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    Top 5 Nail Sterilizer Boxes with best features in 2020 (UV Sterilizers Pros & Con)


    Top 5 Nail Sterilizer Boxes with best features in 2020 (UV Sterilizers Pros & Con)

    nail sterilizer boxes

    How UV lights technology is helpful for complete disinfecting?

    Nails are an important part of our body. It is our duty to keep them clean and healthy. Basically, they take an integral part in our health because we eat food by using our hands. So, it should be our first priority to keep our hands and nail germ free. In fact, nail sterilizer boxes have designed to fulfil the same purpose.

    Although, we wash our hands daily on regular basis. But today only washing is not enough for a healthy lifestyle. We know that germs have become really dangerous and it is not easy to kill them by typical ways. Moreover, only a proper disinfection by using UV rays can kill them.

    Nowadays people are preferring to use UV sterilizer boxes to keep their essential item germ free. These boxes are 100% safe and have ability to destroy the DNA/RNA of harmful microbes. So, by using sterilizer boxes these deadly organisms can’t survive to harm us.

    Here you can read reviews of top 5 nail sterilizer boxes which use UV radiation to kill 99.9% risky bacterium. Moreover, you can also read their pros and cons in order to take proper benefits of these boxes.

    Now let’s talk about the importance of UV lights technology to kill the germs and bacteria.

    The importance of UV lights technology for perfect sterilization

    Scientists have started to use UV lights for complete sterilization of harmful viruses exactly from the mid of 20th century. For this purpose, they use UV bulbs to sanitize air, water and almost all things of our daily use. Such as,

    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Utensils
    • Surgical tools
    • Smartphones
    • Toys
    • Countless variety of surface and many more.

    Basically, nail sterilizer boxes play same role to disinfect all nail art tools by using UV lights technology. Always keep in mind that all types of UV lights are not safe for us. UV lights have actually divided into three type. For example,

    1. UV-A
    2. UV-B
    3. UV-C.

    In fact, UV-C with the wavelength of 100-280nm has ability to kill germs and all dreadful microorganisms. Hence, always keep in mind that which UV sterilization box or device you are going to buy is safe. Furthermore, you have to make sure that this sanitizing box uses the UV-C wavelength of 100-280 nm.


    We hope that you have got all the basic information to use the UV lights in an effective way. Why we are waiting to use these awful sterilizing boxes for a 100% safe and germ-free life?

    Come with us to know about the beneficial top 5 nail sterilizer boxes with their great features.

    What are top 5 nail sterilizer boxes with best features?

    We have arranged a list of top 5 and best sterilizing boxes after a complete study. Furthermore, we have found them best in all ways and they are also user-friendly. These boxes are:

    1. SUNUV LED Sterilizing Box for Nail Tool with 8 LEDs
    2. Nail Care UV Sanitizer Box
    3. Electric UV Nail Sterilizer Box
    4. Nail Sterilizer Machine
    5. Multifunctional Nail Sterilizer Machine

    Here you can read all their features and detail information. So, let’s start!

    SUNUV LED Sterilizing Box for Nail Tool with 8 LEDs

    This is a Pro-UV Light Sanitizer with UV-C light technology. It is an ideal nail sterilizer box to use in our daily life. It is user-friendly. Moreover, by using this UV box everyone can get easier and faster disinfection.

    Best Quality Features:

    • This sanitizer box comes with EPA Est.
    • This box has 8 pcs UV + LED light beads
    • Its wavelength is 260-280mm
    • SUNUV comes with the best warranty of 12 Months.
    • It has designed by using ABS material. Furthermore, it is anti-throwing and a strong device.


    Pros Cons
    A reflective glass in its bottom It has no built-in battery
    So, it has ability to sanitize all the nail items from every angle You have to connect it with a power supply for sterilization
    You can kill all germs in only 180 seconds
    It sterilizes all items rapidly with more easy process
    This box has certified by EPA/FCC certification


    Nail Care UV Sanitizer Box:

    JJ Nail Care UV Sanitizer Box has a very fashionable design. Moreover, it does not use any type of chemical. This nail sterilizer box is very safe to use and it works with the help of wavelength of 253.7 NM.

    You can ideally use this device at home as well as at any salon. It has a safety switch along with the light indicator. Additionally, this device uses the UV-C light technology in great manners.


    Pros Cons
    It is a portable device This device has no drawback at all
    Box uses no chemicals to disinfect your nail tools
    It uses the best wavelength of 253.7NM
    This sanitizing machine is really attractive
    It works according to the promises
    Moreover, it has the ideal feature of auto shut off
    It is a portable and you can carry it wherever you want

    nail sterilizer boxes manufacturers

    Electric UV Nail Sterilizer Box

    This nail sterilizer box has designed with the help of stainless steel. Basically, it is highly professional manicure sterilizer box. Its size is ideal to disinfect all the manicure and pedicure tools. Furthermore, the brand of Asentale has shown its full art to create this wonderful box.

    High Quality Features:

    • This sterilizing device has ability to directly kill the DNA of all bacteria and viruses
    • Moreover, it has 6 beads quantity of LED lamp
    • Actually, it processes with rapidly with just one-button sterilizing technique
    Pros Cons
    It is portable device. Luckily this box also has no drawback
    Its plug types are: EU, US, AU, UK
    This box has commodity quality certification of ce.
    It comes with a very affordable price
    The device disinfects the nail tools by using 260-280mm
    This nail sterilizer box is ideal to use at the salons
    It has made with the help of PC and ABS materials


    Nail Sterilizer Machine:

    It is very attractive, beautiful and modern nail tool sanitizer box. Although it is an expensive device but highly advantageous which uses UV-C light technology. Furthermore, it is an ideal device for,


    • Home
    • Salons
    • Spa
    • Gym as well as for hotels.

    Basically, it is a portable device and easy to carry. This device is best to save the space with a compact size. It is best nail sterilizing machine because it is long time functional.


    Pros Cons
    This nail sterilizer box is actually a best quality product This sterilizer box is expensive
    Ideal for home, salons, hotels and many more
    Box has ozone and UV in order to secure the growth of dangerous bacteria
    Simple and easy to use for disinfecting
    It has designed by using a strong material of ABS


    The Nail Sterilizer Machine:

    This special device has very unique design. Its inner tank has created by using aluminum. So, it has ability to withstand even in high temperature. Moreover, it is ideal for all metal tools. Such as,

    • All nail tools
    • Tweezers
    • Saloons peelers
    • Tattoo needles.

    This nail sterilizer box has a sanitizing cup which is equipped by an automatic temperature regulator. So, it has ability to automatically turn on and off the supply of electricity according to its required temperature.

    Pros Cons
    It uses quartz sand It may be that you can lost the stock of quartz sand
    So, it takes only 20-30 seconds for disinfecting
    It is ideal to sanitize all nail equipment, tweezers,

    Scissors, etc.

    Glass quartz beads produce high 250 C working temperature
    Ideal for home as well as for saloons and hotels




    We have tried to sum up all the advantageous features of above best nail sterilizer boxes for you. Moreover, by getting these sterilizing devices you can easily get rid of all dangerous germs and microbes. You and your family will be stay safe and healthy in this pandemic period of Co-VID-19.

    The UV-C light technology has properly used in all these devices. So, you can take advantages of all the above sterilizer boxes without any hassles.

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