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    Phone case factory Share amazing phone covers manufacturing ideas


           Table of contents

    1. Who manufactures phone cases
    2. Which company makes the best phone cases
    3. Are phone cases really necessary?
    4. Is selling phone cases a good business?
    5. How can you make your own phone case?
    6. How are phone cases manufactured?
    7. Is phone case business profitable?
    8. Mobile covers designs
    9. Mobile covers for girls
    10. Phone case ideas
    11. Which material is best for phone case?
    12. Is hard case better than silicone?

    Who Manufactures Phone Cases?

    There are number of phone cases factories working all over the world. They make cases according to the trends and customers satisfactions. Similarly, these cases are of different types including custom made and simple ones. Moreover, Factories try to impress the costumers and put a huge investment in the markets.

    Furthermore, there are many leading case manufacturers including. Otterbox, Ballistic, Case-Mate, Element and Hard Candy. These are some of the top-notch companies serving the customers.

    Phone case factory

    Which Company Makes the Best Phone Cases?

    Phones are likely one of the most used gadgets these days. Phones in the cases look more stylish and elegant. Moreover, these cases save the phones from massive damages. Phone cases factories take the advantage of the customer’s requirement and they make the cases in in different styles and materials. There are number of companies which are expert in case making.

    Similarly, case crafts are turned in a reliable business. There are number of companies which are producing a number of types including water resistant, transparent cases, custom made cases, wallet phone cases and nostalgic cases. Further, it is very difficult to categories that which company is best some of them include Shop Sonix, Nomad Rugged, Mophie Juice and lifeproof Free.

    Are Phone Cases Really Necessary?

    There is no hard and fast rule for this question. But, phone cases have their own pros and cones. On one hand, phone cases scratches. And on the other hand it saves it if you drop it. Phones cases have their negatives too. For example, if you buy a phone due to its look, phone case will over shadow the actual look of the phone. That’s why most of the people use customized cases.

    Is Selling Phone Cases a Good Business?

    According to the increasing demand of the phone cases, it is a good business. Phone cases factories are making huge profits every year. The ratio of the profit is not easy to determine. But according to demand and supply, companies are making huge profits and investments. Similarly, according to rough estimates, people can make 50% profit of the actual cost of the item.

    How Can You Make Your Own Phone Case?

    You can make phone case with starch, hot glue and silicon. Similarly, you can use following materials to make your phone case at home;

    • Parchment paper
    • Permanent marker
    • Nail polish
    • Glue gun
    • tape

    Draw outline of your phone at the parchment paper. Then, draw some designs with the permanent marker. Similarly, wrap your phone in parchment paper. Make holes at speaker and mike. Glue your case with glue gun. Now, when the glue gets dry, peel it off gently. Your home made phone case cover is ready. However, phone cases factories use the different method.

    How is Phone Cases Manufactured?

    At larger scale we make phone cases differently. There are some kinds of molds which are carefully designed according to the phone shape. Moreover, polymers are injected to the molds with great pressure. These polymers turn into the same shape as of the mold. Then they are ready made for use after neat finishing.

    Is Phone Case Business Profitable?

    As it is said earlier that phone is among some of the most used gadgets. Similarly, the requirement is increasing day by day. Moreover, the accessories are also important along with phones. Phone cases factories are among the famous businesses these days. So, in a nutshell, phone case business is very profitable.

    Mobile Covers Designs

    There are numberless designs for and the phone case. According to customers demand phone cases are available in multiple designs. Some of them include 3D, customized, picture of flowers and scenery, picture of babies and different animals. Similarly, there is no limit of the design that they are also available with abstract portraits also.

    Mobile Covers for Girls

    Phone case factories also make mobile cases for girls. They are differently made according their choice and taste. Likewise, there are different varieties and styles of phone cases designed for girls. They can have cases with different pictures printed on them. Similarly, there are cases available with the pictures of cartoon characters and dolls. Moreover, girls can have customized phone cases with special effects and also their names on the covers. There is no limit for the designing. Think of the portrait and your service provider will provide you with the case you are looking for.

    Phone Case Decoration Ideas

    There are multiple phone case ideas. You can customize your phone case. One can print his or her picture at the back side of your phone case. Similarly, countless, cases are already available in the market. You can attach different kinds of glitters and buttons on the phone case. Moreover, you can attach a pocket with the phone case for your handsfree. There is no limit of the ideas and customization of your phone case factory.

    Phone case factory 2021

    Which Material is best for Phone Case?

    The best material for phone case is one which is phone friendly. The material which is save to use and shock observant. For example if your phone fells down, your phone cover must be good enough which can save it from damage. Likewise, in this regard, phone covers made of silicon are trustworthy. Cases made up of plastic are not suitable most of the time because they transfer the shock to the phone which normally damages it.

    Is Hard Case Better than Silicone?

    Hard cases are naturally better in terms of protection. They do not deform the phone whether you use it excessively or not. Similarly, cases made of silicon are equally important. Silicon covers save phone from scratches. Hence we can say that both the materials are equally good in choice. Phone cases factories keep the requirements in mind they make according to the customers’ choice.

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