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    Phone Case Suppliers: Real Time Tricks to Protect your Expensive Smartphone



    Anyone who thinks that cell phone cases need to be neutral and boring accessories is wrong. Fashion can now go hand in hand with phone case suppliers technology. This is how the fashion world is always innovating and bringing new possibilities.

    In this sense, a strong trend that seems to be here is to combine colors and prints of cell phone cases with clothes and accessories. Yes, the fashion now is to combine the phone cover with the look of the day!

    Phone Case Suppliers

    How to compose phone cases?

    This attitude brings much more personality and style to the user, don't you think? But, for this combination to work, it is important to follow some style tips that will make all the difference to compose your image.

    Do you want to innovate and have more style? Read on and check out our exclusive tips on how to make the “look of the day” more harmonious with accessories, including cell phone cases!

    1. Choose universal colors

    Universal colors are those that match any other without clashing, causing confusion or visual conflict. Therefore, they go well with any type of traditional clothing.

    The phone case suppliers with universal tones bring more practicality and facilitate people's routine, since it is not necessary to change the accessory every day. Moreover, it depends on the type of clothing the user is wearing. The best shades are neutral and pastel.

    This is an extremely safe tip that always works. On the other hand, cases that presents very different tones, such as fluorescent and flashy colors. They do not match all types of clothing and require more attention.

    2. Pay attention to phone case suppliers prints

    The prints can make all the difference to the look. This is where someone's good taste becomes very evident. They can mean elegance, subtlety and boldness, but they can also be an excess. Therefore, it is important to know which formats and designs best match your body and personality.

    After all, if you want to match the case with your outfit, you need to take your style into phone case suppliers consideration.

    1. Avoid overeating

    The cell phone case should attract attention in the right measure. It should appear. But without it meaning to stand out and overshadow the rest of the look. After all, excess is not usually a good idea and can pollute the look, causing the effect to be exaggerated and opposite to elegance.

    This is not to say that you must cast and follow predetermined patterns. The ideal is to use clothes and cell phone cases with colors and prints that match your look and have to do with your profile.

    So, for example, if you already use a cell phone case, it is not necessary to use key rings or rings for support . After all, the function of the case is to protect the device, but also bring style and compose your look. Keep in mind that the accessories serve to add and not make the look heavy.

    4. Pay attention to the phone case suppliers environment

    Before knowing which case model to use, assess the environment and respect the appointment time and place. From there, it becomes easier to make the choice on the most appropriate cell phone case for the moment.

    If it is the phone case suppliers workplace and the company adopts a very formal tone, the ideal is to choose more neutral and elegant molds. It is a more casual and relaxed environment, you can use cases with prints and more striking colors. If you are going to a party at night, for example, you can abuse and choose more flashy and shiny or pearly models. Of course, the choice must take into account clothing and accessories.

    5. Harmonize the phone case with other accessories

    It is very common to wear an outfit and think that something is missing to compose the look. In fact, the accessories came to complete the look and bring more style and personality for those who like to walk well dressed and for fashion lovers.

    It is very fun to combine the colors and prints of the cases with the phone case suppliers accessories. You can start by choosing gold and silver jewelry. And from there you can go selecting the best options for cell phone cases that match your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even piercings.

    How to compose a unique look with phone case?

    Accessories are a fundamental element that will dictate whether the look will be more formal or informal. Also, take into account that scarves and scarves are also considered more elegant and solemn accessories.

    It is also possible to compose a look with the clothing accessories themselves, such as belts, bags and shoes. In this case, the ideal is to choose cover colors that match these items so as not to carry too much appearance.


    These were our basic tips to know how to combine the colors and patterns of cell phone cases to make the look more pleasant and appropriate according to the environment. After all, this accessory has the great power to bring elegance, style and exclusivity, as it can also completely ruin a look, if you don't make a good choice. So stay tuned and follow our tips to be very successful with your style.

    How does a phone case supplier protect your phone?

    Want to know how to protect your phone? In this post, we will show you some tips on how to take good care of your phone. So that it lasts longer and works with good quality. Follow the phone case suppliers recommendation!

    1. Use cell phone films

    The film has already become a mandatory protection item for those who have a cell phone. Generally, it is made with glass material that ensures more resistance and protects the screen more efficiently, in addition to giving a new cell phone appearance and with very little use time.

    Also known as the second screen, the film is an essential element to avoid scratches and that cracked aspect, especially if the device suffers an abrupt and unexpected fall against a rigid surface.

    In addition, the film also assists in maintaining proper functioning of the touch screen function. This is possible because it protects the screen and prevents it from being damaged in the event of rain or in contact with liquids or other objects.

    2. Use phone case suppliers protective cases

    The cover is another essential item to ensure the protection of the internal parts and the external design of the mobile device. The material of the case helps to reduce the impact of falling on the floor or knocking. As a result, the risk of damage is much lower and the appearance of the device remains more conserved.

    So, buy a protective case from phone case suppliers as soon as you buy the phone. The hectic routine and excessive tasks can make you anxious or overloaded with activities, which can cause you to drop your cell phone, for example.

    Phone Case Suppliers 2021

    Avoid extreme temperatures to save phone cases

    The ideal is to keep the phone away from very high or low temperatures, as they can seriously damage the battery, electrical connections and the entire internal structure of the device. In this sense, avoid leaving the smartphone exposed to direct sunlight, stuffy or in places with extreme cold.

    The most recommended is that it always remains in an environment with the temperature oscillating between 15ºC and 30ºC.

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