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    Phone Case Manufacturers: What is trending in 2020?


    What Are Best Phone Case Manufacturers Offering?

    Many Phone Case Manufacturers look up to tech-savvy corporations for the latest market trends. Globally there are several researches and advisory companies that are dealing with the provision of the latest market analysis.

    This analysis helps in devising an action as to what the market fluctuations are leading to. The research often shows a breakdown of the flourishing market trends and insights that help the manufacturers in identifying probable business opportunities. This way they can also develop effective marketing plans and optimize the company’s performance. This is really helpful in identifying the competitive streak in similar business opponents.

    Phone Case Manufacturers

    The market congests with Phone Case Manufacturers. This is due to the high demand for the use of mobile phones.  Phone cases are basically a shield designed to hold a mobile phone. It acts as a protective shield around the phone. They are widely used as fashion and protective accessories.

    When it comes to Phone cases, the market is full of different varieties for smartphones phones, tablets, and laptop covers. Currently, there is a high demand for mobile phone protection across the globe.

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    Market Overview:

    According to a market overview, mobile phone cases are expecting to witness a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6% during the period of 2019 to 2024.  Many suggestive propositions and recommendations for the production of the Phone case line have an impact on the production.

    The above-mentioned growth rate is going to affect the Phone Case Manufacturers directly. They need to keep detecting the changing market trends vigorously to compete and maintain a safe position for themselves. Otherwise, they might fade into the shadows if they keep on providing what is already available in the market. New is always better.

    Phone Case Market and its Growth Restraints:

    The factors that inhibit the growth of the Phone Case Manufacturers market are the unpredictability in the prices of the basic materials used. This is affecting the manufacturing of phone covers and cases negatively in the market.

    Many local and international manufacturers are involved in manufacturing phone cases, so the competition is inevitable. Whereas the increased cost in materials may not hinder the production of big-scale manufacturers, the small scale businesses revert to produce a low quality of smart phone covers and cases.

    Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the Mobile Phone market which directly affects the purchase of Mobile Phone cases too.

    Phone Case Manufacturers Predicting Phone Case Trends in 2020:

    This mounting client base relies on Phone Case Manufacturer's comprehensive research in making insights that help to identify opportunities for a potential trend to occur in the market. The following market trends have a probability to take place in 2020:


    A prediction in terms of extra features like protection is foreseeable. They tend to have  high impact in the near future. Since mobile phone prices are soaring, they are becoming a high investment product/asset. Shockproof phone cases have the opportunity to rule the global market in the near future.

    Economic Mobile Phones

    The market is providing consumers with multiples choices in smartphone models with fluctuating price ranges. Furthermore many mobile phone companies are indulging in incorporating open-source operating systems hence the competitors are dipping their prices to increase their sales.

    With the availability of economic mobile phones, an increase in the sales of phone case covers is probable.

    Rugged Phone Cases

    With the increase in sales of smartphones, hardcore phone cases are in high demand. As they can protect the mobile phone from hits and accidental blows.  They can also prevent the screen from cracking.

    Structure of a Phone Case

    Resilience and protection are a great virtue when it comes to a Phone Case. The external surface constructed using polycarbonate and the interior surface cushioned with silicon is going to be a great 2020 trend.  This ensures safety from impacts like water, vibrations, dust, and any other external elements.

    Phone Case Behavior at Height

    Another trending factor includes the protection of the Phone Cases from heights. These kinds of phone cases can survive drops from higher altitudes. The consumer in all cases wants to protect their smartphones; hence these kinds of phone cases will gain extreme popularity.

    Robust Qualities

    As per the consumer requirement phone cases with air-cushioned corners that have touch-sensitive screen protectors and robust outer layers are sure to gain popularity.

    Three-Layered Design for Phone Cases

    Some Phone Case Manufacturers are also focusing on making a three-layered design to protect mobile phones from nearly everything. This can help them in gaining the reputation of an unbreakable phone case therefore helping in increasing sales and fame in the market.

    Cost Effective

    Another known fact is that the lower the cost of the phone case and the higher the quality, the people will prefer it over any other brand. Affordability with quality can be a really key factor in increasing phone case sales.

    Correlation between Smartphones and Phone Cases:

    Globally acknowledged, that the sales of mobile phone cases exceedingly depends upon the sales of smartphones. A previous study showed that in the last two quarters of 2019 across the world, which have showcased favorable signs during the last quarter of 2019.

    Moreover, technology has led to a big switch from landlines to smartphones. As the number of smartphone users increases, the need for phone cases also arises.

    Furthermore, due to the growth in the number of mobile phone users, the market is full of opportunities for manufacturers who want to manufacture Phone Case Covers.

    Phone Case Global Market Categorization:

    Material, product type, and distribution channels are the categories of the Phone Case global market. Raw material often used in phone case manufacturing includes leather, plastic, fur, and silicone.

    Different designs are available in phone cases which include pouches, flip cases, sleeves, and screen protectors. Their distribution happens via multi-brand stores, online stores, or purpose-built branded stores.

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    Take Away on Phone Case Manufacturers

    The Phone Case Manufacturers, such as Plus Leading, are coming up with trendy and useful phone cases. There are several phones cases available for a number of phones including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and several other phones.

    You can check out our phone case collection today.

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