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    How to get customize cases from phone case suppliers?



    phone case suppliers

    5 ideas and a simple tutorial on how to customize your mobile phone cover to make it unique and original. Do you prefer buying from phone case suppliers online or with DIY? Find out more!

    Fed up with the usual case? What if we suggest some valuable ideas on how to customize your mobile phone cover to make it absolutely unique? Are you more of a do-it-yourself type or do you prefer to rely on online services? Find out here!


    If you are not yet aware of it, know that there are qualified and competent online custom printing sites. This customizes practically any object with very few clicks. In the case of the covers, in addition to being able to customize the color and theme, you have the possibility to insert the photo and image you love most.

    Just indicate the phone model and select the photo, and after a while you will receive the personalized phone cover directly at home.

    How do phone case suppliers customize phone?

     If, on the other hand, you are a creative type and you want to create your own custom case, here are some ideas: 

    Rock-metal style cover: regardless of whether you have a black or transparent cover, try to buy from phone case suppliers:

    • Triangular
    • Round
    • Square

    At this point, use the glue and decorate your case. To make it dry well, place a weight on it and that's it!

    Personalized cover with fimo

    Fimo is a moldable and hardening synthetic paste, which is used to create small objects. Let your imagination take shape and indulge yourself! Are you a lover of fashion style? Create very small handbags, lipsticks, nail polishes with fimo.

    Are emoticons your passion? Make the smileys you like the most and stick them on your ultra-personalized case! You can order from phone case suppliers.

    Custom Acrylic phone case suppliers

    If you're good enough at drawing, lay out a light colored base and then start bringing your creativity to life. To fix the drawing, use a clear fixative varnish.

    Personalized covers with fabrics: Do you love color combinations and original fabrics? Are you an incurable romantic and do you love lace? Place the material on the side or across the entire cover of the phone and use hot glue to secure it.

     Personalized cases with rhinestones and beads enamels: you are one of the fashion victims. You can create a very trendy case! Take a nail polish, perhaps by letting large drops run over it for a more original effect, and blend with the sponge.

    Don't forget to use clear and fixative glue. Likewise, for a super shiny personalized case, go ahead with rhinestones and beads. Arm yourself with a lot of patience! If you cannot do this, try phone case suppliers.

    How to order custom cases from phone case suppliers?


    • Transparent hard case
    • Paper / Fabric
    • Scissors
    • Cutter

    First take the measurements of the cover and then trace the shape on a sheet of paper or on the fabric. At this point you can start cropping. Don't forget the microphone hole! In the corners of the case put some glue, stick the material and let it dry.


    Then take your phone and insert it inside the cover. Another nice idea is to do a patchwork with newspaper clippings and various fabrics. This way you can change the look of your mobile whenever you want!

    How can you make phone case yourself?

    A tip: if you want to create a custom cover with the fabric, and you want to speed up the times, you can always sew it with the sewing machine.

    Do you want ideas to personalize your iPhone?

    In this article I will try to give you 5 ideas on how phone case suppliers work in a simple and economical way. In this way you will have a product different from the others.

    5 ways to personalize your smartphone

    By now the smartphone is part of our life, in a few years it has become a product that we cannot do without and it is a common thread to all our friends and relatives.

    phone case suppliers 2021

    Being a very personal object, everyone tries to customize it as they like: with cases, covers, bumpers, with only films, etc.

    In this article I want to show you the customizations phone case suppliers have made and which can give you an idea about customization.

    Two Ways to personalize phone case

    There are two methods to personalize it with stickers: apply them on the case / cover or apply it directly on the phone (this will make sure that the sticker is ruined and not the phone directly)

    So here are our ideas for you.

    1. Simple sticker:Do you have an image or logo you love? Apply it directly to the back of your phone!
    2. Sticker attached to the manufacturer's logo: a sticker that can connect with the logo on the phone. There are thousands of ideas to exploit.
    3. Printed adhesive film:On the web you will find a lot of choices for these products. They are transparent films with prints or fully printed.
    4. 4. Adhesive in the case / cover: If someone has the case and does not want to remove it because he wants to protect his phone from any falls there is no problem, the adhesive can be applied to the cover.
    5. Phrase or name: You can have your name or phrase printed and sticks it directly on the phone or cover

    Use of glitter for phone case

    A little bit of vinyl glue, glitter and scraps of wrapping tape, a coat of paint to create the backdrop - it doesn't take long to decorate these covers. You can buy directly from phone case suppliers.

    1. with maps

    It takes very little for this idea. Cut out a map so that it fits well into the cover and remember to make holes for the cameras. Insert it into the silicone shell and then arrange the cell phone and voilà!

    1. With printable geometric patterns

    For longer lasting results, you may want to print on thick, coated photo paper or find out if you can professionally print on films made from stronger materials.

    Summary phone case suppliers

    This idea also works for non-transparent covers, because it covers the outside of the cases. Run a coat of vinyl glue on the case and apply the well-cropped photo to it. Add scraps of tape or other photos, and then protect everything with an extra layer.

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