It is a sterilizer without dead angle, which acts in the air making the environments finally safe in just 10 minutes.

    uv sterilizer box performs, efficient and safe. Moreover, with an affordable price that gives families and workplaces the much desired safety.

    Disadvantages of uv sterilizer box

    The only inconvenience is that during use it is not possible to remain in those places. This at the end of the operation needs to ventilate for a few minutes.

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    What is the germ killing ratio of uv sterilizer box?

    99.9% of all harmful germs are killed without the use of chemicals thanks to natural steam sterilization., Sterilize and store, modular design with flexible and adjustable capacity., Especially fast and safe: a tough sterilization cycle only 10 minutes.,

    multifunctional uv sterilizer 2021

    With the lid open, the contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours. Easy to clean: Easy to clean from both the inside and the outside ....

    The function of ultraviolet light

    Strong ultraviolet disinfection Built-in ultra-strong bactericidal ultraviolet light can achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection within 5 minutes. The sterilization and disinfection capability of UV-C cannot be achieved with normal cleaning tools.

    Using uv sterilizer box, without the need to add any type of chemical additive, effective and safe. Moreover, it eliminates 99.9 % of household germs thanks to the sanitizing power of steam, without any chemical substance. Similarly, it does not require rinsing and switches off automatically at the end of the cycle ...

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    Why do you need uv sterilizer box for home?

    For those looking for a practical and functional home device, the uv sterilizer box could be the best choice. By exposing an object to UV rays for 5 minutes it is possible to sanitize it, eliminating germs and bacteria.

    The machine has, in addition to the function for sterilizing, also that for aromatherapy. To do this, just insert an essence in the appropriate grid, and press the power button.

    What is the structure of uv sterilizer box?

    The structure has a simple and comfortable design. This allows it to carry anywhere, even if the small size does not allow it to use with large objects such as baby bottles. It also has a dedicated USB port for charging.

    Pros:  5 minutes sanitizing duration, also usable for aromatherapy, USB charging port.

    Cons:  not suitable for professional use.

    Disinfect the smartphone with UV rays

    Cleaning with UV rays

    The paired alcohol-based cloth and wipe is certainly excellent for disinfecting your mobile phone. As I told you, however, it is possible to disinfect the smartphone with UV rays. Uv sterilizer box allows for even better results.

    For this reason, I recommend that you consider purchasing an ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer, which is one of those devices that use ultraviolet rays to kill microorganisms. It is scientifically proven, in fact, that UV rays inactivate microorganisms through a physical process that makes them unable to reproduce and infect.

    How to use disinfection uv box?

    The operation of a uv sterilizer box is simple. You turn it on using the appropriate button, insert your smartphone inside and start the sterilization process using the appropriate button.

    Final Thoughts

    If you have no idea how a UV sterilizer is made, you can imagine it as a sort of "box" inside which the smartphone to be sterilized must be introduced. Often this type of device can be used to sterilize other technological gadgets (such as wireless headphones, smart watches, smart bands, and so on) and even "non-smart" devices, such as keys, wallets, watches, etc.

    Some of these devices also offer extra features and can also act as a flashlight and wireless charger.

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